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Merseyside Cup Restricted Entry Teams

Teams of four will be invited to be put forward by the 8 affiliated bridge clubs in the County. No more than one player per team of four may be of EBU (or equivalent) ranking National Master or above.

Past Winners:

(was Intermediate - non-restricted from 2007 - 2012)

2019 Jim Fearn & Patricia Arthur, John Fay & Caterina Gianota
2018 John Fay, Pauline Norman, Caterina Gianota, John Griffith
2017 Stuart Hunter, Barry Keen, John Burke, Helen Wright
2016 John Fay, Pauline Norman, Patricia Arthur, Stephanie Howard
2015 Dave Edwards, Gill Jones, Robbie Roberts, Earl O'Keeffe
2014 Dave Edwards, Gill Jones, Robbie Roberts, Earl O'Keeffe
2013 Pat Arthur, Stephanie Howard, John Fay, Pauline Norman
2010 Peter Hall, Daniel Miller, Ian Stanley and Ann Hall
2009 Barry Jones, Paddy Murphy, Ted Reveley and Colin Humphrey
2008 Barry Jones, Paddy Murphy, Ted Reveley and Mike Swanson
2007 Joyce White, Jenny Morris, Bill White and Jim Morris
2006 Joyce Kennedy, Anne Harwood, Denise McDowall and Rose Williams
2005 George Eakin, Val Eakin, Dorothy Hislop and Mike Jubb
2004 Earl O'Keeffe, Rob Roberts, Geoff Cowie and Cameron Boyd
2003 Roger Arnold, Julie Pye, Chris Wentworth and Leo Bridges
2002 Roger Arnold, Ivy Blackwell, Alex Hurst and Ann Dorricott
2001 Ian Topp, Dorothy Hislop, Jean Mason and Margaret Lloyd
2000 Rekha Gatfield, Jamie Cameron, John Leather and David Flacks
1999 Frank Hennessey, Geraldine Springer, Barry Griffies and Roger Arnold
1998 Bill & Liz Wattleworth, Basil Younan and Gwyneth Croft
1997 Pete Lloyd, Dave Edwards, Ray Parkinson and Ron Higgins
1996 John Griffith, Mui Fellows, Joan King and Olwen Brown
1995 Tracy Verber, Jon Middleton, Bob Cooke and Howard Kay
1994 John Carmicheal, Roy Lea, Tricia Murray and John Rigby