Midland Bridge Club
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General Club contact:

Wendy Smith
midlandbridge [@]

Thursday Afternoon Game contact:

Paul Parent
jandpparent [@]

Tuesday Evening Social
Karen Granville
granvilles [@]


Jeannette Halliday
jhalliday123 [@]

The President:

Vern Beacock
vernonbeacock [@]

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 UPDATED  - Did you know that you can find a partner by clicking this button?  Try it.

You'll need to login and if you cannot remember your password, just click "SET/RESET PASSWORD" and get a new one.  If you think you're not already registered, click "SET/RESET PASSWORD" anyway.

1. Click "Find A Partner" item on left menu list (or click "Find A Partner" above).

2. Click "Account" tab. Ensure your email address and telephone numbers are in your profile.

3. Click "Find A Partner" tab.

4. Check the boxes of how you want to be contacted: Email, phone or mobile.

5. Find the date (scroll if necessary) that you need a partner.

6. Under the "PR" column, check the box.

7. Click "Confirm".  Its a little button right under the "Find A Partner" tab.

When you find a Partner, to take your name off the list: 

1. Click "Find A Partner"
2. Click on the check mark you added before under the applicable date.  This will remove it.
3. Click "Confirm"

Welcome to Midland Bridge Club

Welcome to the Midland Bridge Club's website! 

Masks as required/requested by individuals

Weekly Duplicate Games 

♠ Monday's @ 1pm (Sanctioned; In Person)

♠ Wednesdays @ 1pm (Sanctioned; In Person; March only until further notice)

♠ Thursdays @ 1pm (Unsanctioned; In Person) 

 ♠  ♣ Social Game ♠  ♣ 

Tuesday @ 7pm
Unsanctioned - Pre-register please
Email Karen ( or call
If you need a ride, please call and Karen will pick you up.


Interview with Warren Buffett


Great Bridge Videos

Is Duplicate Bridge For Me?

A MUST-WATCH for everyone.

Watch for Greg!

Suggestions? Comments?

If you have any thoughts about what you'd like to see here on the site, please click here to send them in.  No promises on how quickly changes/additions will be implemented but all ideas will be considered.

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Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: P Parent
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: P Parent
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: P Parent
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Romeo
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Ken Facer
Tue May 30, 2023
Tuesday Evening Social
Director: None - Unsanctioned
Wed May 31, 2023
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Ken, Paul or Vern
Thu June 1, 2023
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Romeo Lalonde
Mon June 5, 2023
Monday Afternoon Pairs - Club Championship
Director: Ken, Paul or Vern
Tue June 6, 2023
Tuesday Evening Social
Director: None - Unsanctioned