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Competition Details
  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Leader Boards

There are four separate handicapped competitions to find the leading player on Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening  and Friday evening Duplicate Pairs events.


  • All the competitions have the same rules and take place from January to December inclusive.
  • Merit Points are awarded to members on each session as follows:
First 6 Points
Second 4 Points
Third 3 Points
Fourth 2 Points
Fifth 1 Point


  • All open duplicate sessions are included, but special events such Ladies' Pairs, Men's Pairs, Christmas Parties, etc are excluded.
  • At the end of the year the total points obtained by each player will be calculated and the player with the highest total will be the winner of each event.
  • Any player who is placed in the top two or three positions will be handicapped for that event in the following two years as follows:
  • Prior to 2011
 Year / Position First Second Third
 Year One     50        40        30   
 Year Two     25        20        15   


  • 2011 Onwards
From 2010 the awarding of an annual prize for third place was discontinued and the handicappping amended to reflect this.
 Year / Position First Second
 Year One     50        40   
 Year Two     25        20   



Player Handicaps for 2018 to 2020
2018 2019 2020
John Griffith 50 Nick Hughes 50 Lollo Murthwaite 50 
Lollo Murthwaite 40 Stephanie Howard 40 Tony Gray 40 
Peter Swarbrick 25 John Griffith 25 Nick Hughes 25
Stewart Everitt 20 Lollo Murthwaite 20 Stephanie Howard 20
2018 2019 2020
Jean McKeown 50 Robin Huddleston 50 Paul Thomas 50 
Jill Wolfgang 40 Mike Reid  40 Jean McKeown 40 
Pat Crossley 25 Jean McKeown 25 Robin Huddleston 25
Lollo Murthwaite 20 Jill Wolfgang 20 Mike Reid 20
2018 2019 2020
Nick Hughes 50 Lollo Murthwaite 50 Nick Hughes  50
AAnton Healey 40 Jean McKeown & Pauline Newman 40 Anton Healey  40 
Stewart Everitt 25 Nick Hughes 25 Lollo Murthwaite 25
Aidan Prescott 20 Anton Healey 20 Jean McKeown & Pauline Newman 20
2018 2019 2020
Jean McKeown 50 Joan King 50 Stephanie Howard  50 
John Griffith 40 Aidan Prescott  40 Colin Nugent 40 
Gill O'Neil 25 Jean McKeown 25 Joan King 25
Stephanie Howard 20 John Griffith 20 Aidan Prescott 20



  Mike Swanson

The Mike Swanson is a fully handicapped individual competition open to all members and offers the opportunity for the average player to win a club competition.

  • The competition takes place on the 4th Wednesday of each month from January to November inclusive, and consists of duplicate pairs.
  • It is open to all members who will receive an individual handicap based on their performance at the club during the previous 12 months.
  • Individual handicaps will be calculated as follows:

Handicap = 50 - (Average % in the previous 12 months)*
Average Handicap
55% - 5
50% 0
45% + 5

* Using the following open duplicate events: Monday evening (including Ted Reveley), Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening and Friday evening.

Note that this is a rolling value and a new handicap will be calculated on the 1st of each month using the previous 12 months scores.

  • New members will automatically have a handicap of - 5.00 until they have played in five club events that qualify for the calculation of an individual handicap.
  • For each event the pair will receive a handicap that is the average of their individual handicaps.
  • The handicap of the pair will be added to the percentage obtained in the event to produce the handicapped result , e.g.
Event Result Pairs' Handicap Handicapped Result
- 6 49%
0 50%
+ 6 51%

  • Merit Points will then be awarded as follows: 1st place - 8 points, 2nd place - 6 points, 3rd place - 5 points, and then 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.
  • All eleven events of the competition will be included and the individual with the highest total Merit Point count will be the winner.  In the event of a tie, the player with the most first place positions will be deemed to have won.  If there is still a tie, then the one with the most second place positions will be deemed to be the winner, and so on.  If all the positions are identical then the competition will be deemed to have been tied.
  • Visitors are welcome to play in the occasional event but, as they will have no handicap, neither they nor any member they might pair with can score points in that event.
  • EBU Master Points will be awarded on the basis of the actual result and not the handicapped result.
  Ted Reveley

The Ted Reveley is a pairs competition open to all members.

  • The competition takes place on the 2nd Monday of each month from January to December inclusive, and consists of duplicate pairs.
  • The best eight events count towards the competition and the partnership with the highest aggregate percentage will be the winner.
  • Visitors are welcome to play in the occasional event but they cannot take part in the overall competition.

From 2011 it is not a handicapped competition, but it has been in previous years.

From 2014 Any player(s) having won with any other partner(s) is/are not eligible to win again for a period of five years.


Players Not Eligible to Win Until
Chris Whaley & David Howe 2021
Jean McKeown & Peter Swarbrick 2022
Robin Huddleston & Mike Reid 2023
Nick Hughes & Stephanie Howard 2024
Richard Lacey & Mary Reid 2025


  Player of the Year

The Player of the Year is the player with the highest aggregate merit point total in the four Merit Point competitions (Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening and Friday evening).

  • The merit point total includes any handicaps that are applicable in the individual competitions.
  • The winner is not eligible to win this competition again for a period of five years.


Player Not Eligible to Win Until
Pat Crossley 2020
Jean McKeown 2021
Lollo Murthwaite 2022
John Griffith 2023
Stephanie Howard 2024
Pat Arthur 2025