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Meopham Bridge Club

                         Here are the tables for 21st January 2021

                   The host is highlighted on the left hand side of the table






Andrea and Sheila v

Peter and Gai

Gale and Carol v Linda-Mei and Marilyn
Tricia and Philippa  v Jan and Berenice
Peter and Christine v Felicity and Martyn
Mai and George v Fraser and Tony
Michael and Hilary 7.30pm start v Diane and John
David E and David A v Tony and Barry
Elaine and Mike v Chris and Pat
Barbara and Paul v Jackie and Sue
Margot and Jacqui v Clive and am



                          Results for 21st January 2021

Still awaiting one score. Felicity and Martyn did not log on tonight so we had 9 tables.



  Name Score   Name Score
1st Elaine and Mike 42.5 v Chris and Pat 24.3
2nd Jackie and Sue 42.3 v Barbara and Paul 30.9
3rd Fraser and Tony 42 v Mai and George 23.1
4th Michael and Hilary 40.7 v Diane and John 32.5
5th Gale and Carol 39.3 v Linda-Mei and Marilyn 33.1
6th Peter and Gai 38.8 v Andrea and Sheila 30.2
7th David A and David E 38.6 v Tony B and Barry 28.7
8th Jan and Berenice 35.1 v Tricia and Philippa


9th     v    






Results for August

JanuaryAverages.  Michael and Hliary are our December  winners. Well done!

Name 7th 14th 21st 28th Average
Andrea Lawrence 31.8


Barbara Fisher 32.8    


Barry Harris 23.8 15.2     19.5
Berenice Delbridge 37.21 37.9     37.56
Carol White 28.6 34     31.3
Chris Byers 15.8 19.3     17.55
Christine Stacey 31.3 28.2     29.75
Clive Girling 21.2 69.4     45.3
David Allen 45.7 29.7     37.7
David Evans 45.7 29.7     37.7
Diane Hobson 40.8       40.8
Elaine Harrison 15.8 14.4     15.1
Felicity Clements   19.8     19.8
Fraser McColl 58.8 45.1     51.95
Gai O'Doherty 31.4 44.9     38.15
Gale Crawford 28.6 34     31.3
George 28.8 44.8     36.8
Hilary Havre 27.9 36.9     32.4
Jacqui Corbyn 51.3 42.4     46.85
Jackie Adams 44.9       44.9
Jan Austin 37.21 37.9     37.56
John Hobson 40.8       40.8
Linda-Mei Stevens 26.2 35.9     31.05
Mai Monk 28.8 44.8     36.8
Margot Edwards 51.3 42.4     46.85
Marilyn Pascoe 26.2 35.9     31.05
Martyn Clements   19.8     19.8
Michael Havre 27.9 36.9     32.4
Mike Harrison 15.8 14.4     15.1
Pam Butcher 21.2 69.4     45.3
Pat Probetts 15.8 19.3     17.55
Paul 32.9       32.8
Peter Leek 31.4 44.9     38.15
Peter Stacey 31.3 28.2     29.75
Philipa Gartshore 24.9 27.9     26.4
Sheila Lampard 31.8 40     35.9
Sue Rickwood   44.9     44.9
Tony 58.8 45.1     51.95
Tony Barron 23.8 15.2     19.5
Tricia Westlake 24.9 27.9     26.4


Results for May
Thursday Play

                                                                    PLAYING ON THURSDAYS

 As Thursday is our usual night for play it would be great if we could get as many people as possible playing then from 7.15 pm. We cannot play duplicate but if the table host could email the Meopham web site the results of the evenings play ie NS and EW final scores they can be put on the website as a results table. Have fun!

As we have progressed in our online play we have noticed facilities for " Undo " in the blue horizontal striped box on the left hand side of the screen. It is so easy to press an adjacent spot on the screen by accident. We have discussed this and have decided that if during BIDDING  a symbol is touched by accident, the player can request undo from the box. The opponents are asked to agree. However it will not be permitted to correct playing cards during play.

Meopham Bridge Club
Meopham Bridge Club

Friendly duplicate bridge every Thursday evening (or almost everyThursday!).

Visitors are always welcome (though there are a few "Members Only" evenings, so we suggest you check with us first).

Rota for weekly sit outs

Listed is the table for weekly sit outs if couples cannot play leaving half a table.

Highlighted are people who have sat out and taken a turn

Jackie and Sue 10th Dec
Mai and George 17th Dec
Marilyn and Linda-Mei 7th Jan
Peter and Christine 14th Jan
Hilary and Michael 21st Jan
Clive and Pam 28th Jan
Tricia and Philippa 4th Feb
Gale and Carol 11th Feb
Barbara and Paul 18th Feb
David E and David A 25th Feb
Peter and Gai 4th Mar
Andrea and Sheila 11th Mar
Elaine and Mike 18th Mar
Margot and Jacqui 25th Mar
Diane and John Hobson 1st Apr
Felicity and Martyn 8th Apr
Fraser and Paul 15th Apr
Chris and Pat 22nd Apr
Jan and Berenice 29th  Apr


Duplicate Pairs
Director: Del Reddick
Scorer: Andrea Lawrence
20th Celebration
Director: John Bateson
Scorer: David Evans
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jackie Adams
Scorer: Del Reddick