Mike's Play & Learn Charity Bridge
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Welcome to Mike's Play & Learn Charity Bridge
We are a Virtual Club!
Mike's Games ON BBO are 12:50 every Friday
Our games will be listed on BBO 2 hours prior to the start of the game.  We cannot review bid and play during these games but afterwards you can click on the History tab on BBO to review each board.  Fees are $5 to play.  They must be paid via BB$. Please view ACBL Tutorials or this document with links to learn how to use BBO prior to registering for a game.
BBO recommends we play 18 boards with 7 minutes/board so a game will take about 2 hours.  ACBL Black Points will be awarded!
For your first game

Please log into BBO EARLY with your BBO user name and password.  You will see their Home Page with lists all the different areas to visit.  Please click on the one titled "Virtual Clubs", and when the next window comes up, click on "ACBL Virtual Clubs".  (If you don't see virtual clubs on the list, clear your cookies and browsing history.)  Scroll down the listing until you come to Mike's Game.  Click on that game and Register.  Your partner must be on line to accept your invitation so please coordinate a time.  The Partnership Desk is available if you don't have a partner. 

What is new with BBO

1.  You must be a member of ACBL and pay their fees:  They are extremely busy so it will take a couple days to get enrolled!  Here is the Application 

2.  Current ACBL Members:  If you are already a member of ACBL, your member number must be listed in your BBO account.  You can check to see by logging into BBO, and clicking "ACBL World" on the home page, that will open a window with the games that are currently running.  At the bottom of that window is a button titled:  Update your ACBL Number

3.  BB$:  Our table fees are $4 so you need to deposit money to your account. See Tutorials.  Your fees won't be deducted from your BB$ until you are seated at the table and the game has started. 

4. Register to play:  Please register early.  If your partner isn’t online to accept your invitation to play, the registration is NOT processed and accepted. 

5. Partnership Desk:  If you don't have a partner, go into our game on BBO to reserve, click on partnership desk and add your name.  When the next player comes in, they can choose you as their partner and you have the option to accept or reject their invite.

6.  Robots are not allowed:  It would be unfair to allow robots with their artificial intelligence to play in place of people who tend to make mistakes.   Robots make bidding mistakes too but they never miscount the cards. If there is a half table, our director will choose substitutes who are on line waiting to be called to a table.

7. Self Alerts:  In the BBO bidding box, there is an area to alert.  You must alert your own bids and only the opponents will see your alert.  Your partner will not.  If you must ask about a bid, please do so in a private conversation with the bidder by clicking on their name -- do not ask the entire table.

8. Claims:  Please be sure to claim when outcome is obvious.  A claim button will appear at the left bottom of the board window.

9.  Games Start:  Games start exactly on time!  You need to be logged into BBO and all of a sudden you will hear cards dealing and your hand will appear

10.  BBO ID:  Since we are playing against members from our Club, many players want to know who their opponents are.  It would be very nice for everyone to put in their "real names".  Please follow the steps in #1 to update your real name if you are willing.

11. Convention Cards:  In your profile area, you will be assigned the SAYC unless you chose a different card.  Please make sure your card reflects exactly what you play with your partner.  You can have as many convention cards as you have partners!  Hurd is an expert on Convention Cards so please contact him with questions.

12.  NO Undos:  In our Club, sometimes we know a bid was a "slip of the thumb".  In BBO, you cannot undo any bids or play.

13.  Slow Play:  If you haven't finished your board when the clock reaches "0", that board will disappear and the next one will appear.  The system assigns a score for that board however the director can change a score.  The computer does a great job

14:  Unsolicited Lessons:  Please be very careful not to use chat to give someone instructions.  If they need help, they should call the director.

15.  Call Director:  There is a blue box with 3 white lines in it at the top left of your screen.  Click on that box and hit call director!