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New members welcome! Contact the secretary.

AGM 25th May at 7pm - Zoom details to follow


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Playing on BBO
Some useful links regarding BBO

Maynooth BC webinar on the basics of BBO

Steps to get ready to play with Maynooth BC online

  1. Set up your BBO account
  2. Send your BBO username to Katharine so that she can admit you to the club events
  3. Add BBO$ to your account
  4. Find out your partner's BBO username
  5. On Tuesday evening after 5.30pm, register to play in the event (you and your partner will need to be online)
  6. Be online from 7.25 onwards in time for the start of the game at 7.30 (we allow 3 minutes after the start time but then any pair not online will be removed from the tournament to allow everyone else to get playing)

Guide for new players

Short how-to videos

How to add BB$ to your account

How to find Maynooth events to register

Using the partnership desk

BBO usernames

Requirements for entering an online tournament

Explanation of symbols and numbers after player names on BBO

General BBO Information

Tips for playing with robots - the basics

TD Information 

How to run a Howell for small tournaments

BridgeWebs guide to loading results from BBO

How to upload results to BridgeWebs and ScoreBridge