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The simple answer is "definitely but not just yet".

We understand that a few clubs have taken the surprising decision to re-open from August.

We believe, however, that this is extremely unwise and goes against current EBU and governmental recommendations regardless of how many additional safety features are in place.

The safety of our members, guests and staff remain our absolute priority and we will not take any risks to endanger anyone.

We are, of course, constantly reviewing this situation and rest assured that we will be together again as soon as it is safe to do so.



Interesting Bridge Article in this week's Sunday Express

23 JUL 2020

Picture of a woman playing bridge online

Since Lockdown, even those of us who in the past may have shied away from technology, have found ourselves drawn by the game of bridge to dip our toes in the virtual world. Indeed if you haven’t already given it a go there’s never been a better time with plenty of options for every level of player.

Bridge can help improve the mental fitness of those at every age. You are never too young or old to start playing bridge and learning on-line has never been easier. If you have children or grandchildren no doubt you have weekly zoom meetings so why not add a bit of fun and teach them to play?

Writing for the Sunday Express S-Magazine, Essex EBU member, Cath Fox, explores the new virtual world of Bridge during Lockdown and how this has been good for bridge, whatever your age or profile. You can read the full article in this week's Sunday Express on 26th July.


Signs of things to come maybe?.......or maybe not!!!


The Mutton Cup is organised by Jason Hackett. Last year some MBC players took part in this competition in Madrid and Jason is holding another on 13-15 August when quite a few of our members are hoping to play. Jason is also hosting on-line bridge games called Satellite Pairs and Peter Jones  won the spot prize recently,

For all our members who have already switched or are considering moving to 5 Card Majors and 2 over 1 Game Forcing, this book by Neil Rosen is perhaps the closest to the systems taught at Manchester Bridge Club.

It is easy to read, structured and offers many quizzes and examples to test your understanding. Highly recommended!!

If you would like a copy please contact David so we might organize a bulk order from Manchester Bridge Club and perhaps a better price.

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We have had to take the unwanted decision to close the Club until further notice.

Please look after yourselves and each other during this difficult time and keep in touch by phone and email even if we can't meet up for a while.

13 MAR 2020

World Bridge Games Open Teams Trial Underway

The World Bridge Games Open Teams Trials are currently underway, taking place from 13th - 17th March at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club.

There will be live coverage on Bridge Base Online from 10.30am tomorrow.

The teams will play a three-day round-robin followed by a two-day final. The winning team will earn selection to the World Bridge Games, to be held in Italy, Salsomaggiore Terme from 21st August – September 4th.



This prestigious EBU event has just taken place in Stratford-upon-Avon

and has been won by MBC's


2020 Premier Grand Masters Pairs winners

How fantastic - well done to you both!

EBU 21 FEB 2020

John Holland tops Master Point list

For the third year in a row, John Holland has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver, for the most Master Points earned in the calendar year.

John, who has won the competition on seven previous occasions, earned 25,760 points in 2019. Gary Hyett, was second with 23,083. Mike Bell was third with 21,562.


3 FEB 2020

Mossop Team wins Senior European Trials

The trials to represent England in the senior competition of the 2020 European National Teams Championship, has been won by the Mossop Team.

The winning team of David Mossop (C), Brian SeniorNorman SelwayJohn HollandPaul Hackett and Gunnar Hallberg, finished the weekend on 272 IMPs. They were 31 IMPs ahead of the Dhondy Team (Jeremy Dhondy (C), Brian CallaghanDavid KendrickAlan Mayo, John Hassett and Trevor Ward).

The European National Teams Championship, will be held in Funchal, Madeira, from the 21st to 27th June 2020.


Congratulations to MBC members John Holland, Paul Hackett and John Hassett!


The Winning Pair on Monday,

Wednesday and Thursday evenings 

can claim their



Image result for card playing partner pics

Here at Manchester Bridge Club we can always find you a playing partner but please arrive in good time to allow us to find someone suited to your ability.

If you arrive at the last minute you may have to take "pot luck"! 

Alternatively please phone David ahead of the session to ask him to find someone for you.

"We aim to please!!"


Are you receiving the Bridge Club e-Mails & Newsletter?

If not - please let Dave know so he can make sure you are included.

If you would prefer not to be contacted please email Dave at the address below.

Tel: 0161 445 3712 or


Tips for November 2012
Tips for Improvers from November's Duplicates



Points of interest from the November 2012 duplicates



1       Always try and count up the points which a defender has shown up with during the play – sometimes this will tell you where an outstanding Queen is


Board 20 Tuesday 6 November – Vulnerability Amber


West was the dealer and the bidding proceeded:-


West               North               East                South

Pass               1 Diamond     Pass               1 Spade

Double            1NT                 Pass               3NT

Pass               Pass               Pass


West’s delayed double implied 9 cards in Clubs and Hearts.


North                           South

Kx                                AQ10xx

K10x                           Q8x

K1087x                       AJx

K98                             xx


East’s opening lead was a low Heart to the Ace and West returned 4th highest Club to the 9 and Jack.  East now returned a second Club to the 10 and King.


Declarer cashed three rounds of Spades and found that the Jack was still outstanding in East’s hand.  To make the contract Declarer now needed to work out who had the Queen of Diamonds.  The odds overwhelmingly favour playing East for the outstanding Queen.  Why is this?  The answer lies in the fact that originally West passed and yet has already turned up with:-





AQ10xx (by inference)


If West had been dealt the Queen of Diamonds he would have almost certainly opened the bidding.  Therefore come to hand with the King of Hearts and play a Diamond to the Jack making 11 tricks when as expected the finesse works.


It may seem a great effort at first but the rewards of counting points soon become evident.


2       After 4th suit forcing a jump to 4NT is natural not keycard since a trump suit has not been agreed


Board 1 Wednesday 28 November






10xx                                                    xxx

xx                                                         Q10xx

xxx                                                       KQxx

J109xx                                                Kx







North                           South

1 Spade                     2 Hearts

2 Spades                   3 Clubs

3 Diamonds               4NT


After South bids 3 Clubs forcing to game North should bid the 4th suit 3 Diamonds as he has no Diamond stop and xx in Hearts is hardly good enough for delayed support.  South who has 17 points and very good controls now jumps to 4NT.  This cannot be asking for keycards since no trump suit has been agreed.  Rather it shows a strong hand which is very close to slam.


It is not clear whether North should accept the invitation since the only reason why a 6NT slam makes is because East has all the outstanding strength and is mercilessly squeezed on the run of the Spades.  6 Spades would however be quite a good contract because the long Heart can be established but is difficult to reach.


The play is interesting.  Assuming that West leads the Jack of Clubs against 4NT.  It would be poor play to cover with the Queen in dummy since West should be looking for a safe lead against opposition who are close to a slam.  South wins with the Ace and cashes the Ace of Hearts.  He now runs six tricks in Spades on which he discards his remaining three Clubs, the Jack of Diamonds and a low Heart.  It is clear from East’s discards that he is under pressure.  If East discards three Diamonds and keeps all his Hearts at trick 9 a low Diamond to the King and Ace is followed by the nine of Diamonds overtaken with the 10 at trick 10 and the 8 of Diamonds at trick 11 on which East now comes down to the bare Queen of Hearts.  Result all 13 tricks and 520.





3       Always be on the lookout to upgrade a hand with good intermediates


Board 19 Wednesday 28 November – dealer South EW Vulnerable






98xx                                                    Jx

Qx                                                       A8xx

xx                                                         KJxx

Q10xxx                                               Axx







If we assume that you are playing a weak no trump on this hand then the South hand is a routine 1NT opener especially not vulnerable.  Yes it only has 11 points but is has a strong 5 card suit with three honours plus the 10 of Diamonds.  North employs Stayman and over a 2 Heart response North should jump to 3NT.  The reason why North jumps to game with only 12 points is because North has a very good 12 points with the 10 of Spades and three nines.  Indeed the nine of Hearts is a crucial card allowing three Heart tricks to be established even though the Hearts break 4-2.  The nine of Clubs is equally crucial.  On a Club lead the only problem is whether to play the Jack hoping that the lead is from AQ or the 9 hoping that the lead is from Q10.  Assuming that you guess right by playing the 9 then nine tricks cannot be prevented and the most that the defence can score is two Hearts, a Club and a Diamond.  Indeed if when West wins with the Queen of Hearts he fails to switch to a Diamond then 10 tricks and 430 will result.


Of course for those playing a strong no trump then likewise the South hand is opened 1 Heart and when North responds 1 Spade South rebids 1NT and North again goes straight to game.


It is interesting to note that four of the six North South’s failed to appreciate the significance of the intermediate cards and played in 2NT either because South failed to open the bidding or because North mistakenly stopped in a part-score.