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Preece Rosebowl
Preece Rosebowl Ladies' Open Pairs

Famed for its lavish afternoon tea, this is a not-to-be-missed event open to ladies from any county.

Past Winners:

2016 event not held

2015 Avril Thompson and Joan Marray
2014 Sue Fjortoft and Margaret Ainscough
2013 Lollo Murthwaite and Pat Crossley
2012 Joan King and Gill O'Neill
2011 Pauline Norman and Sally Clark
2010 Jill Oddie and Sally Clark
2009 Jean McKeown and Kathy Wilde
2008 Lyn Edge and Lilian Johnson
2007 Nan Stephens and Sheila Grey
2006 Sylvia Nelson and Olivia Williams
2005 Margaret Gilbertson and Sue Fjortoft
2004 Julia Dearing and Doris Coltman
2003 event not held
2002 Doris Coltman and Julia Dearing
2001 Margaret Gilbertson and Sheila Grey
2000 Rekha Gatfield and Joan Marray 
1999 Olwen Brown and Joan King 
1998 Joan Marray and Jean Mason 
1997 Ann Ellis and Rita Edwards 
1996 Ann Ellis and Rita Edwards 
1995 Sylvia Bramham and Jean Mason 
1994 Mrs N J Saker and Mrs B Fisher 
1993 Mrs B Davies and Mrs G O'Neill 
1992 Mrs J Mason and Mrs J King 
1991 Mrs D Beach and Mrs L James 
1990 Mrs M Warburton and Miss M Randles 
1989 Mrs K Strettle and Mrs J Dearing 
1988 event not held 
1987 Mrs D Dutton and Mrs E M Scott 
1986 Mrs G M Boothroyde and Mrs J Pearson 
1985 (bis) Mrs T Cresswell and Mrs M Bembridge 
1985 Mrs Faff Robinson and Mrs I Cowgall 
1984 Mrs B A Kitchenham and Mrs P Rudolf 
1983 Mrs M Amor and Mrs I Atkinson 
1982 Miss H Bell and Mrs M E Littlewood 
1981 Mrs M Huner and Mrs M Johnson