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Web Site

This web site holds all details of online events including schedules, results and registration forms.

It also holds the results of events run by the Manchester County Bridge Association after 1st December 2019. 

The main web site for the county is

Click on County Web Site above, for more detail on the county events

Next Game: Swiss pairs Tuesday 2nd June 1:45 pm. Online Bridge The Only Game in Town
New Events from 1st June



From Monday 1st June we will be adding three new events to our weekly schedule.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings we will run a 22 Board duplicate at 8pm.  This should finish at around the time you would normally get home from your face to face session at a club.

On Wednesday at 1:45pm we will run an event with entry restricted to Experts (defined as NGS Jack and above). This is scheduled to start at 1:45pm soon after our Non Expert event finishes.

We hope that our evening events will provide and opportunity to play for those members who are working and are unable to play in our daytime events.

Play With a Champion To Support Those In Need

Want to partner one of the worlds highest profile top bridge players?

We all know that the main reason we are not ourselves World Champions is all the mistakes made by partner. In our next Charity Event 24th June you can find out if this truly is the case - if you can put your money where your mouth is.
Espen Lindqvist is  Boye Brogeland’s partner and the 107 highest ranked player in the world, and has the following titles to his name (he is not yet 40!):
Buffett Cup 2008
49th European Team Championships 2008
North American Bridge Championships (7 titles)
7th European Transnational Championships 2015
Jacoby Open Swiss Teams 2013, 2015 & 2016 
Spingold 2014 & 2017 
Reisinger Board-A-Match Teams 2014 
Mitchell Open Board-A-Match Teams  2015
43rd World Team Championships 2017
2nd European Winter Games 2018
54th European Teams Championships 2018
Espen has agreed to play our Charity Event 24th June with the highest bidder!
We will conduct the Auction as follows:
Until 17th June all bids are send to, and the highest bid will be publicised on this site as they come in - pervious bidders will be kept informed. When the bidding closes at 12:00 noon on 17th June, the people with the 3 highest bids will be offered a chance to heighten their bids in a closed and final round that will be closed at 16:00 on the 17th June. The winner will be announced here.


The Opening bid is: £ 100 + entry fees



A huge thankyou to you all for your generous contributions to this month’s charity, Francis House Children’s Hospice in Didsbury.

Together we have raised £1600 for this wonderful cause which means you have donated £3,200 in two months – just amazing.

My sincere thanks to the team who so willingly give of their time to organise and run our bridge on line – Adam, Alec, Espen, Jeff, Dave and Victor; without them I don’t know what we would do!

Next month’s Charity Wednesday will be on 24th June so please let me have your nominations for a worthy local cause. You can email me on

Stay well, stay safe and keep playing bridge online.


Charities Organiser


Many of you may not be aware of how the EBU is funded.  For the past few years, rather than rely on subscription income they have been getting the bulk of their income from a scheme known as Universal Membership System (UMS).  Whenever players take part in a sesion at an affiliated club the club pays a small contribution to the EBU.  All members of that club automatically become members of the EBU. 

Since lockdown that income has dried up as no bridge clubs are operating face to face bridge.

We have been running free tournaments since March for Manchester players and the EBU has now prevailed upon us to pay UMS in respect of the sessions we run.  Accordingly we are now going to start charging for our sessions.   A proportion of the revenue collected will go to pay UMS and 30% of the total will go to BBO.  We are comfortable to pay BBO who have been providing their platform for us at no cost to run our duplicates.  The platform will still be free for those wanting to play social games.  Up to now our TDs have provided their services for nothing but now that we will be charging we will also use the revenue collected to pay them at the EBUs going rate.  This will mean that we can run more sessions and, in particular, will enable us to run evening events.  If we are not able to run some of our sessions using our own TDs then the EBU will find TDs for us.

Under the EBU scheme we are not able to charge any less than $3 so that will be our standard charge.  We will increase the number of boards in our standard duplicates to a minimum of 20 except for our non Expert events which will remain at 16 boards.

As time progresses we will review whether our sessions produce any surplus and, if so, the Executive of the MCBA will decide whether to donate it to charity or to feed it back into our member clubs.

Although we will not submit our sessions for NGS we will give masterpoints for all our paid sessions.

Our first paid event will be on Monday 1st June.  You will need to have BB$ in your Bridgebase account in order to play.  To see how to buy BB$ please CLICK HERE and watch the short video.

We will continue to run our monthly charity sessions on the last Wednesday of each month and these will not be submitted to the EBU for masterpoints in order that all the money we collect can be distributed to the charity.

WEEKLY EVENT - Non EXPERT PAIRS Wednesdays at 10:30am

We will be holding  a Non Expert pairs intended for players whose NGS is no higher than 54.99 and who are not regular entrants in Congresses or Green Pointed type events.

In other words, Experts won't be allowed to play.  If you are uncertain whether you are eligible then please email and we will confirm or otherwise.  

These will take place each Wednesday at 10:30am except the last Wednesday of the month when we run our monthly Charity Pairs. We will play 16 boards so you should be easily finished by 12:40 in plenty of time for lunch at 1pm.  

If you are already registered for our tournaments then you and your partner simply have to log in to BBO any time from two hours before the event, Click on Competitive and then All Tournaments, then search for MCBA.  

You will get a 'list' of one Tournament which is MCBA Manchester Jack High pairs.

Click on this and you will be asked for your partner's name.  When you put in their name and press ENTER they will receive an invitation which they need to accept after which you are entered to play.

Now just log back in to BBO about 10 minutes before the event starts and wait for your first board to appear.

If you are not yet registered to play in our tournaments then please use the Registration form which can be found in the Online Events Menu at the top left of this screen.

BBO Weekly Schedule
   Pairs 10 x 2 Bd Rounds 01:45pm Adam
   Swiss 10 x 2 Bd Rounds 01:45pm Josh
   Imps 11 x 2 Bd Rounds 08:00pm Adam
   Non Expert Pairs 10:30am Adam
   Expert Pairs 01:45pm Espen
   Pairs 11 x 2 Bd Rounds 08:00 pm Josh
   IMPs 7 x 3 Bd Rounds 11:00 am Josh
MCBA Online Bridge

Please note that, until 31st May, all online bridge run by MCBA is only available to Manchester based players and their guests and is free apart from Charity Events. The results are not submitted to the EBU and there are no Masterpoint awards or NGS rating from these games.

Useful Features in Results

When you click on Results for each hand that has been played you can click on a link "Play" which allows you to see how you played the hand card by card.  You can use this link to see how anyone else played the hand too.  This is a really useful learning tool.  If you can see that an Expert made more tricks than you then you can watch how they did it.