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The county newsletter for June 2020 has been added. It is under County News Page. To receive the newsletter directly please contact Bob Pitts

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Rulings and Appeals

Rulings and Appeals

If you need a ruling please contact one of the County’s Tournament Directors. They will also give general advice on Tournament Direction if required. These are their contact details:

David Stevenson         Tel: 0151 677 7412                 Email:

                                    Mob: 07778 409 955

Mike Swanson            Tel: 01928 790 080                 Email:

Liz Stevenson             Tel: 0151 677 7412                 Email:

Late evening rulings: 

David Stevenson will accept phone calls between 11.00 am and 1.00 am. 

Please do not telephone other TDs late at night.

Early morning rulings: 

Mike Swanson will accept phone calls from 8.00 am. 

Please do not telephone other TDs early in the morning.

If you want to appeal against a ruling by a Tournament Director you should let him or her know and he or she will arrange it. If there is any difficulty in this, or if you want general advice on appeals, appeal procedures, or how to form appeal committees, please get in touch with the County’s Chief Tournament Director, David Stevenson, details as above.