Manx Bridge Union (MBU)
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The MBU is an independent autonomous body but is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) and is an Association (and a shareholder) as defined by the bye laws of the EBU.  It maintains a central organisation for the promotion and management within the Isle of Man of all duplicate contract bridge played under the auspices of the EBU, whether run by affiliated clubs or by the MBU itself.

The MBU is able to run inter-club competitions and events open to members of any affiliated clubs and has the responsibility for selecting the teams to represent the Island in English national and regional events which the Island is eligible to enter.  But its most important annual event is the Manx Bridge Congress, a small, popular and friendly weekend event, which attracts players from across the British Isles and has been held every year since 1966.  A separate section of the website provides information on the Congress.  

There are three bridge clubs affiliated to the MBU (and therefore affiliated to the EBU).  All three clubs offer a warm welcome to new members and visitors.   Website links for each of the three clubs can be found on the tab "Affiliated Clubs" on the left hand side of this website.

Next Teaching Seminar
Next Teaching Seminar



MBU Mixed Pairs 2023
Director: John Large
IOM Mini Congress
Director: John
IOM Teams Championships
Wed 21st June 2023
Seminar given by John Large
St Andrews 1.30pm
Thu 13th July 2023
St Andrews 7pm
Wed 16th August 2023
St Andrews 1.30pm