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A blast from the past

Ever wondered what Mr Ely Culbertson looked and sounded like?  Watch this short clip from the early 30s.

Note his name is pronounced "ee-lee"


EBU Overseas Congress in Andalucia

Congratulations to:

Pre-Congress Pairs: Paul Walker and Frank Wharton (4th)

Swiss Pairs: Waseem Naqvi (Winner)

Ladies Pairs: Janet Cohen and Sylvie Grant (2nd), Pauline Cohen and Elizabeth Barnard (3rd)

Mixed Pairs: Frank Wharton (3rd)

Pivot Teams (Green): Sylvie Grant & Linda Quigley (overall winners); Pauline Cohen, Elizabeth Barnard, Joanne Waterman (4th)

Pivot Teams (Red Section): Andrea Blaine, Barry Murray, Richard Spencer, Emile Lawy (2nd)

EBU Overseas Congress in Andalucia

New The EBU has created a series of videos featuring Gordon Rainsford to help club Tournament Directors deal with some of the more commonly occurring situations.

There are seven videos in the series: http://www.ebu.co.uk/laws-and-ethics/td-videos 

The revoke
Opening lead out of turn
Unintended call
Insufficient bid
Call out of turn

Please remember that if one of these situations arises, you should, as a player, always call the director, and not try to sort this out yourself.


Update your record
Update your record

Middlesex is keen to contact members by email. We do this using the EBU database of members records. It maybe that your record is not up to date.

You can check it and amend it by going the the EBU website. Click here.

You will need your EBU number and password. You can obtain a password by clicking the "forgot password" box from the EBU if you don't have it.




The EBU National Grading Scheme is available here

EBU tournament page can be found here
Tie Splitting & Appeals
Tie Splitting Procedure

Tie Splitting

If there is a tie and it is necessary to split it for the purposes of determining qualification or trophy winners, the following methods will be used:


1. The result of the round between tied pairs. If this is tied then

2. Boards scored above average. If still tied then

3. Toss a coin


1. The result of the match between tied teams (if it exists). If this is tied then

2. Matches won (a draw counts as half a win). If still tied then

3. If the event is scored in VPs, net IMPs will count. If still tied then

4. Point a board (win= 1 point, draw including 0-10 points = half a point. If still tied then

5. Toss a coin



In all Middlesex County events the following procedures for appeals will apply.

In the first instance a ruling will be obtained from the Tournament Director.

When there is no TD present e.g. privately played matches, a ruling should be sought by telephone which will act as a ruling of first instance.  This person may be a) a person agreed by both captains or b) a qualified tournament director or c) an EBU panel referee.

Details of directors and referees will be found on the EBU website (www.ebu.co.uk). The person concerned should be told that this is a ruling of first instance.

An appeal may be made against a ruling of first instance given in a private match. It must be made, in writing, giving full details of the hand, bidding and vulnerability together with the result in both rooms the details of the matters contested and any statements of the players concerned. The statement of appeal should accompany the match result. A Middlesex referee will make a ruling. There is no deposit for this type of appeal.

An appeal against a ruling of first instance may be made in any other county event or congress. The Tournament director will, if possible, convene an Appeals Committee. If not, then an appeal may be made by telephone to a Middlesex referee. A £20 deposit is required (£30 for teams events) for all appeals of this nature. The deposit will normally be returned unless the appeal is deemed to be frivolous or without foundation.

In the event of a disqualification from a Middlesex event, there may be an appeal on matters of fact only. This appeal will be made to the Middlesex Committee and its ruling shall be final. No deposit is required for an appeal of this nature.


The County Referee is Neil Rosen (07702 132 330