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All current competitions will continue until December 2021



Bye Laws
  Internal Competitions
1. The Pairs championship shall be won by the pair with the highest average score over their best eight Pairs (P) events.  If there is a tie, the pair with the highest individual score shall win.
2. The Handicap championship shall be won by the player with the highest average score over  his/her best eight Individual (h) events. The Handicap Champion must have played with at least 3 different partners. If there is a tie, the player with the highest individual score shall win, excluding any result played with another Handicap will be based on MGS.
3. The Championship Pairs playoff shall be between the 8 highest (available) ranked pairs in the Pairs championship.
4.  All competition winners must be members of the Club.  Mens, Ladies, Mixed Pairs and Individual score championship winners must have played at least four times at the club in the previous 12 months prior to that event and have been members for at least the prior month.
  External Competitions
7. Garden Cities: the Club ‘A’ team shall consist of the top four pairs in the ranking in the Club Pairs competition.  If any of those pairs are unavailable or the Committee wishes to select a ‘B’ team, the Committee (or a selection sub-committee) shall select available players.
8. Club Championship Pairs: the Club pair(s) shall be selected from those available to play according to their ranking in the Club Pairs competition.
9. The Club will pay the entry fee for the Garden Cities and Club Championship Pairs and other inter club competitions (so long as at least 4 of the players have been members of the Club for the three months prior to the closing date for entry) but players will be responsible for paying for their own refreshments and travel.
10. The ruling by the Director at a Club event shall stand until it is overturned on appeal.
11. Any appeal shall be made to the County Appeals Committee.  Any appeal will be subject to the rules and procedures of that committee.
12. Results will be posted  on the Club website .  Players can only protest any score up to the end of the interval at the subsequent Club evening.  The protest should be to the scorer or the Director.
  Membership and table money
13. Membership shall run from May to April.  Membership payments are due by 1st May, and membership shall lapse if not renewed by end of June.  There shall be three classes of member:
  • Fully paid up - £120 per annum, directors £100pa
  • Normal - £5 per annum
  • Honorary – Nil
Honorary membership shall be proposed by the Committee and ratified at an AGM.
Fully paid up members on the Director rota shall have a proportionate reduction in their membership fee.
14. Table money shall be, for normal Club events:
  • Fully paid up and honorary members - nil.
  • Normal members - £3.00
  • Visitors - £4.00
No normal table money is payable by the Director and any Host for that event.  
The Committee will determine the extra table money to be paid for special events – Cheese and Wine, Christmas party, SIMS etc.
15. Visitors are welcome at the Club.  However, they should apply for membership if they play on more than three occasions in any membership year.  The membership application form needs to be completed.  The Committee will review applications for membership, and if the Committee rejects any application then the membership fee will be refunded to the failed applicant.
16. No joining fee is currently payable, but there is no reduction in the membership fee for anyone joining part-way through the year.
17. It is a condition of membership to participate in the Club Host system unless the Committee grants an exemption.  The Secretary will keep a record of all exceptions granted.
  Location, Starting and playing time and conditions
18. Normal Club evenings will be each Thursday at Malvern Victoria Bowling Club, except on a few summer evenings when an alternative location will be found.  This location and the evenings it affects will be publicised on the Club programme and the web-site.
19. If there are more players wanting to play than the club can accommodate, priority will be given to members.  Amongst members priority will be given to the Director and his partner/team, and then according to the arrival time of the first member of each pair/team on a first come first served basis. The starting time will be 7.00pm, with players in the playing room by 6.50pm.
20. The tea interval will be taken at the time specified by the Director for the evening.
21. The Club evening will end as specified by the Director for the evening; normally the final move will take place before 9.40pm.
22. Permissible conventions on Club nights are EBU Level 3.
23. Each member shall abide by the code of conduct and etiquette at the bridge table as defined on the Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association Web Site and our Club notice-board.  Any infraction should be reported to the Director for the evening or a Committee member.
24 In the event of a complaint being made to the Committee about the conduct of a member of the Club, the Committee may, and if a written complaint signed by at least three Club members is received it shall, investigate the complaint.
25. On investigating such a complaint the Committee shall give the member(s) about whom a complaint has been received an opportunity to be heard.
26. If on investigating such a complaint the Committee is of the opinion that the member has behaved in an unacceptable manner or in such a manner as to cause injury to the interests of the Club, then the Committee may reprimand the member, suspend the member from the privileges of membership for such period as it may think fit, or expel the member from the Club.
27.The Committee may also refer a matter of conduct to the Conduct Committee of the Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association, or to the Laws & Ethics Committee of the English Bridge Union, if it considers it appropriate to do so. 
28. The Committee shall forthwith notify the member of any decision made on the investigation of a complaint about his conduct, and may if it thinks fit publicise the decision by displaying a notice at the headquarters of the Club.
29. An appeal can be made against any decision to reprimand, suspend or expel a member of the Club following the investigation of a complaint about his conduct.
30. Notice of such an appeal must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary or other Club officer within two weeks of the notification to the member of the decision of the Committee.  The Committee must then call a General Meeting at which the member and the Committee will be able to present their views.  The decision of the General Meeting shall be final.
31. In the event of an appeal, the decision of the Committee shall not be put into effect until the result of the appeal has been determined.
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