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Player Pool


  1.     The MGSC is committed to ensuring that a partner is available to anyone wishing to play in our Pairs games. (Pool players are not available for team games or 2-session events.)
  2.     Players entering the pool must do so by 7:00 pm. Draw for partners will take place immediately thereafter to allow time to complete a convention card.
  3.     To enter the pool, pay the appropriate card fee ($6 for members, $7 for non-members) to the entry seller and place your name on a pool entry slip that you are given.
  4.     All names will go into a draw (the pool jar). With an even number of players entering the pool, the Pool person will draw two names randomly from the jar until all players have been paired. If there are an odd number of pool entries, the Pool person will add their name on a slip and place it in the jar and then begin pairing players randomly. On "New Partner" nights, pairings will be done in the same manner with the caveat that we will attempt to put together new partnerships.
  5.     Please do not “jump” the pool by asking everyone entering the pool to play with you without entering the random draw – this is considered poor etiquette and undermines the club’s efforts at fairly partnering those who have not been able to procure a partner but would like to play.
  6.     If you find you are unable to abide by the random draw and the club’s pool rules, we understand – do not enter the pool and join us another evening when you are able to obtain a partner prior to coming to the club.
  7.     The Pool person is in charge of the pool and maintains the rules – if you have a concern, please let them know.
  8.     Thank you – Have fun – Enjoy your game.


 - MGSC Board of Directors -