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Knockout 2017 Final

The first round of the knockout is held in the autumn at two venues, Liverpool BC and Merseyside BC, at 7.15pm.  

Teams just turn up and the draw is made when all the teams are there.  If there is an odd number of teams three teams will be drawn in a triple with two teams to go through. Matches are of 24 boards with a compulsory change of opponents at half-time.  

Three extra boards are played to decide a tie, and repeated if necessary. 

Triples are played in six board stanzas, scoring at half-time.  If a team loses both matches the other teams go through.  If the teams win one each the two teams with the better number of total imps go through. If one team wins both and the others tie then three extra boards are played by them, and repeated if necessary.  Similarly if each team win one match, and two teams tie for the least number of imps.  If each team win one each and the imps are level, or if each match is tied, an extra triple of one board against each opponent is played. 

The draw for the rest of the knockout will be made shortly after the first round and posted on the County website.    

All teams who lose in the first round are put in the Consolation knockout, unless they tell the organisers within three days that they do not wish to play.  

Teams who did not play in the First round may enter the Consolation event direct if they tell the organisers by three days after the date of the First round. 

In the draw for the remaining rounds the first-named team is the home team, and the match will be played at the home team's normal venue and start time unless the captains agree otherwise.  Both teams pay half the normal table money. 

There is an extra round early in January: in practice teams rarely have to play in this.  

The dates for the Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final are published by the League Secretary in the calendar.  By agreement between the captains, matches may be played early: if a match needs to be played late the organisers' permission is required. 

Mixed teams are permitted with players from more than one league team: players may not play for more than one team in the knockout/Consolation in any one league year.  Players may be added to teams later in the competition.  If they are not registered members of the league team then the organisers' permission is required. 

The winners of matches are required to inform the organisers of results by email within 24 hours, and failure to do so may result in their next opponents being given a walkover.  

It is helpful if losing captains also email the results. 

Emails to the organisers should be sent to <>.


Swiss Teams 2015

After two rounds held on successive weeks, the MBL Swiss Teams final result was:

1 Pentagon                91
2 Amber                    75
3 Wirralpool              63
4 Green Team 55
5 Acolytes                46
6= Arrowe 45
6= Dusty Millers 45

Congratulations to Pentagon for a fine win.