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The Neuromuscular Centre Winsford

Our Last Wednesday Of The Month Charity Event 28th October is for The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) in Winsford. Below you can read a little about what they do. Get the Event into your diary. Through our joint effort we have managed to raise close to £6,500. With your help and support another worthy charity will get a little bit of a helping hand in these strange times. 

The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) Winsford in Cheshire is a charity that provides a range of unique services and specialist advice for people with Muscular Dystrophy ranging from Physiotherapy, Training, Design + Print Services, Support and Advice. Their services can provide ongoing care determined by clinical need and are free to all users.

The range of services available at NMC Winsford includes active exercise programmes, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture from which clients have reported benefits which include, the maximisation of their mobility, independence, function, and empowerment to remain in employment for longer.

The Centre carries out detailed assessments of everyone referred to their physiotherapy service, so that they can target the individual’s main problems and deal with the areas that cause them most concern. As a result, they are able to provide relevant, helpful advice and information and give people an individual treatment programme suited to their own needs.

At the heart of the NMC is a vibrant and commercially successful social Enterprise. Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) Design+Print employs 15 people, 12 of whom have Muscular Dystrophy. The team aim to generate a surplus to re-invest in the work of Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) helping others with the condition.

Best wishes 
Charities organiser.
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This web site holds all details of online events including schedules, results and registration forms.

It also holds the results of events run by the Manchester County Bridge Association after 1st December 2019. 

The main web site for the county is

Click on County Web Site above, for more detail on the county events

Useful Features in Results

When you click on Results for each hand that has been played you can click on a link "Play" which allows you to see how you played the hand card by card.  You can use this link to see how anyone else played the hand too.  This is a really useful learning tool.  If you can see that an Expert made more tricks than you then you can watch how they did it.

Online Bridge The Only Game in Town

Online League
Season 3 Well Under Way
In 1st Division NELLY (John Hassett, Greer MacKenzie, Jeff Morris, Alan Nelson, Kath Nelson, Trevor Ward) has come out of the block the fastest. Last seasons winner Deal Or No Deal lost to the newcomers A41 Buccaneers in their first match, but struck back with vengeance in their second match to be close on the heels of the leaders. 
In 2nd Division Stout Hearts (Diana Ackerman, Peter Ackerman, Mike Ardron, Pearl Fielding, Michael Hart, John Stell) has got out to an impressive start, whilst the newcomers Rejuvenated seem to be struggling.
In 3rd Division Tempo 1 (Richard Acaster, Pauline Lang, Raymond Semp, Ann Thornton) is a nose ahead of Corona Beer both with an average of 16+VP after two matches.  
In 4th Division Conquering Hearts (Nicki Decent, Ed Glinert, David Hammonds, Haidee Tattersall, Anne Whitehead) had a great first game and will have to follow up to keep ahead of Wild Cards.
In 5th Division - what seems to be the closest fought one, The Transfers (Ruth Bertfield, Patricia Chetham, Susan Lentin, Jeffrey Marks, Sandra Marks, Lynda Sable)  is in the lead with av average over two matches of 12.94 VP
In 6th Division Acolytes (Suzanne Beckett, Diana Calvert, Adele Hodari, Estelle Megitt, Melvin Megitt, Hazel Powell) have had a good start, but must keep the momentum going to keep ahead of The Enigmas.
In 7th Division Ruby Tuesday (Peter Holiday, JOAN MOOR, Eva Schroeder, Kim Stent) has a good lead with an average of 18.19 VP after two matches.
Most matches are played on BBO on Thursdays with match start sometime between 6 - 7:30pm. Many matches allow kibitzers, so you can log in and watch (and learn) by watching your favourite team?
Espen Gisvold
Green Pointed Swiss IMP pairs



who beat

Jamie Fegarty & Catherine Curtis by 5.2 VPs

despite winning one fewer match

Sam & Harry Anoyrkatis were 3rd just 0.25 VPs behind

Well done to all who played and thank you to

TD Oliver Cowan


FULL RESULTS can be found clicking on

RESULTS in the Menu on the left

RealBridge Thursday Teams

There will be the opportunity to play your MCBA League matches on RealBridge tonight 14th Oct.

Teams who want to participate should click HERE and join their team table no later than 6:45pm.

Anyone who wants to try it out should click HERE and join a short trial session at 10:50am on Thursday 14th Oct.

Before joining you should test your camera HERE



Over the past 6 months we have raised almost £6500 for local Manchester Charities - St. Ann's Hospice, Francis House, Mind Manchester, Centrepoint Manchester, The Seashell Trust and The Nickey Alliance Centre - all are immensely grateful for our contributions.
Our members have written to me to support their favourite charity, which we are delighted to promote.
October 28th (at the request of Margaret Riley) for The NeuroMuscular Centre, Winsford
November 25th (at the request of Eamonn Scott) for (The Compassionate Friends) and
December 30th (at the request of Val Hoffman) Prevent - The Breast Cancer Prevention Charity at Wythenshawe Hospital.
We do hope you will continue your generous support of all these worthwhile causes- full details will be given each month and there will also be a 'Celebrity Auction'.
Please help us to fight the good fight.
Best wishes 
Charities organiser.

Resumption of County Bridge - online

Following the cancellation of the Northern Bridge League and the Derbyshire match there has been no County bridge so far this year for most of our players.

The President's Cup has been played as an 11 week round robin tournament but the structure gave us no option to select players from the C pools.

We have now arranged a series of head to head matches with different Counties where we will be selecting players of ALL abilities.

The Counties we will play against will be ones who are a long way from us geographically and who most of our players never get the chance to play against.

The first two matches will take place against London on Saturday 26th September and Devon on Saturday 10th October starting at 10:30am and 10am respectively.  They will be 24 boards played in two stanzas so should be finished around lunchtime.

If you would like to be considered for selection for either of these matches please fill in and submit the form 'Availability' found under County Bridge in the menu on the left.

The current schedule is as follows :

September 26th London
October 10th Devon
November 21st Gloucestershire
December 12th Sussex
January 16th  Suffolk & Essex
Weekly Online Schedule

   Pairs 01:45pm Adam
   Swiss 01:45pm Josh
   Non Expert 10:30am Adam
   On-line leagues 7pm
   IMPs 11:00am Josh
   Pairs 7:30pm Josh
Deal of The Week
Gut Feelings
Most hands can be analysed and the “right” line can be found. Every now and then a hand comes along that’s so complex you have to rely on your “gut feeling”.
When I saw this week’s hand, I had some initial gut reflexes. I posted a more reflected version past proper experts, and Alan Mould said:
I think the hand is really hard to analyse. There are positions of the opponent’s  cards where it is right to take 2 Diamond hooks. There are positions where it is right to do what Jeff (Smith) suggests. There are even positions where it is right to play a low Spade towards the Jack. I actually do not know what the right line is” 
So we have to go with our guts
Board 2
Dealer: East
Vul: N/S 
                   ♠ AQ8432
                   ♣ -
West                                     East
♠ K107                                ♠ 965
 632                                   7
 Q753                                 K864
♣ AQ3                                 ♣ 109876
                    ♠ J
                    ♣ KJ542
South   West   North   East
1♣*     pass    1♠      pass
2♣1     pass    2      pass
3      pass    4♣2     pass
42     pass    4♠2     pass
4NT3.    pass    5♠4    pass
*2 or more Clubs but also could be a 12-14 or 18-19 balanced hand
1 Will now have at least five Clubs and likely not three Spades
2 Cue bid
4 Two key cards plus Queen of trumps with Hearts as trumps
East leads the ♣10, covered by Jack Queen and ruffed. 
I am a simple soul, so I’d cash the ♠ Ace, ruff a ♠  enter my hand with a  and ruff another ♠ , and as the spade split 3-3 I’d get home with laurels in my hair. But after looking at it time and time again, there must be a better way to play it, One that would make even if the opposing spades split 4-2. Against something like:
                   ♠ AQ8432
                   ♣ -
West                                     East
♠ K1075                               ♠ 96
 632                                   7
 Q75                                  K8643
♣ AQ3                                 ♣ 109876
                    ♠ J
                    ♣ KJ542
East leads the ♣10, covered by the Jack, queen and ruffed. ♠ Ace  and a ♠ ruff, followed by a♣ ruff. You ruff a ♠ and East discards a ♣  (If East discards   the ending will be a little different, but not as pretty!)  The situation now is:
                   ♠ Q84
                   ♣ -
West                                     East
♠ K                                      ♠ -
 632                                   7
 Q75                                  K8643
♣ A                                     ♣ 98
                    ♠ -
                    ♣ K54
You ruff a ♣  and the suit is established. You ruff another ♠  and that suit is established. Now the situation is:
                   ♠ Q8
                   ♣ -
West                                     East
♠ -                                      ♠ -
 632                                   7
 Q75                                  K8643
♣                                        ♣ -
                    ♠ -
                    ♣ K5
Now you play the  K and overtake with the Ace and you cash the Queen discarding a  . If the Hearts are 2-2 you make 13 tricks, whilst if the H breaks 3-1 you now play a high spade, discarding the last low  in dummy and whoever has the last heart can ruff when they like and be your steppingstone to dummy’s remaining tricks. A beauty! 
Espen Gisvold
If you see a hand you think is worth mentioning please leave me a note at: Espen