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The county newsletter for June 2020 has been added. It is under County News Page. To receive the newsletter directly please contact Bob Pitts

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Bridge for Beginners and Improvers
  • Bridge4 Fun Play with an Expert
  • Bridge4 Fun Play with an Expert
  • Bridge4 Fun Play with an Expert
  • Bridge4 Fun Play with an Expert
  • Bridge4 Fun Play with an Expert

The County is currently looking at ways of increasing membership in EBU affiliated clubs, together with offering existing members opportunities to improve their game if they wish to. A particular priority is to attract younger members, to counteract the perceived image of bridge as being an elderly person's sport  

Many clubs within the County are already offering lessons for beginners and/or improvers and some offer a gentle duplicate session where participants can receive advice as they bid and play. However, it is not possible to publicise these on the website with any guarantee of accuracy at present.

Some clubs have invited top players such as Andrew Robson and Michael Byrne to provide seminars on different aspects of the game for players with more experience and these have been very well attended. 

The County has pledged to offer financial support, where needed, in order to ensure that teaching is of a high standard and reaches the widest possible audience. This may include purchasing materials from the EBU, sponsoring training for would-be teachers, paying for seminars etc. See also the article below about a forthcoming bridge teacher training opportunity.

The first step is to learn more about what is being done currently in clubs, experiences from past initiatives and any future plans. We would also be interested in players' opinions of what works for them, why certain activities have, or haven't, been successful and how best the County can support bridge education. We will be writing to the Clubs to seek their feedback but if in the meantime you have any comments you would like to make as an individual, however controversial (!) please feel free to send them via the Contact Us facility. All comments will remain confidential if requested, but please include an email address so that further clarification can be sought if necessary.