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Web Site

This web site holds all details of online events including schedules, results and registration forms.

It also holds the results of events run by the Manchester County Bridge Association after 1st December 2019. 

The main web site for the county is

Click on County Web Site above, for more detail on the county events

Online Bridge - The Only Game In Town!

Manchester Cares
Charity Fundraising 
Click HERE to Join on Wednesday - after you have Paid! 
Donate by BACS to MCBA Sort Code: 01-07-20 A/c Number: 41526708 , Ref: MCP01-Surname or by card HERE
In our last charity event of the year we raised £800 for Prevent Breast Cancer. All in all we have over the 9 months since we started our charity events in April raised £8,650! This is over and above all the charitable work done by the clubs in the county! There is no doubt that we have given local charities a much needed helping hand!
On behalf of them all, we would like to thank you for your generosity and support - you deserve more than just a pat on the back.


Januarys Charity Pairs, 27th January will be in support of Prostate Cancer Charity at Christie Hospital. They Headline their Web pages with:
Saving Lives. Making breakthroughs.
Holding hands. Wiping tears.
Lifting Spirits. raising funds.
Ringing bells. Beating cancer.
Help us keep touching lives. 
To see more about what they do and how you can support their work, go to their website:The Christie Charity
To regiseter: Charity Event
Joy Blakey
Charity Coordinator
Manchester Congress

Winners and Runners-up


Another successful Manchester Congress has concluded.

In the Congress Pairs Michael Byrne & Kay Preddy won the Michelle Brunner Trophy with Rodney Lighton And John Currie as runners up.

The Progress Cup were won by Angela Adams & Leonie Pullford with Ashish and Jackie Shah as runner up

On Sunday Rodney Lighton's team (Jovi Smederevac & Rodney Lighton, Sally Brock & Barry Myers) won the Bernard Goldenfield Trophy

The Kevin Comrie Cup was won by Michael Benton and Fred Bechman.

Congratultions to all the winners and thanks to all participants - you might win next year!

Thanks to all the organisers for heir hard work - It could not happen without you! 

Season 5
Manchester Online League 2020 Season 5
Season 5 has had its first game - in division 7 Merelymm beat Ashton United 13.97 - 6.03. The results for all divisions and all matches can be found through our website at League Results
If you want to play your match on RealBridge rather than on BBO, contact Adam Wiseberg or Espen Gisvold and we will set up a RealBridge session for you.
If you chose to play your matches on Thursday on RealBridge, you will have the added c ross impinge between all the teams playing, adding another dimension to your games.
Gazette Cup


Gazette Cup 2021


What it is: A team of 8, 2 session competition - with a non expert category


Who can play: Each MCBA afiliated club can send as many teams as it likes. 


What can you win: Other than the cup itself, The winning team will qualify for the EBU’s Garden Cities competition, entry paid by the County.


Venue: everyone’s  front room on RealBridge


Date: Sunday 7th February. Start 11am ,finish about 5pm with a break


Cost: £7.50 per player or £60 per teams 


Register by email to Irene before 1st February 2021


Weekly Online Schedule

   Pairs 01:45pm BBO Adam
   Charity Pairs 10:30am RB Espen
   On-line leagues 7pm
   IMPs 11:00am BBO Josh
Deal Of The Week
If you only where to read one bridge book, my recommendation would be S.J. (Skid) Simons’ “Why You Lose At Bridge”.
It might not do much to your technical skills, but it will without doubt make you a much better bridge player.
Two of my favourite attitudes to bridge are summed up in his “Not the best possible bid, but the best bid possible” as well as “Don’t double a slam because you think it will go down, double because it is the only way to make it go down”.
The last saying was illuminated by this hand from the Online League Match in 2nd Division between Je Vamp and Minty1
Board: 9
Dealer: North
Vul: None
                   ♠ KQ105
                   ♣ Q7
West                                         East
♠ A843                                    ♠ J76
 K105                                     972
 10763                                   98
♣ 62                                        ♣ 108543
                   ♠ 92
                   ♣ AKJ9
West  North  East  South
          1     pass   1 
pass    1♠     pass   2♣ 
pass    2NT    pass   6NT
pass(?) Pass   pass
The bidding was slightly different at the two tables, but at both tables, South showed a Heart suit and North ended up in 6NT. Without any help from me Janet could not easily find the heart lead so led a club and Alec Smalley soon had 12 tricks.
I placed a question mark after my pass over Barbara’s 6 NT, Why?
You don’t double a slam because you think it’s going down, but because you think it is the only way to make it go down!
In other words, when you make an “out of the blue” double you are telling partner to do something “strange”. What is one of the strangest things to do against a slam? To lead dummies first bid suit!
As we had not discussed this, I put my faith in Alec depending on the heart finesse regardless of lead, but as the hand proves, he didn’t need it and I ended with egg on my face and a push instead of 14 IMP in.
Whatever you do this week - get this wrinkle in your partnership understanding ironed out!

Espen Gisvold


If you see a hand you think is worth mentioning please leave me a note at: Espen