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Ring the club on 0161 445 3712  or Dave on 07717 252114 for any clarification

or email


WiFi : BTBHub6-SFM6

Code:  3NdaGxAePWNR


If you can just about read this article you'll see that Ollie is really starting to put his stamp on his new Bridge World.

You will remember that he recently went to the Young Chelse Bridge Club as their new Manager and is thriving.

I am in touch with Ollie of course and am forging strong links between our two clubs. 


Quick Hands 6 - Short Club and 2NT Rebid

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a 2NT rebid and a club check back to sign off in 3D.

Quick Hands 5 - Short Club with 2D Sign Off

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a club check back to sign off in 2D.

MCB Bridge Video: Short Club Convention - 1♣ Opener

Short Club Convention - 1♣ Opener

What kind of hand can open 1♣ using the short club convention? How is short club different from better minor? This is what we are looking into.

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #4 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

Quick Hands 4 - Short Club and Diamond Game Forcing Checkback

Sam and David are exploring the bids in a Short Club convention. Today we use a game forcing diamond check back to see if partner has a major suit fit.

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #3 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

Quick Hands 3 - Short Club and No Trump

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #2 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage

MBC BRIDGE VIDEO #1 with Sam Knox and Dave Debbage


The simple answer is "definitely but not just yet".

We understand that a few clubs have taken the surprising decision to re-open.

We believe, however, that this is extremely unwise and goes against current EBU and governmental recommendations regardless of how many additional safety features are in place.

The safety of our members, guests and staff remain our absolute priority and we will not take any risks to endanger anyone.

We are, of course, constantly reviewing this situation and rest assured that we will be together again as soon as it is safe to do so.


For all our members who have already switched or are considering moving to 5 Card Majors and 2 over 1 Game Forcing, this book by Neil Rosen is perhaps the closest to the systems taught at Manchester Bridge Club.

It is easy to read, structured and offers many quizzes and examples to test your understanding. Highly recommended!!

If you would like a copy please contact David so we might organize a bulk order from Manchester Bridge Club and perhaps a better price.

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We have had to take the unwanted decision to close the Club until further notice.

Please look after yourselves and each other during this difficult time and keep in touch by phone and email even if we can't meet up for a while.



This prestigious EBU event has just taken place in Stratford-upon-Avon

and has been won by MBC's


2020 Premier Grand Masters Pairs winners

How fantastic - well done to you both!

EBU 21 FEB 2020

John Holland tops Master Point list

For the third year in a row, John Holland has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver, for the most Master Points earned in the calendar year.

John, who has won the competition on seven previous occasions, earned 25,760 points in 2019. Gary Hyett, was second with 23,083. Mike Bell was third with 21,562.



Are you receiving the Bridge Club e-Mails & Newsletter?

If not - please let Dave know so he can make sure you are included.

If you would prefer not to be contacted please email Dave at the address below.

Tel: 07717 252114 or



This Index will be updated as and when more players register.

MBC online bridge on BBO  - Player Index
As of July 6th 2020

Players in alphabetical order + BBO Usernames in alphabetical order

Adkins Hamida inye 511701 Aggarwal Om
Adkins Roger pirsquared 512015 Nanavati Bharat
Aggarwal Om 511701 3rdman Rawsthorn Mary
Alexander Simon smnalex58 7nts Debbage David
Allum Malcolm ForzaM20 aasdip Shah Ash
Allwright Jenny Jennyal abg123 Green Andy
Angove Jeff topdeckiin adam 13 Wiseberg Adam 
Ashleigh Angela angela17 Alicia379 Bramwell Audrey
Ashleigh Ray rayash allyolly64 Oliver Ally
Bailey Dorothy doryb almajoan Jones Karen
Bailey Susan  Sue Bailey amarty Martin Aileen
Balon George george1936 amulree Bingham Matilda
Barlow Ian growman andbutters Butters Andy
Barlow Mike Mike37GB andy 2020 Brocklehurst Andy
Barnes Yvonne Iamfab angela17 Ashleigh Angela
Barrowclough Christine Barrowclou angie shaw Davidson Angie
Batstone Paul Paul Bat Asptro Noronha Enid
Beale Frances roussak athorn Thornton Ann
Beatson Tevor auntybee Isalska Barbara
Bennett Jonathan jonbennett austintom Broomhead Austin
Berry Sue susiemus babslewis Lewis Barbara
Betney Patrick patrick43 Bandits3 Bridgman John
Bingham Matilda amulree Barrowclou Barrowclough Christine
Bissell Henry henrz baum1 Rosenbaum Elena
Blum Tricia Xaverbl binkie7491 Richardson Ann
Boal Christine magpie52 birdu Davenport Rose
Booth Steve stevejb12 blbrad2020 Bradley Brian
Boydell Hilary  hobnobs Blott Davies Irene
Bradley Brian blbrad2020 bluemoon6 Green Peter
Braid Sue SJBra7 Bouncee Jordan Liz
Bramwell Audrey Alicia379 briant58 Thompson Brian
Bray Sally sal1000 brona321 Dillon Bernice
Bridgman John Bandits3 budgie23 Burgess Simon
Broadley Paul paulifer bwlch33 Winn Graham 
Brocklehurst Andy andy 2020 c_corgi Goldsmith Mike
Broomhead Austin austintom cas2904 Smith Colin
Bruce-Foulds Charlotte charbf charbf Bruce-Foulds Charlotte
Burgess Lizzie Lizzie7777 Cheneg18 Heneghan Christina
Burgess Ollie mrspen ctean Porteus Cathy
Burgess Simon budgie23 DaisyDolly Curtis Annie 
Burns Graham  grumpy1515 dave368 Thomas David
Burton Wendy wendy82 davecalmo Calmonson David
Butler Ron  Rontronic davetat Tattersall David
Butters Andy andbutters davido123 Owen David
Butterworth Joan Jambutty dawnc Calmonson Dawn
Cadman Ted GWENTER deb6 Siegal Debra
Cairns Caroline ZCarolineC deemenDel Hutchinson Dianne
Calmonson David davecalmo dicalvert Calvert Diana
Calmonson Dawn dawnc DimondDave Fernley David
Calvert Diana dicalvert Ditzydo Williams Linda
Carey-Yard Peter growmore Doriseve Yates Judith
Clarke Josh Uoma doryb Bailey Dorothy
Cohen Gerry ged1943 dpwatson Watson Duncan
Connolly Dee ElkieCoco dr maggie Sloss Maggie
Connolly Tessa oejconn Draman Rigby David
Cross Richard patcall3 edawl Levy Edward
Culverwell Cob Incobnito EdGlinert Glinert Ed
Curtis Annie  DaisyDolly el mister Greaney Michael
Davenport Rose birdu ElkieCoco Connolly Dee
Davidson Angie angie shaw enaillkld Nail Elsa
Davies Irene Blott eva2810 Schroeder Eva
Davis Katharine KatZd evedash Lighthill Eve
Debbage David 7nts Eylem2020 Soyugenc Eylem
Decent Nicki Nicki777 farokh25 Engineer Farokh
Dillon Bernice brona321 Fi Frankl Frankl Fiona 
Draper Catherine sn00py27 Fog Lane2 Super Anne
Durham Kate Islandkate ForzaM20 Allum Malcolm
Eagle Philip theluddite Fran Brix Millar Lauren
Eason David Second Row frangle1 Nagle Frances
Engineer Farokh farokh25 frankm33 McCarthy Frank
Evans Denise g1org1o Leigh George
Fallon Liz lizfallon gazzor Hyett Gary
Fernley David DimondDave gbjbanjt Thomas Neil
Fernley Stephen Grotho1 ged1943 Cohen Gerry
Frankl Fiona  Fi Frankl george1936 Balon George
Frieslander Pamela gorky69 Smith James
Fynn Jerry jerrfy gp51 Peston Gloria
Garston Louise Gran Annie Naylor Anne
Gillan Angela GrannieAn Wood Ann 
Gillan Tom Grotho1 Fernley Stephen
Glinert Ed EdGlinert growman Barlow Ian
Goldich Suzanna suzgold growmore Carey-Yard Peter
Goldsmith Mike c_corgi grummo Hobbs Graham 
Greaney Michael el mister grumpy1515 Burns Graham 
Green Andy abg123 GWENTER Cadman Ted
Green Peter bluemoon6 henrz Bissell Henry
Hackett Justin ronaldo007 hobnobs Boydell Hilary 
Hackett Paul paulhac hphilbin Philbin Helen
Hadfield Teresa treesam Hunterj6 Hunter Julie
Hartas Janet Iamfab Barnes Yvonne
Haworth Jacqui jn haworth Ibis300 Triggs Susan
Heneghan Christina Cheneg18 Icalma Mackie Iain 
Herman Johnny johnnyher Incobnito Culverwell Cob
Herman Sam  samd80 inye Adkins Hamida
Herring Barbara Quiltin Islandkate Durham Kate
Hill Ray RayHILL itssteve60 Hunter Stephen
Hobbs Graham  grummo jackie k s Shah Jackie
Holiday Peter redpete99 Jambutty Butterworth Joan
Howarth John Piers  53 janElanca Lancaster Jan 
Howarth Nigel N Howarth JaniePecul MacGruer Jane
Howell Steve seymour84 jeffmorr Morris Jeff
Huggins Jacob jeffsmith Smith Jeffrey
Hulme Martha MAHulme Jennyal Allwright Jenny
Hunt Pamela Pamahunt44 jerrfy Fynn Jerry
Hunter Julie Hunterj6 jmm6612 Moran John
Hunter Stephen itssteve60 jn haworth Haworth Jacqui
Hutchinson Dianne deemenDel joan2024 Moor Joan
Hyett Gary gazzor JohnJP Parsons John
Isalska Barbara auntybee johnnyher Herman Johnny
Jones Karen almajoan jonbennett Bennett Jonathan
Jones Paul paul2j jpamy Pressman Caroline
Jordan Liz Bouncee judithl195 Lambert Judith
Kay Howard winter boy karen r Reissmann Karen
Kaye Lesley KatZd Davis Katharine
Keane Johanna lismore9 kiddersam Samuels Brian
Keary Ged Solly123 kimmarie Stent Kim
Kennedy Viv viv k Lesrich3 Richards Lesley
Knox Sam  samk30330 lexyum Moore Alexander
Lambert Judith judithl195 lismore9 Keane Johanna
Lancaster Jan  janElanca livyo Oldham Olivia
Leak Shirley markeleen lizfallon Fallon Liz
Leather Gillian remy50 Lizzie7777 Burgess Lizzie
Leigh George g1org1o lwright99 Wright Lindsay
Levy Edward edawl M Rbaum Rosenbaum Marcelo
Lewis Barbara babslewis maggiemcp McPhillips Maggie
Lewis Philip phillewis MaggieRos Morgan Margaret
Lewis Rita ritalewis magpie52 Boal Christine
Lighthill Eve evedash MAHulme Hulme Martha
Lighton Rod rrhino markeleen Leak Shirley
Lowe Ron  montonron mike_53 Wakefield Mike
Lowson Vera PrincessVL Mike12100 Wymer Michael
MacGruer Jane JaniePecul Mike37GB Barlow Mike
Mackie Iain  Icalma Miskow Murray Paul
Malach Sue sue2004 missplum Saffer Maisie
Martin Aileen amarty Mo 1937 Seddon Maureen
Martin Tom tommacino mondy123 Rose  Marcia
McCarthy Frank frankm33 montonron Lowe Ron 
McPhillips Maggie maggiemcp morri362 Morris Rachel
Millar Lauren Fran Brix moulesh Moules Hilary 
Moor Joan joan2024 mrspen Burgess Ollie
Moore Alexander lexyum N Howarth Howarth Nigel
Moran John jmm6612 Nicki777 Decent Nicki
Morgan Margaret MaggieRos Nicktarrie Tarrier Nick
Morris Rachel morri362 oejconn Connolly Tessa
Morris Jeff jeffmorr Pamahunt44 Hunt Pamela
Moules Hilary  moulesh patcall3 Cross Richard
Murray Paul Miskow patrick43 Betney Patrick
Nagle Frances frangle1 patsy3491 Shea Pat
Nail Elsa enaillkld Paul Bat Batstone Paul
Nanavati Bharat 512015 paul2j Jones Paul
Naylor Anne Gran Annie paulhac Hackett Paul
Noel Philippe philohipp0 paulifer Broadley Paul
Noronha Enid Asptro peggyphilb Philbin Peggy
Oldham Olivia livyo phillewis Lewis Philip
Oliver Ally allyolly64 philohipp0 Noel Philippe
Owen David davido123 Piers  53 Howarth John
Parsons John JohnJP pirsquared Adkins Roger
Peston Gloria gp51 ponko1 Tattersall Haidee
Philbin Helen hphilbin PrincessVL Lowson Vera
Philbin Peggy peggyphilb Quiltin Herring Barbara
Porteus Cathy ctean rascalzee Woodcock Andrew
Pressman Caroline jpamy rayash Ashleigh Ray
Rawsthorn Mary 3rdman RayHILL Hill Ray
Reissmann Karen karen r redpete99 Holiday Peter
Richards Lesley Lesrich3 remy50 Leather Gillian
Richardson Ann binkie7491 ritalewis Lewis Rita
Rigby David Draman rob bury Sloss Rob
Rose  Marcia mondy123 ronaldo007 Hackett Justin
Rosenbaum Elena baum1 Rontronic Butler Ron 
Rosenbaum Marcelo M Rbaum roussak Beale Frances
Saffer Maisie missplum rrhino Lighton Rod
Samuels Brian kiddersam sal1000 Bray Sally
Sarabowski David  sarabowski sam_16 Wakefield Sam 
Schroeder Eva eva2810 samd80 Herman Sam 
Seddon Maureen Mo 1937 samk30330 Knox Sam 
Semp Raymond semp9 sarabowski Sarabowski David 
Shah Ash aasdip Second Row Eason David
Shah Jackie jackie k s semp9 Semp Raymond
Shalom Stuart squire seymour84 Howell Steve
Shea Pat patsy3491 siimtow203 Townsend Simon
Siegal Debra deb6 SJBra7 Braid Sue
Sloss Maggie dr maggie smnalex58 Alexander Simon
Sloss Rob rob bury sn00py27 Draper Catherine
Smith Colin cas2904 Solly123 Keary Ged
Smith James gorky69 squire Shalom Stuart
Smith Jeffrey jeffsmith Sternshine Sternshine Audrey
Soyugenc Eylem Eylem2020 stevejb12 Booth Steve
Stead Elizabeth stibbem Stibbe Matthew
Stent Kim kimmarie Sue Bailey Bailey Susan 
Sternshine Audrey Sternshine sue2004 Malach Sue
Stibbe Matthew stibbem susiemus Berry Sue
Super Anne Fog Lane2 suzgold Goldich Suzanna
Tadd Paul theluddite Eagle Philip
Tarrier Nick Nicktarrie toby1947t Tobias David
Tattersall David davetat tommacino Martin Tom
Tattersall Haidee ponko1 topdeckiin Angove Jeff
Thomas Neil gbjbanjt treesam Hadfield Teresa
Thomas David dave368 Uoma Clarke Josh
Thompson Brian briant58 viv k Kennedy Viv
Thornton Ann athorn W3ndy Verber Wendy
Tobias David toby1947t wardito Ward Mike
Townsend Simon siimtow203 wendy82 Burton Wendy
Triggs Susan Ibis300 Will64 Wakefield Will
Verber Wendy W3ndy winter boy Kay Howard
Wakefield Mike mike_53 woodmk2 Wood Michael
Wakefield Sam  sam_16 Xaverbl Blum Tricia
Wakefield Will Will64 ZCarolineC Cairns Caroline
Warburton Frank Beatson Tevor
Ward Mike wardito Evans Denise
Watson Duncan dpwatson Frieslander Pamela
Williams Linda Ditzydo Garston Louise
Winn Graham  bwlch33 Gillan Angela
Wiseberg Adam  adam 13 Gillan Tom
Wood Ann  GrannieAn Hartas Janet
Wood Michael woodmk2 Huggins Jacob
Woodcock Andrew rascalzee Kaye Lesley
Wright Lindsay lwright99 Stead Elizabeth
Wymer Michael Mike12100 Tadd Paul
Yates Judith Doriseve Warburton Frank
Young Ralph Young Ralph