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This web site holds all details of online events including schedules, results and registration forms.

It also holds the results of events run by the Manchester County Bridge Association after 1st December 2019. 

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This month, in memory of the late Lesley Johnson, who died far too early from Motor Neurone Disease, we are holding our monthly charity event in support of Motor Neurone Disease Association - Manchester Branch.

To read more about what they do, and what you can do to support their work follow the link HERE

I started playing club bridge in Manchester Bridge Club in 2015 and Lesley Johnson was a fierce and friendly competitor. Just having the privilege of getting to know her, even if it was just once a week was inspirational. 

Let's use this months charity event to raise a good chunk of money in support of other sufferers of this disease as well as in support of research into its causes and prevention. 

Espen Gisvold

MCBA Online committee


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!
Online Bridge - The Only Game In Town!

Intermediate Swiss Pairs


Saturday 24th April 2021
1.15pm for 1:30pm start
on RealBridge
7 Rounds of 3 boards
Open to players who are both NGS Jack or below and below Regional Master
Non-EBU players can enter
The tournament will be followed by
Zoom discussion led by England International, Michael Byrne.
Hands from the event will be discussed.
Registration Fee is £5 per player Zoom included!
Payment by BACS
Account: MCBA
Sort Code: 01-07-20 
Accountr Number: 41526708
Reference: ISP04-Your Surname
Online League - Season 6

The 6th season of our online league is now concluded and we have 7 winners:


Div 1    Inverted Minors

Div 2    Hindsight Convention

Div 3    Rejuvenated

Div 4

Div 5    Allsorts

Div 6    Biddable Overtricks (provisional depending on the result of final matches)

Div 7    Golden Girls (provisional depending on the result of final matches)


Next Season start 9th April and first round should be played before 15th. Congratulation to all winners and good luck next season to all teams

Weekly Online Schedule

   Pairs 01:45pm BBO Adam
   Non Experts 10:30am BBO Adam
   IMPs 11:00am BBO Josh
A year ago not too many of the County’s players had come across BBO robots.  Now we have learned to either love or hate them. One thing is certain - even though they can be erratic to say the least in the bidding, they do sometimes play very well.
Board: 5
Dealer: North
Vul: N/S
                   ♠ Q4
                   ♣ 962
West                                       East
♠ AK1075                              ♠ J92
 98                                      A105
 964                                    AQJ
♣ J107                                  ♣ AK43
                   ♠ 832
                   ♣ Q85
South    West    North    East
                        pass      1♣ 
pass       1♠      pass      2NT
pass       3      pass      3♠ 
Pass       3NT     pass      4♠ 
All pass
3  was new minor forcing, and the bot in East did not like ending up in 3 NT so converted to 4♠. The bidding might not be to your liking, but the Bot showed how to play the hand on the ♣ 6 lead (  lead is the best, but hard to find from KJ32!).
The lead was won in dummy with the Ace and a spade played to the Ace followed by a Diamond to the Ace. The ♠ Jack followed and when South didn’t cover the finesse was abandoned and the ♠ Queen fell from North. The ♠ 10 pulled the last trump and now came the first finesse with the ♣ Jack that ran to the Queen. South cashed the  King, but that was the end of the road as West’s Heart loser was parked on dummies last Club when the suit split 3-3.
A nice lesson in finesse avoidance!

Espen Gisvold


If you see a hand you think is worth mentioning please leave me a note at: Espen