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For all our members who have switched or are considering moving to 5 Card Majors and 2 over 1 Game Forcing, this book by Neil Rosen is perhaps the closest to the systems taught at Manchester Bridge Club.

It is easy to read, structured and offers many quizzes and examples to test your understanding. Highly recommended!!

If you would like a copy please contact David so we might organize a bulk order from Manchester Bridge Club and perhaps a better price.

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We have had to take the unwanted decision to close the Club until further notice.

Please look after yourselves and each other during this difficult time and keep in touch by phone and email even if we can't meet up for a while.


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Championship Pairs - Played Sunday 8th March 2020 - Won by Paul & Dave!

This all play all green pointed event was played at the County HQ, Wolverhampton Bridge Club on Sunday 8th March in two sessions with a total of 45 boards. 

The winners were Paul Hackett & David Debbage. 

The first three pairs have qualified to play in the national event for the Corwen Trophy on 30th and 31st May 2020 at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Milton Keynes.

13 MAR 2020

World Bridge Games Open Teams Trial Underway

The World Bridge Games Open Teams Trials are currently underway, taking place from 13th - 17th March at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club.

There will be live coverage on Bridge Base Online from 10.30am tomorrow.

The teams will play a three-day round-robin followed by a two-day final. The winning team will earn selection to the World Bridge Games, to be held in Italy, Salsomaggiore Terme from 21st August – September 4th.



This prestigious EBU event has just taken place in Stratford-upon-Avon

and has been won by MBC's


2020 Premier Grand Masters Pairs winners

How fantastic - well done to you both!

EBU 21 FEB 2020

John Holland tops Master Point list

For the third year in a row, John Holland has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver, for the most Master Points earned in the calendar year.

John, who has won the competition on seven previous occasions, earned 25,760 points in 2019. Gary Hyett, was second with 23,083. Mike Bell was third with 21,562.


3 FEB 2020

Mossop Team wins Senior European Trials

The trials to represent England in the senior competition of the 2020 European National Teams Championship, has been won by the Mossop Team.

The winning team of David Mossop (C), Brian SeniorNorman SelwayJohn HollandPaul Hackett and Gunnar Hallberg, finished the weekend on 272 IMPs. They were 31 IMPs ahead of the Dhondy Team (Jeremy Dhondy (C), Brian CallaghanDavid KendrickAlan Mayo, John Hassett and Trevor Ward).

The European National Teams Championship, will be held in Funchal, Madeira, from the 21st to 27th June 2020.


Congratulations to MBC members John Holland, Paul Hackett and John Hassett!

2nd Feb 2020

Gazette Trophy Success for MBC A and B Teams!!

The inter-club teams of eight competition was held at Altrincham on Sunday 2nd February.  Ten teams competed with the competition being won by the Manchester Bridge Club A team with our B team finishing second!


Winners Manchester A
Martin Taylor, Nicholas Greer, Rhona Goldenfield, Henry Bissell, Dave Debbage, Catherine Draper, Barbara Hackett, Andrew Woodcock with Ann Thornton (MCBA)


Second Manchester B
Daniel Kelsall, Karen Reissman, Irene Davies, Simon Townsend, Paul Murray, Tricia Blum, Peter Grauer, Philip Taylor with Ann Thornton (MCBA)



Detailed results of all ther teams who took part are on the Manchester Events web site.

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There are now a large number of new books available for sale on this and associated subjects which have been brought back from the USA.

Essential reading!!

Dave has all the details of what is available and the prices.


The Winning Pair on Monday,

Wednesday and Thursday evenings 

can claim their



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Here at Manchester Bridge Club we can always find you a playing partner but please arrive in good time to allow us to find someone suited to your ability.

If you arrive at the last minute you may have to take "pot luck"! 

Alternatively please phone David ahead of the session to ask him to find someone for you.

"We aim to please!!"


Are you receiving the Bridge Club e-Mails & Newsletter?

If not - please let Dave know so he can make sure you are included.

If you would prefer not to be contacted please email Dave at the address below.

Tel: 0161 445 3712 or


Tips for January 2013



Points of interest from the January 2013 duplicates


1       Moysian Fit is sometimes the only game


Board 18 Tuesday 22 January – VulnerabilityNorth South


North                          South

AQJ                            Kxxx

K1097                                    Axx

AQJ10x                      Kx

x                                  9xxx


North opens in 4th seatwith 1 Diamond, South responds 1 Spade and North reverses with 2 Hearts showing17+ points with at least five Diamonds and four Hearts.  (While one might occasionally reverse with 16points after a one level response one should always aim to have a minimum of 17).


At this point South requires moreinformation in order to determine the best contract especially as he has nostop in Clubs for no trump purposes. Accordingly he bids 3 Clubs which is 4th suit forcing (togame).  When North now bids 3 Spades itis clear that North South cannot play in No Trumps and so South now has tochoose to play in game in either Spades or Hearts.  Both are seven card trump fits but Southshould choose to play in Spades because on the expected Club lead the ruffswill be taken in the hand with only three trumps rather than the one with fourwhich would be the case if the final contract were in Hearts.


The play is straightforward.  On a Club lead and continuation declarertrumps with the Jack of Spades and then continues with the Ace and Queen ofSpades.  He then crosses to hand with theKing of Diamonds and continues with a third round of Spades discarding a Heartfrom the Dummy.  If the Spades are 3-3then twelve tricks result.  On the morenormal 4-2 break then Declarer continues with Diamonds making 11 tricks ifDiamonds break 3-3 (as all the remaining Clubs will be discarded on the thirdand fourth round of Diamonds or just 10 tricks if the third round of Diamondsis ruffed with the last remaining trump as the defence now have one Club trickto cash.


The term Moysian fit means playing in a 4-3 trump fit.  It is named after the American Alphonse Moyse Jr (1898 – 1973) who was saidto love playing in 4-3 fits often at the game level.






2       Trust partner’s bidding !


Board 14 Wednesday 23 January –Vulnerability White






xx                                                        QJ10xxx

x                                                          xx

Qxxxx                                                 xx

KJ98x                                                 AQx







I was absolutely staggered when Istudied the computer scoring for the above board and discovered that only twoout of eight North South pairs had managed to bid 6 Hearts on the above hand.


Assume that East opens with a routineweak two in Spades.  South should jump to4 Hearts with only four losers as the shape is too off-centre to start with atakeout double.  Now the spotlightfocuses on North.  If South can jump togame in Hearts and you have KJ9 in trumps a singleton Spade and the Ace ofDiamonds then it is extremely unlikely that a five level contract will be injeopardy.


Accordingly North should make a slamtry of 4 Spades which shows either a void or singleton (cannot be the Ace asSouth has that card).  South now bids 5Clubs showing a control in Clubs and North bids 5 Diamonds.  That is enough for South to jump to 6Hearts. 


In the play a Grand Slam is made butit is difficult to bid the Grand Slam because if North’s Spade cue-bid is asmall singleton rather than the King there might only be 12 tricks.


Thus it would appear that apart fromthe two North’s who made a move towards slam that the remaining North’s eithershowed very poor judgment or they are used to their partner overbidding on aregular basis !






3       Take Tony Forrester’s advice !



Board 22 Thursday 31 January –Vulnerability EW


In Tony Forrester’s daily bridgecolumns in the Daily Telegraph over the years he has given several examples inwhich he demonstrates that if the opposition open 1NT (whether weak or strong)that the opening leader should make a lead from a safe doubleton or tripletonrather than lead from a broken four card suit.


Board 22 on 31st was an excellentexample of putting this principle into practice:-






Qxx                                                     KJx

A109xx                                               Jx

Jx                                                        A96xx

xxx                                                      K9x







East opened a weak no trump which waspassed out.  South was faced with leadingfrom two four card suits, either of which had a high chance of blowing atrick.   Accordingly followingForrester’s advice the best opening lead is the 9 of Spades.  When Declarer plays low from the Dummy Northmust also play low in order to ensure that the Queen of Spades never becomes anentry to the dummy.  Declarer wins thetrick with the King of Spades.  (Notethat he should win with the King and not the Jack so that if the lead is fromA98xx then the Queen will still be a later entry to the dummy.  At trick two Declarer will probably play theJack of Hearts which South covers with the King and won with the Ace in theDummy.  Declarer then continues with the10 of Hearts.  North now has to decidewhether to win the Queen on the second round or to duck which would be correctif East had three Hearts.  While it mightappear a guess it is actually not so. Why is this?   The answer israther subtle.  North knows that Southhas a maximum of two cards in Spades (since if South started with 98x he wouldhave opened with the 8 (the middle card). Therefore had South started with only two cards in Hearts this wouldmean that he had a five card minor which he would surely have chosen as theopening lead if his shape were 2=2=5=4 or 2=2=4=5.  Thus South’s shape is almost certainly2=3=4=4 and North wins the second round of Hearts for that reason.  North now switches at trick four to the Jackof Clubs.  The defence will take fourClub tricks and at trick eight South can play the King of Diamonds whichestablishes a seventh defensive trick before the Ace of Spades isdislodged.  Result one down for +100 toNorth South.