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Nov 7, 2021 11:45 EST
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Grand Slam News - November 7, 2021

Happy Beautiful Sunday folks!
Hope you are all out enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having before it starts to get real cold…I know I will!
Below are some of the items that were discussed at the meeting. If you’re interested in reading the minutes, they will be uploaded to the club’s website this week. It can be found under the information tab, followed by clicking the minutes tab.
Online games:

The board decided to keep the sanctioned games online for now. Please continue to support our club from the comforts of your home; Monday’s @ 1:15pm & Thursday’s @ 7:15pm.
These games continue to go well but our Thursday evening game is very small. With fall closing and winter approaching quick, cozy up with a hot chocolate, warm blanket and our game
A few friendly reminders:

  1. Please register prior to 1pm & 7pm respectively
  2. Claim if and when you can and refrain from chat while the board is being played, this will help with time management
  3. Thank you for continuing to be time conscious, 14 minutes can go quickly
  4. Thank you for supporting the club. I can’t say this enough but our success is because of YOU!

The membership fee for the 2022 bridge season will increase to $20. There are 3 ways you can make your payment to the bridge club:

  1. Wednesday Dec 8th, 2021 at the Bridge club starting at 10am (Cash or cheque), Gail will be there holding a membership clinic
  2. Mail a cheque to:
    Gail Chapman
    44 Tiny Beaches Rd. South
    Tiny, ON
    L0L 2J0
  1. E transfer to Gail’s email at

NOTE: Please make the cheques payable to MIDLAND BRIDGE CLUB and please do not send any mail to the bridge club itself. We don’t have a mailbox there and we don’t want to risk losing mail or mailed cheques themselves.

Our club is in need of directors. If this is something that might interest you, please reach out to one of the board members.
Vern’s social club:
Vern will continue to hold his social games Wednesday starting at 1pm. Please arrive no later than 12:45 for the 1pm start. These games are friendly, $5 to play and a way to get out and play in person for those interested and/or wanting more practice. With these in person social games, it is imperative that we follow the guidelines set forth by public health:

  1. Sanitize upon entry – wearing your mask - and complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  2. Sign in for contact tracing purposes
  3. Must show proof of vaccination EACH time (This is regulation and I was not aware of this until my most recent call to the health unit Friday, November 5th) Please be prepared to show it EVERY time.
  4. Mask must remain on at ALL times. The indoor mask recommendation has NOT been lifted therefore we must continue to wear it indoors despite one's comfort.
  5. Please DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT bring food into the club at this time. Please come full, the game is 3 hours. This is also directly from the health unit.
  6. Drinks are permitted

These will be enforced, so I urge you to please follow these guidelines...thank you!
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cassandra via email or by phone at 705-279-0200.

Midland Bridge Club Goes Online

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our in club's DUPLICATE games are postponed indefinitely until further notice. But don’t fret my fellow Bridgers, we have all your bridge needs covered. ACBL has teamed up with Bridge Base Online (BBO) to offer online virtual clubs. Below is a short, but detailed explanation of what’s going on and how it works. Please reach out to Cassandra if you need further assistance.

  1. Games will be held EVERY Monday afternoon @ 1:15pm (13:15) & Thursday evening @ 7:15pm (19:15) Please look for this header
    1. VACB217091 (4 digit random assigned #) Pairs, MIDLAND BC 1:15PM or 7:15pm Open (the date of game) 
    2. Registration is open 2 hours prior to game start (11:15am & 5:15pm)
    3. 21 or 24 boards – 2 or 3 boards/round (14/21 minutes/round, 7 minutes/board); hands are completely random
    4. Black MP’s are awarded, games are ACBL sanctioned; $4 USD per game with an 80% kick back to the club!
    5. Scores will be posted on our club’s website and through your personalized ACBL account after the game.
    6. You do not have to be an ACBL member to play.
    7. If you need a partner, please contact Jeanette Halliday via info posted on the left hand side of the club’s homepage.
    8. ONLY 1 partner out of the partnership needs to register for the game.
  2. Bridge Base Online Info
    1. In order to play with us, you need to create an account with Bridge Base Online.
    2. Once you have done so, please email Cassandra with your username so you will be added to our virtual game list.
    3. Please fill out your convention cards. (see e blast emails or email Cassandra directly for assistance)
    4. Add money to your account ONLY through BBO; it is the safest and offers the best exchange rate. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see BB$ in the upper right hand corner, click here and follow the instructions.
    5. Please ensure you add your ACBL number if you have one as this will directly affect the strats for the game.
    NOTE: Strats are determined by highest MP holdings of the pair, not the average. If you are not an ACBL member, you will automatically be stratified in A despite your partner being a B or C . We have zero control over this.
  3. If you need to update or add your ACBL number, once you’ve logged in, click on ACBL World and you’ll see 3 blue bottoms at the bottom of the screen, click on Update your ACBL number
  4. Once you feel comfortable with the system, navigating and playing AND you’d like to become a substitute for other games, please email Cassandra directly for this information. 
  5. Memberships
    1. To our members that are seasonal or new players interested and have not paid their membership, please e transfer $10 per person to
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. If you are ever having issues with changes not saved, can’t see a tournament etc, please log out then back in. This seems to be a common issue and easily resolved doing the above step.
    2. Once you’re in a game, to call the director, click on the blue box with three lines through it
    3. Please play quickly as rounds/boards are TIMED, (movement is done automatically whether you’ve finished or not), alert your own bids (found in your bidding box), claim when you can and keep all chat until the end of the round.
    4. If you didn’t receive any of the emails, had follow up questions, ideas, concerns etc please email those to Cassandra.
COVID-19 Announcement
COVID-19 Announcement

Bridge Club Members!


Due to closures around the city and throughout Simcoe County, we at the Midland Bridge Club are suspending DUPLICATE games until further notice, returning when the province essentially reopens.

However, we are hosting Social games on Wednesday afternoons.  Please read the latest Grand Slam News for details.

The Club has been sanitized with lysol wipes/spray and clorox wipes including all bidding boxes, bridgemates, laminated direction cards, chairs, side tables, light fixtures, bathroom/kitchen facets, door handles and all the table cloths laundered on Friday the 13th.

We will continue to monitor and update our members during these precarious times. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Cassandra (705) 279-0200 or any of the board members.

We would like to thank all our members for understanding and supporting this decision. Stay tuned for further updates and information as they become available!

Reminders to keep everyone safe:
• Wash hands frequently (Tune of Happy Birthday). Soap & water for a minimum of 20 seconds
• Alcohol based sanitizer – 60% alcohol
• Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow – NOT YOUR HANDS
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth - in general, your whole face.
• Practice social distance...for now!
• If you are sick or not feeling well, PLEASE PLEASE stay at home and CALL your doctor.  DON'T go to emergency or to the doctor's office.

Great Bridge Videos

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