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Welcome to Merseyside Bridge Centre
Welcome to the Merseyside Bridge Centre

Our Wirral based club, established in 1983, is conveniently located in Prenton, Mid Wirral, just 5 minutes drive from the M53.  We play in the church hall of the Prenton Methodist Church, CH43 0RE (see the directions in Information on the left), which is situated in a very pleasant safe part of Prenton, with car parking on the church premises.

Our aim is to play a good standard of bridge in a friendly atmosphere, and the club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU), with sessions directed according to the EBU rules.  The club welcomes visitors if accompanied by a member whether you are an experienced player or would just like to improve, but is not suitable for a complete novice.

Keen players will be pleased that the club uses pre-dealt computer generated hands.  The results are recorded on our website, so that you can see details of the hands , and how you did compared to the other pairs.

At the moment our normal activities are in a state of flux because of COVID. The club is currently running Face2Face sessions on a Monday evening and a Tuesday afternoon - and an online duplicate competition on BBO on a Wednesday evening.

Members can also play in the Real Bridge Social Lounge on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.

If you are interested in joining or want further information e-mail us on < >

Last updated : 31st Oct 2021 14:21 GMT
Latest News





Following a succesful trial of F2F bridge Monday evening and Tuesday afternoons are continuing for the foreseeable future.


From 1st November table money will be collected as normal.

Wednesday Club night on BBO will continue.


The method of reserving a seat for F2F is detailed on the home page below but if anyone is having difficultiy with this please ring Chris Griffin 07754047853 who will assist in securing your place.

Members attending any F2F must comply fully with the Covid Guidelines posted on the home page. 

The club have just purchased 2 air purifiers for use on club nights. This should reduce the risk from COVID especially when the weather means we can have little or no ventilation but they will not stop the risk completely.

Last updated : 17th Jan 2022 14:20 GMT
Annual General Meeting 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021


Some of you may have heard by now that the AGM could not go ahead on Monday as planned; the quorum for any general meeting is set at 25 members present in person and even after we had waited a while, there were only 17 members present and so the AGM has been adjourned sine die without being able to conduct any business.

It may be that, by some date in Spring, the Covid numbers may have reduced sufficiently for a few more people to come out blinking into the daylight whereby we can hold a successful meeting. We can do no more than keep things under review. The effect is that the existing committee, including those co-opted since the previous AGM remain in position.

All that said, the report I would have made to the meeting is produced below for everyone’s edification (or not)

The details of the accounts may be found in the Member’s Area of the website as may a summary of the position re Borough Road.


Chairman’s Report to the Annual General Meeting 2021


It occurs to me that our last AGM was in 2019 although I did send a Chairman’s Christmas Message. I am now hazy as to whether I took over as Chairman subsequent to that AGM and therefore feel I ought to give a few words of explanation; John Fay decided that his slow recovery from his operation, allied to further health problems within his wider family, meant that he did not feel able to give his duties as Chairman his full attention and therefore decided to stand down in July 2020. I therefore moved up from my then position of Vice Chairman and Caterina Gianota was co-opted as Vice Chair. Although it is a long while after the event, I would wish to record my, and I would hope the club’s, appreciation for all of John’s hard work.

The Committee has continued to meet virtually via Zoom until recently when in person meetings resumed. Linda Bennett, despite moving to Kent, continued until recently to carry on her duties as Hon Secretary. Thea Hill has recently been co-opted to the role pending confirmation at a general meeting. Mike Fairclough has likewise been co-opted to take over the position of Webmaster.

Given the fact that there has been no face to face bridge until very recently, there is no nothing to report on any competitions. The report will therefore concentrate on two matters: The return to Face to Face Bridge Sessions and an update regarding the old clubhouse in Borough Road. The latter subject will be posted in the member’s area as it could be commercially sensitive.


The Return to F2F Bridge

When the committee began to consider the possibility of returning to in person sessions, the first thing which was clear was that a number of our Directors were no longer in a position to continue, at least for the present, and this severely limited our options.

In part, this led to our decision to restart the Tuesday afternoon sessions only as Jill Wolfgang was willing to continue covering as Director and so things were relatively ‘self-contained’. It was decided that we needed to restrict the numbers of those attending to 10 tables in an attempt to reduce any Covid risk and so Tuesday sessions were used as a live test of a booking system. Additionally, it was decided that, in accordance with government advice, a reasonable air flow should be maintained by keeping some windows open. It was recognised that this would present a significant challenge, especially as the Winter drew on and more especially so in the evenings. It was also decided that anyone attending should be double-jabbed and should also have taken a negative lateral flow test in the period preceding their attendance.

These decisions were taken after a good deal of debate in Committee where a wide variety of views was expressed and the final decisions represented a consensus of what was felt to be reasonable. The provisions do not necessarily mirror exactly those of every other club but so be it.

In the event, the Tuesday sessions were not heavily attended but it was accepted that the logistical position was satisfactory. By this stage, we had sufficient Directors to make a rota for Mondays only and so it was decided to run Monday sessions on a trial basis for 3 weeks. It was decided that, to avoid ‘splitting our forces’, the Monday online club session would be suspended for the time being.

In the interim, we had received some advice that approved air purifiers could reduce the risks of Covid circulation, reducing the need for windows to be left open and two such units have been bought by the club.

The Monday sessions attracted 5 to 6 tables and it was considered that this was a worthwhile number and so they have continued after the trial period. At this level, the costs are not being fully covered although the financial position of the club is such that this loss is not too much of a problem in the circumstances. One observation is that, although there has been a core of the same people for these sessions, there have been a number of other individuals or pairs who have attended a number of the sessions. I would make a guesstimate that perhaps 32 people in total have attended at some stage.

Clearly there is a significant number of people who are choosing not to attend the club as things stand at present and, indeed, a few who seem unlikely to attend under any foreseeable circumstances but the committee hope that, as things improve, more people may feel emboldened to return and will keep everything under review in the interests of the club as a whole.



Last updated : 2nd Dec 2021 15:45 GMT
Return to F2F Bridge

Like many people I am really looking forward to having face to face bridge again but it is so important that we are vigilant and do this as Covid-safe as possible.

Please read the Covid risk assessment on the left which has been done for your safety and the safety of all your friends and relatives who you are in contact with. Here is a summary –

  1. Only people who have has two vaccines- the second one being given more that 3 weeks ago should come for face to face bridge.
  2. If you are feeling unwell with ANY viral symptoms or symptoms of Covid DO NOT come to the club even if you have had a negative lateral flow test – false negatives do sometimes occur.
  3. Please do a lateral flow test – they are freely available from pharmacists, some supermarkets and many outside stalls on the Wirral- within 48 hours of coming to the club even if you feel perfectly well – there are still many people with asymptomatic Covid.
  4. Please sanitise your hands when you come in to the club and before every round.
  5. Please maintain social distancing when at all possible.
  6. Sitting at a bridge table is the time when we are most likely to get infected with Covid so, although optional, we advise wearing a mask throughout the evening if you can.
  7. We need to maintain good ventilation during the evening to minimise the risk so bring warm coats if it is cold outside!
  8. East/West will be asked to only use one bidding box so they will take their bidding box round with them.
  9. We will have a limit of 10 tables so you will need to book online. Our secretary Linda will explain more about this (see below)

For the moment-

  1. There will be no drinks provided but feel free to bring your own.
  2. We will not be having any visitors unless accompanied by a member.

Janet Almond

Last updated : 29th Oct 2021 14:32 BST
How to book into the F2F sessions

Please find below the instructions on how to book to play in the F2F sessions at the club.

Chris Griffin (07754047853) is happy to help anyone who has difficulty booking.

How to make a booking

  • Go into the website and click on the green 'Calendar Month' button on the left hand side of the page
  • This will open the calendar for the present month 
  • If you want to go to the next month - Click on the right hand facing arrow on the top right hand corner of the calendar page. 
  • Click on the box of the date you want to play which shows the session
  • Click on the 'Booking Required' icon that appears
  • Follow the on line instructions ie enter your name and press 'check' at the bottom of the page
  • Enter your partners name
  • Press 'add Booking' at the bottom of the page
  • You will then see you have been added to the list of players

To cancel a booking

  • Go to the calendar page for the month as above
  • On the date you want to cancel - Click on the box and then the 'Booking Required' icon 
  • It should tell you you are the current user.  If not enter your name
  • Press the 'check' button at the bottom of the page
  • Add your partners name
  • Press the remove button at the bottom of the page
  • Your booking should then disappear



Last updated : 29th Oct 2021 14:38 BST
Free English Acol Bridge Club Tournaments

As you will be aware we are returning to F2F bridge on a Monday evening starting on 11 October.  During that time the club duplicate on BBO is suspended.  For those members not quite ready to return to F2F bridge on a Monday evening there is a FREE tournament you can enter on BBO which is highly recommended by a few of our members who have played in it.  Please see details below and if you would like any more info or have any queries please email me at

Best regards



Free English Acol Bridge Club on BBO

The English Acol Bridge Club (TEA) runs on Thursday and Friday afternoons on BBO at 2.15pm and on Sunday and Monday evenings at 7.30pm. 

It usually consists of 8 two-board rounds. An attraction is that there is no cost involved!  Naturally, you do not have to play every day, just on an ad hoc basis. A few of us have played in it and it is a very enjoyable and friendly club.  The standard is not dissimilar to our own club.   

It is organised by a Tony Fern who goes under the BBO name of Vesian. His email is Before you play for the first time you need to drop Tony an email with you and your partners' BBO names so he can register you as eligible to play in the club.

Then, to enter on the day, you have to register WITH your partner about 15 mins before the start time. However there is a partnership desk if you don't have one.  You find the tournament by the same method you log in to our own duplicates on BBO (ie ‘Competitive’ then ‘All tournaments’ then enter TEA or Acol in the search bar).

The numbers have dwindled a bit so Tony is happy for more players to join.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2022 15:33 GMT
Registration for Online Duplicates

If you would like to play in our online duplicates on BBO on Wednesday evenings then please fill in this form and submit it.

Last updated : 29th Oct 2021 14:39 BST
Real Bridge Social Lounge

MBC members can still gather a table of four playing companions and have a fun night playing up to 20 boards at your own pace.   You can play regularly or occasionally.

Mike Reid sets up a session on a Tuesday evening and Janet Almond on a Thursday.  So if you have a table of four contact: for a Tuesday for a Thursday 

They will send you the link for that night.

NB you must have your own group of four to play and the sessions are free to subscribed MBC members

Last updated : 12th Aug 2021 17:13 BST
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