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Welcome to




(See yellow tab 2nd from top left for directions)

Ring the club on 0161 445 3712  or Dave on 07717 252114 for any clarification

or email


WiFi : BTBHub6-SFM6

Code:  3NdaGxAePWNR

Your Annual Subscription was due in JANUARY.

As explained in Paul's recent email the Club still has to pay all the overheads as before

without much of the income so, to keep afloat, we need your subs all the more this time.

Thankyou to those members who have already paid up ....

... but if you haven't yet please settle your membership dues a.s.a.p.

Prices are the same as for last year.

£50 per player or £80 per couple.

Students free.

We accept CASH, CHEQUE

(payable to Manchester Bridge Club)

or you can pay direct to Act No: 90730807  Sort Code: 40-11-56

,,,and remember you get a discount as a paid up member every time you play an on-line bridge session!!


happy healthy safe web - Children's Commissioner for Wales





We have introduced a new feature where you can send in the details of any interesting hands that you have played.

These can then be added to the new "library" that has started under the "Interesting Hands" yellow tab on the top left hand side of this page (currently the fifth one down)

If you would like a hand you have played recently to be included please forward it by email to Dave Debbage in the same format as the ones now showing.

PS They don't have to be the perfect ones - ones where you go wrong can also be fun and a good lesson!!

Quick Hands 6 - Short Club and 2NT Rebid

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a 2NT rebid and a club check back to sign off in 3D.

Quick Hands 5 - Short Club with 2D Sign Off

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a club check back to sign off in 2D.

MCB Bridge Video: Short Club Convention - 1♣ Opener

Short Club Convention - 1♣ Opener

What kind of hand can open 1♣ using the short club convention? How is short club different from better minor? This is what we are looking into.

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #4 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

Quick Hands 4 - Short Club and Diamond Game Forcing Checkback

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a game forcing diamond check back to see if partner has a major suit fit.

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #3 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

Quick Hands 3 - Short Club and No Trump

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #2 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #1 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage


The simple answer is "definitely but not just yet".

We understand that a few clubs have taken the surprising decision to re-open.

We believe, however, that this is extremely unwise and goes against current EBU and governmental recommendations regardless of how many additional safety features are in place.

The safety of our members, guests and staff remain our absolute priority and we will not take any risks to endanger anyone.

We are, of course, constantly reviewing this situation and rest assured that we will be together again as soon as it is safe to do so.


For all our members who have already switched or are considering moving to 5 Card Majors and 2 over 1 Game Forcing, this book by Neil Rosen is perhaps the closest to the systems taught at Manchester Bridge Club.

It is easy to read, structured and offers many quizzes and examples to test your understanding. Highly recommended!!

If you would like a copy please contact David so we might organize a bulk order from Manchester Bridge Club and perhaps a better price.

Image result for Club closed pics


We have had to take the unwanted decision to close the Club until further notice.

Please look after yourselves and each other during this difficult time and keep in touch by phone and email even if we can't meet up for a while.



This prestigious EBU event has just taken place in Stratford-upon-Avon

and has been won by MBC's


2020 Premier Grand Masters Pairs winners

How fantastic - well done to you both!

EBU 21 FEB 2020

John Holland tops Master Point list

For the third year in a row, John Holland has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver, for the most Master Points earned in the calendar year.

John, who has won the competition on seven previous occasions, earned 25,760 points in 2019. Gary Hyett, was second with 23,083. Mike Bell was third with 21,562.



Are you receiving the Bridge Club e-Mails & Newsletter?

If not - please let Dave know so he can make sure you are included.

If you would prefer not to be contacted please email Dave at the address below.

Tel: 07717 252114 or



RealBridge at MBC

Latest Link

Click Here

Thursday Post hand analysis with Jason Hackett

Click Here

Our Tuesday & Thursday afternoon online games now take place on RealBridge and not BBO

If you want to play in our RealBridge sessions then please action the following –


Next Match

Tuesdays 2pm

Thursdays 2pm

Test Your Device

Test the camera and microphone on your device

Click here to test!


Then, when you come to log-in on to play, we know you will be fine.


Pro Tips

  • Please log in 15 minutes before the start of the match
  • No ID Number is required, just your full name
  • If you are having technical difficulties, you can get help at our RealBridge Helper Sessions. More information on the MBC Homepage 


Important Information you need to read to maximize your experience on RealBridge:

  • List of computers and browsers which can be used  – everyone please check
  • Special information for Apple users only
  • List of controls for sound, video, how to leave, call the TD – everyone please review



Can Use

Can’t use

Windows laptop

Windows tablet

Windows desktop

MacBook or other Apple laptop

iPad (from 2015 or newer)

iMac or other Apple desktop


Android tablet


Old iPads, older than 2015



Can Use

Can’t use

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

The logo must look like one of these – exactly as below. If it looks different, you are using an out of date version.

Internet Explorer (notice the gold band)

The old EDGE (see shape of the e)

e the source imageple Safari 8.0 Icon

age result for internet explorer icons  


Browser Updates

In Chrome, and Edge, you need to click the three little dots in the top right corner.

Updates for Chrome


Updates for Edge



Information For Mac Users

- You can use Chrome as an alternative to Safari. [Its web video support may be better.]

- In Safari there is a menu item "Safari > Settings for the website...". In that window for RealBridge, select "Allow all auto-play" media, and set the camera & microphone permission to "Allow".


Buttons and Controls

This turns your camera off or on – so the table can/can’t see you

This turns your microphone off or on – so the table can/can’t hear you (use this to eliminate any background noise in your home)

This turns off or on your view of everybody else (they can still see you)

This refreshes all of your video feeds (use if they are stuck)

This lets you chat to your table. If you are on a PC, the chat bar is already displayed, since the window is wider/bigger.

This lets you adjust a player’s volume for just you (nobody else is affected).

Use this button to ask the opponents to let you change your bid or play

Calls for a Director


Sends you back to the lobby where you can see all the other tables (the place where you first arrived). You can then rejoin your table or join another one to see/chat with other players at their table.  This is a very useful feature as you can join any table before the game and have a social chat while waiting for your partner to arrive.




Finally, we will be using the “club friendly mode” of RealBridgeThis means you alert your partner’s bids (verbally of course!), just as you would in face-to-face bridge at the Club. This is different to championship mode (screens and self-alerts).

We have invested a lot of time in liaising with RealBridge to make this possible quickly for Manchester Bridge Club.

Please support it by coming along and trying it out. You will get used to it – just like you did on BBO.

MBC will continue running BBO games as part of our weekly schedule as we appreciate that some of you do not have devices that support compatible or working microphones and cameras or the browsers required. If this is the case, please let us know so we can assess how many people will be excluded from RB games.