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Jean Keen Ladies Teams
JKT 2017

The Jean Keen Trophy – M&CBA Ladies’ Teams of Four - 2017

There was a splendid turn-out of 11 teams on Sunday 26th February 2017 at Merseyside Bridge Centre.  With 50 boards played in two sessions, and time for a picnic, it was a most enjoyable and competitive day’s bridge in a warm & friendly environment.  Thanks to Dave Keen for his genial & efficient directing.


Winners, with a VP total of 159, were Babs Matthews & Joyce White, Rhona Goldenfield & Joy Blakey – congratulations to them!

In 2nd place, with 125 VP’s, were Pat Arthur & Stephanie Howard, Rekha Gatfield & Olivia Williams.

In 3rd place, with 121 VP’s, were Avril Thompson & Joan Marray, Gill O’Neill & Margaret Barnes.


The remaining places were :

4th        – Jean Gregory & Margaret Howe, Julia Dearing & Barbara Serres

5th        – Jean Keen & Frances Davies, Pauline Norman & Jean McKeown

6th        – Joyce Kennedy & Rita MacCrimmon, Liz Stevenson & Ann Hall

7th        – Robbie Atherton & Gill Jennings, Sue MacKenzie & Pam Fish

8th =    – Jilly Hopewell-Taylor & Mary Read, Mo Kellett & Chris Griffin

8th =    – Gill Jones & Karen Lloyd, Sue Birdsall & Jane Nelson-Woods      

10th     – Ann Davies & Dorothea Gilbert, Dorothy Hislop & Karen Schneider

11th     – Tess Syzmanska & Viv While, Caterina Gianota & Sarah Anderson

Jean Keen Ladies' Open Teams

Background Information

First a bit of history : numerous regular sporting and similar events are dedicated more often than not to someone who is sadly no longer with us – NOT SO in this case!  Jean has worn a number of hats within the M&CBA organisation, one of which was Tournament Committee Chairman for a number of years.  On deciding at one point to step down from the Chairmanship (while remaining as a committee member and event organiser) she was only ‘allowed’ to do so if she would provide a trophy for use by the County for an event!  Hence her suggestion of a Ladies’ Teams of Four competition and the creation of the annual Jean Keen Trophy.

In its over 20-year life-span the event has been generally well supported, with usually around 9 or 10 teams enjoying themselves, bringing their half-time picnics, wine etc. to add to the fun – regardless of the results, all who come have a really good day.  So give it a try if you feel like a different and friendly bridge experience – with no hassles from the men!

All in all, a very enjoyable event and well worth entering a team, especially if you haven't played in it before.

Past Winners:

2017 Babs Matthews & Joyce White, Rhona Goldenfield & Joy Blakey

2016 Stephanie Howard, Pat Arthur, Rekha Gatfield & Pauline Norman

2015 Joan King, Pat Crosssley, Lollo Murthwaite and Mui Fellows

2014 Joan Marray, Avril Thompson, Margaret Howe, Gill O'Neill

2013 Gill O'Neill and Margaret Barnes, Joan Marray & Avril Thompson

2012 Joan King and Pat Crossley, Lollo Murthwaite and Mui Fellows

2011 Avril Thompson and Mandy Johnson, Margaret Barnes and Gill O'Neill

2010 Joan King and Pat Crossley, Lollo Murthwaite and Mui Fellows

2009 Lucy Jones and Dorothy Hislop, Karen Schneider and Sylvia Nelson

2008 Frances Davies and Jean Keen, Jill Oddie and Sally Clark

2007 Barbara Serres and Jean McKeown, Doris Coltman and Julia Dearing

2006 Lucy Jones and Dorothy Hislop, Karen Schneider and Sylvia Nelson

2005 Joan King and Dawn Herbert, Gill O'Neill and Avril Thompson

2004 Jill Oddie and Sally Clark, Frances Davies and Jean Keen

2003 Shirley Stott and Maureen Foster, Carole Andrews and Shirley Prince 

2002 Doris Coltman and Julia Dearing, Pat Ferguson and Sheila Grey

2001 Doris Coltman and Julia Dearing, Lyn Edge and Pat Ferguson

2000 Joan North and Nan Stephens, Liz Wattleworth and Beryl Gemmell 

1999 Margaret Pitts and Jean Keen, Dorothy Hislop and Lucy Jones

1998 Jean Mason and Joan Marray, Jean Keen and Margaret Pitts

1997 event not held

1996 only one team entered

1995 Ann Ellis and Shirley Webster, Jean Keen and Margaret Pitts