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When you click on Results for each hand that has been played you can click on a link "Play" which allows you to see how you played the hand card by card.  You can use this link to see how anyone else played the hand too.  This is a really useful learning tool.  If you can see that an Expert made more tricks than you then you can watch how they did it.

Web Site

This web site holds all details of online events including schedules, results and registration forms.

It also holds the results of events run by the Manchester County Bridge Association after 1st December 2019. 

The main web site for the county is

Click on County Web Site above, for more detail on the county events

Online Bridge The Only Game in Town

Resumption of County Bridge - online

Following the cancellation of the Northern Bridge League and the Derbyshire match there has been no County bridge so far this year for most of our players.

The President's Cup has been played as an 11 week round robin tournament but the structure gave us no option to select players from the C pools.

We have now arranged a series of head to head matches with different Counties.  

The Counties we will play against will be ones who are a long way from us geographically and who most of our players never get the chance to play against.

The first of these matches will take place against Devon on Saturday 26th September starting at 10:30am.  It will be 24 boards played in two stanzas so it should be finished aroind lunchtime.

If you would like to be considered for selection for this match please fill in and submit the form 'Availability' found under County Bridge in the menu on the left.


Master Points

1000 Master Points
This week Rhona Goldenfield managed to be the first MCBA player to acquire 1000 Master Points in our events.
This is a stunning achievement. She has played in 47 of our events, averaging 21.27 Master Points per event. We in the MCBA BBO committee congratulate her and thank her for her commitment and support of the events we are providing!
Irving and Joy Blakey in second place have managed to assemble a "pitiful" 750 Master Points in our events over 41 participations. Compared to Rhona, this is a "pitiful" average of 18.29 Master Points per event. Sharpen up!smiley


Current Standing On-Line Divisions
One week to go in our on-line Division and the plot thickens!
In the first division PROTEUS has taken a commanding lead with an average of 16.16 VP. But they are one match short, so Inverted Minors in second place with their average of 11.24 VP has all to play for in their match against the leaders. Any of the four other teams have to fight against relegation.
In the second division Imposter System is in pole position with an average of 13.87 VP, but can still be beaten. The fight against relegation will be fought in the match between A41 Adventurers and Hindsight Convention unless Je Vamp gets a proper beating in their last match.
The third division has turned into a dog fight between Corona Beer and Tempo 1 whilst Rejuvenated has a mountain to climb to avoid slipping down to fourth division.
In the fourth division is still the hot favourite for the promotion, but with two matches still to play, anything might happen. It looks like there might be a cat fight to avoid relegation between AZ Stars and Misfits.
In the fifth division Lacking ImaginAZion has a slim lead with 13.07 VP just ahead of Stretford Sabres with 12.82 VP. This will be a nail biter! At the other end of the table we have a fight between Winning Ways and The Enigmas to avoid relegation. 
In the sixth division Acolytes has taken what now has narrowed down to a slim lead with an average of 15.78 VP! Their match against second placed Allsorts with an average of 15.36 VP will be the desider. Ruff Diamonds has found some diamonds to ruff since last report and the relegation will be settled in their match against fifth placed Ashton United.
In the seventh division Marple Bridgers is hot favourite for promotion unless they stumble at the last hurdle. 
In all the divisions every team is in the fight for either victory or relegation. No one can rest on their laurels (or drown their sorrows at the bottom of a glass). It's all to play for!  
Full details of the Divisions can be seen by going to Results on the Menu and clicking on Results Leagues (or following the links in this news item) 
President's Cup

The only County event that we are participating in at the moment is the Online President's Cup.

This is being played between 12 teams representing 10 County Associations.

Manchester have entered two teams.

The event is played over 11 weeks on a Tuesday evening with 8 board matches on an all play all round robin basis.

In week 8 Manchester Blue lost to Suffolk/Essex whlst Manchester Red were beaten by Derbyshire Yellow.

Current Table

Pos Team VPs
1 9 Yorkshire 105
2 6 Suffolk / Essex 96
3 4 Derbyshire Yellow 93
4 7 Sussex 93
5 12 Derbyshire Green 88
6 2 North East 86
7 10 Manchester Blue 78
8 11 Herefordshire 78
9 1 Manchester Red 76
10 3 Warwickshire 73
11 8 Merseyside/Cheshire 59
12 5 North Wales 35

This is the current table



BBO Weekly Schedule

   20(+) Boards 01:45pm Adam
   Swiss 20(+) Boards 01:45pm Adam
   President's Cup 6pm
   Non Expert Pairs 20+ Bd, Unclocked 10:30am Adam
   On-line leagues 7pm
   IMPs 20(+) Boards 11:00am Dave
Luck Favours The Brave
As Rhona Goldenfield is our highest Master Points earner over the first four months of on-line lockdown bridge, it feels right to look at one of the hands she played, and I came across this little beauty.
Dealer: East
Vul: All
                    ♠ J
                     A K J 6 5
                     A K J 9 5 4
                    ♣ A
West                                          East
♠ K 10 6 5 4 3                            ♠ A 9 7
 Q 10 7                                     9 4 3 2
 7 3                                          10 8 2
♣ 10 9                                        ♣ Q J 2
                    ♠ Q 8 2
                     Q 6
                    ♣ K 8 7 6 5 4 3
East     South      West      North
Pass     3 ♣        pass      3  
Pass     3 ♠        pass      4  
Pass     4         pass      6 ♣ 
3 ♣ we all know. Norths 3   was not alerted, but looking at the hand, it has to be forcing. I assume some sort of ‘Raise Only Non-Forcing’. 
3 ♠  shows a fragment and 4   was alerted as Diamonds and 4  as ‘back to suit’. North now took took the leap.
They did miss the laydown 6  but that’s beside the point.
What do you lead from West? Most of us hate leading from Kings, but as Alan Mould often says : Be active against slams.
West decided against this advice and led  the  7, giving Rhona the helping hand she needed. 
Rhona won the lead in Dummy and cashed the ♣ A before two rounds of Hearts with a spade discard. Now she ruffed a Heart. (It would have been safer ruffing the second hart, reducing the risk of an over ruff by West).
In hand she cashed the CK and the situation around the table was:
                    ♠ J
                     J 6 
                     K J 9 5 
                    ♣ -
West                                          East
♠ K 10 6 5 4 3                            ♠ A 9 7
 -                                             4 
 3                                            10 2
♣ -                                            ♣ Q
                    ♠ Q 8 
                    ♣ 8 7 6 5
The  Q was played and overtaken in dummy. On the  J the first spade loser was parked. At the same time the diamond suit in dummy became established.
Rhona now had two options, play the  J and discard the last spade loser or a good   doing the same. She did the former.
She now entered her hand with a ♠ ruff, and the hand was over. Over it was, but the good and the brave could enter 13.08 IMP in their pluss column.
Espen Gisvold
If you see a hand you think is worth mentioning please leave me a note at