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MGSC Member Benefits

MGSC Membership

2020-2021 Membership Dues are suspended in the time of Covid. The weekly newsletter continues

A  very good deal:

4 free Club Nights that are Club Championship games


The deeply discounted end of year party

Card fees of only $6, with no upcharges for the numerous extra masterpoint games

Welcome to Minneapolis Grand Slam Club
MGSC Website

The Board of the Minneapolis Grand Slam Club welcomes you to our website.  The Club, in its 83rd year,  has a weekly Friday night tournament-quality game in a friendly atmosphere.

During Covid, this game is online at BBO.   

Members receive a weekly bulletin via email following the game with results and commentary on key hands.

Game time is 7:15pm.

Note: while the game is online, the Club's long-standing practice of providing a standby partner is in abeyance. BBO games offer a Partnership Desk where those looking for a partner may find one.

We will try to get everyone into the game if a partner is available and the movement can support the additional pair. 

Conditions of Contest for the 2020-21 MGSC KO are posted in the left-hand column.  A series of RR matches to be held on Tuesdays starting November 10.

♠ ♥ Click here to see the list of teams. ♦ ♣ 

♠ Standings (will be erased after completion of  19-20 event)

♥ Matchups/Round Results (opens in new tab and will be updated after completion of the 2019-20 event)  Matches for 2020 will be on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  No provision at this time for scheduled teams to select a different time.

   The 24-board continuous 20VP scale in use for the RR phase is posted in the left hand column as well as the new contest conditions

♣ Click here for the 28-board continuous 20VP scale in use for the KO SF & F.

Hot Topic

The 2020-2021 MGSC RRKO event is underway. See the left hand column for the link to procedures and contest conditions which have been amended on 11/11.  Please review them.

There are 16 teams in two brackets:  7 in A and 9 in B.  All teams save the top seeds in B will have a bye.  You receive 12VPs for the bye.

A second flight is available on Friday nights for pairs with fewer than 1,000MPs but we've yet to reach the required 6 pairs to hold it.  Game time for this flight is 7:05

Game time is 7:15.  Registration starts at 5:15  Cost is 5.00  You need to be registered with BBO and have BB$ in your account or a partner who will pay your entry fee.

If you haven't played on BBO before it is recommended that you 'get your feet wet' in  other games before joining ours.

Register early if your partner is not a MGSC member.

Virtual Club results are not currently being uploaded to the bridgewebs.  We are using the Plymouth Bridge Club links to theCommonGame You can view club results at . 

ACBL Live for Clubs also has a record of MGSC games under the Plymouth Bridge Club's ID number


Running Late?

Give our DIC, Tony Ames, a call:  952-200-3871

MGSC 2020 Schedule

Live games are currently suspended.  We play weekly on BBO at 7:15pm.  If 6+ pairs with fewer than 1,000MPs each register before 7:05 a second flight will be added

Friday Evening Pairs
Director: Keith Thompson
Friday Evening Pairs
Director: Tony Ames
Friday Evening Pairs
Director: Tony Ames