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Archived Results
South of Ireland 71st Congress Killarney - 18-25 May 2014

Ted Reveley swept the board! His successes:

Winner of the Congress Championship Pairs, with partner Paul Casselle . . .

3rd in the Goldenfield Cup Mixed Teams, with partner John Salisbury (also M&CBA) & team-mates Joy & Irving Blakey . . .

Winner of the Men’s Teams, again with John Salisbury & team-mates Bill Hirst & Alan Williams . . .

Winner of the Mixed Pairs, with Rhona Goldenfield . . .

2nd in the Lough Lein Congress Teams, with partner Chris Pope (also M&CBA) & team-mates Bill Hirst & BJ O’Brien – a particularly strong field this year, the winners Sally Brock & Barry Myers, John Holland & Padraig O’Briain (fresh from ROI’s success in the Senior Camrose) securing the lead with a 54 VP margin – but there was a much tighter tussle for positions 2-6.



Jean Keen, with partner Suzy Lawson from Bristol & team-mates Sally Brock & Kath Nelson, won the Ladies’ Teams – in a competitive field, it was quite tight up until the last round, when a good win sealed victory with a 6 VP margin.


This year’s Congress was really well attended, with entries doubled for some events compared to last year – we’re not sure how much the change of dates affected this, and we understand they will revert to the norm of a week earlier for 2015 . . but watch this space!  If you’ve never experienced Killarney, you’d be well advised to try it, if only for one or two events – a stunning area to explore, always a wonderful welcome, a truly international flavour and a brilliant team of TD & local organisers. The bridge, mostly in the evenings, is always relaxed & friendly while extremely competitive.

There’s no real need to enter much in advance, though some indication of your intent is useful for the organisers & TD - and it’s pay by event on the day – what could be easier?  Organiser : Phyllis O’Regan

NB – Rhona Goldenfield of Manchester usually has the brochure to circulate when it becomes available, so if interested please email her on

Killarney 2016

A few results from the 73rd South of Ireland Killarney Congress, as special as ever and with some quite strong teams fields . . plus lots of green fields, spectacular sea & mountain landscapes and the usual warm Kerry welcome which all visitors truly appreciate.

Ted Revely & Chris Pope, with team-mates Pat Collins (Kent) & Bill Hirst (Kent), were 2nd in the Lough Lein Trophy Premier Teams event.

Dave & Jean Keen, with team-mates Pat Collins (Kent) & Bill Hirst (Kent), were 2nd in the Goldenfield Trophy Mixed Teams event.

Jean Keen, with team-mates Suzy Lawson (Bristol & Avon), Roz Bavin (Jersey) & Kath Nelson (Manchester) won the Hilda Huggard Trophy Ladies' Teams event - 3 wins in a row now for Jean & Suzy!

Harold Griffiths Trophy

In the North Wales one-day teams, the Harold Griffiths trophy, held at Wrexham Garden Village, there were eight teams.  All twelve players in the first three places were members of M&CBA.

1 Ted Reveley & David Stevenson, Mark Weeks & Stuart Matthews    99 VPs
2 Julian Merrill & Chris Pope, Paddy Murphy & John Hampson            97 VPs
3 Bob Pitts & Barry Jones, Jean & Dave Keen                                      86 VPS
All well above the average of 70 VPs
Sarah Amos directed it and played in the team who came fourth

The Lady Connell Trophy is the premier teams knock out event held by the County each year. The winners of this event are invited to represent the County in the EBU's national teams event The Pachabo Cup (click here for information).

The final was held between Reveley (Ted Reveley, Mike Swanson, Stuart Matthews, Alan Stephenson) and Hall (Peter Hall, Daniel Miller, Laurence Stone, Dave Flacks) with Reveley emerging victorious. Many congratulations to the winners.

President's Cup

Many members of the County probably do not realise that this inter-County event has been run by our County ever since the break-up of the old NWCBA, many years ago.  It started as an Inter-Area event for the NWCBA and developed into an inter-County event after the break-up. It has also developed from being an event for the North West to cover a rather wider area, usually getting between six and nine teams, and is held at various venues around the whole area.

This year it was at Derby, and got an amazing thirteen teams, including three teams that had not played before.  This might cause a rethink over venues since some of the venues we use cannot hold the 26 tables this requires.  However, we should be very pleased that a Green point event run by our County is so successful. 

Our County came fourth.  If you want to see full results, including the details of how our own team did, please go to

Northern Congress 2015

Congratulations to Al Stephenson, Stuart Matthews, Mark Weeks, who with B Burns of Yorkshire were 2nd in the teams at the above congress.

Welsh Foursomes

First in the Welsh Foursomes this year, a weekend Swiss Teams organised by the WBU, were  Liz Commins  David Stevenson  Mark Weeks  Stu Matthews.

A Keen Year!

A great year for Jean and Dave Keen!
Representing M&CBA in the 2012/1
Next3 season, Jean & Dave

achieved some impressive results:
In the two Blue Ribbon events -
The Tollemache - leading M&CBA pair
The President's Cup - leading M&CBA pair
In the Northern Counties 'A' Division, they played 3 times finishing :
2nd M&CBA pair
2nd M&CBA pair
leading M&CBA pair

Jean and Dave always do their best to make themselves available
to represent the County as well as all the other ways they have in
the past and do still serve the County. If only we all had their
combination of talent, commitment, energy and time!
They are certainly an
inspiration to me - I hope everyone will
add supporting the County to their New Year's Resolutions!!

David & Liz do it again...and again!

There really is no stopping David Stevenson and Liz Commins! Here is the latest list of successes and near-misses:

"Liz Commins and I played in the Celtic Congress in Fishguard.  Even the Mixed Pairs was Green Pointed!  We won the Mixed Pairs, our fifth Green Point win of the year.  However, our team-mates, arranged weeks before, and checked the previous week, claimed no knowledge of this event and went home!  The organisers found us a local pair, who played very well, but sadly we could only manage second place.
On to the Swiss Pairs.  We played against another local pair, and I had to find a difficult lead. We finished third, but would have won if I had found the correct lead!
In the Bedfordshire 1-day teams, we lost the last match heavily, so finished second, one VP behind the winners.  Our team-mates were John and Pauline Rudolf."
Late Summer Results for David and Liz

EBU Brighton Summer Congress Open Teams
1 David Stevenson-Liz Commins John Dakin-Nigel Guthrie

Bolton Congress Championship Pairs
2 David Stevenson-Liz Commins
NIBU L'Derry Autumn Congress Mixed Pairs
2 David Stevenson-Liz Commins [with nearly 65% !]
Impressive, as always!
Merseyside Cup Sunday 10 November

The Merseyside Cup was held at Deva this year and 7 teams were entered. It was a very pleasant event, smoothly run by Liz Stevenson and catered excellently, as always by Angie Pinnington and her sister Andrea. Full results are in the results section; well done to MBC whose two teams were 1st and 2nd. It was sad to note that LBC, Hartford and Deva were unable to field any teams but that may have been due to the clash with Lancashire's popular Pendle Witch pairs on the same day. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I certainly did!

photo shows winners from left to right: Pauline Norman, Pat Arthur, Stephanie Howard and John Fay with TD and organiser Liz Stevenson

Merseyside Cup Sunday 10 November
Mid Wales Congress

Congratulations to M&CBA members Sheila Shea, Wyn Williams, Beth Wennell, Barry Wennell who came 7= in the above event.

County Friendly Match v Derby 2013

In the friendly match against Derby held at Spondon on Sunday 23 June, Derby took the title back from M&CBA by 100 imps. Despite a mix up over times which gave the visitors an unexpected hour's waiting time, it was a lovely day and our hosts were very welcoming. 

The team were:

Margaret Howe & David Burrows

Earl O’Keeffe & Rob Roberts

Barbara Serres & Gareth Thomas (Capt.)

Ric & Julia Dearing

Angie Pinnington & Roy Wallwork

Elsie Goodwin & Geoff Marsden



Notable Successes by M&CBA players over the past year or so

Notable Successes by M&CBA players over the past year or so in external events - an extract from the Chairman's report to the County AGM June 2013

(If you spot any omissions please use the "contact us" facility to let us know)


In the North Wales Swiss pairs congress in early July, Neil Thomas won partnering Sue Richmond of Lancashire.

Dave & Jean Keen , David Stevenson and Liz Commins were equal 2nd in the MidWales teams Congress in July.

In the Westmoreland Swiss Pairs that took place on Sept. 30th, Bernard Kaye and Roger Waddington finished equal second, on the same score as Neil Thomas, who was partnering Sue Richmond of Lancashire.

David Stevenson and Liz Commins won the LCBA October greenpointed pairs event.
David and Liz along with Paddy Murphy and Matt Foster won the LCBA Foundation Cup event at the 
beginning of November.

John Hampson and Julian Merrill have an excellent record in the EBU Seniors’ Congress. Last year they won the A’ final of the pairs event from a very good field. This year they managed a very creditable 5th in the A’ final and then went on to achieve success in the Swiss teams, finishing 2nd with teammates Barry and Barbara Stoker from Surrey.

During 2012 David Stevenson and Liz Commins won eight green pointed events and several black point ones in partnership. It did not seem to matter whether they were pairs events or teams they were equally successful

Ted Reveley and Stuart Matthews were part of the foursome that finished second in the teams event at the Manchester Congress in January.

M&CBA players had a lot of success at the Blackpool end of Year congress with pride of place going to David Stevenson, Liz Commins and Paddy Murphy, who with Tracy Capal of Manchester won the Swiss teams. Well done also to Margaret Howe and David Burrows, who won a prize in the Swiss pairs as the highest placed category B pair.

The Open Pairs was won by Geoff Cowie and Rob Roberts.


The Deva Bridge Club team – representing the county – have reached the National Final of the Garden Cities Cup (for teams of 8). The team that qualified was John Hampson, Bob Pitts, Al Stephenson, Stu Matthews, David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Julian Merrill, Paul Roberts.

For the second year running, Deva Pair Laurence Stone and Martin Cutbill qualified for the National Pairs B final.

Julian Merrill and Joan Marray, together with Jean & Peter Hand of North Wales/Manchester, reached the final of the Cambria Cup where they lost to a very strong team from South Wales. 

Garden Cities - updated
With apologies for the delay, we now have the Butler scores for the qualifier:
Garden Cities Qualifier Butler scores

                                                       Sess 1   Sess 2    Total

David Stevenson/
Liz Commins           32       -2        30
Alan Stephenson/Stuart Matthews       -3       30        27
Julian Merrill/Paul Roberts.                 39      -24        15
Bob Pitts/John Hampson                     -36       -9       -45

11-19 May 2013 


Ted Reveley * & Chris Pope *, with team-mates Patrick Collins & Bill Hirst,were WINNERS in the Lough Lein Trophy, the main Congress Teams event
Ted Reveley * & Alan Williams, Bill Hirst & Pat Collins were runners-up in the Men's Teams
Jean Keen * & Suzy Lawson, Roz Bavin & Phyllis O'Regan were runners-up in the Ladies' Teams
Jean Keen * & Dave Keen won the first session prize in the main pairs event
Another most enjoyable bridge experience in this delightful location and with its uniquely relaxed, yet still extremely competitive style - extra bridge sessions this year made for a very full programme, and as usual the social interaction with our Irish friends was also a winner!
* M&CBA members


April 2013 - Armagh

David Stevenson & Liz Commins won the Mixed Pairs event and, together with team-mates Robin Burns & Iain Lindsay of Northern Ireland, also won the Championship Teams.
Many congratulations!

6-7 April 2013 - Colwyn Bay

and to other well-placed M&CBA members

  Ted Reveley* & Bill Niccol *
Alan Stephenson* & Stuart Matthews*

Mike Tedd* & John Salisbury*
Barry Lloyd Jones* & Bob Pitts*

  David Stevenson* & Liz Commins* Paddy Murphy* & Matt Foster* 

Andy Prothero* & Chris Pope*
Peter Kaufmann* & Simon Edwards*

  Sue Richmond & Neil Thomas*
Babs Matthews & John Farmer
* M&CBA members
For full list of results CLICK HERE
FALKIRK BC CONGRESS - Mona Reid Kerr Trophy

  FALKIRK BC CONGRESS - Mona Reid Kerr Trophy  
16-17 March 2013 - Montrose, Angus


A trip up to NE Scotland was a successful outing for Liz Commins & David Stevenson and Jean & Dave Keen, who won the 7-team final from an original entry of 14 teams. A very warm & friendly welcome, which more than made up for the inclement weather!

2-3 March 2013 


Very well done to Pete Foster * who, with partner John Liebeschuetz from Cambridge, won the EBU Life Masters Pairs - an excellent result, with a superb winning score - well ahead of the rest of the field!
For full list of Life Masters results CLICK HERE