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Good Bridge Etiquette means to greet opponents

Praise both partner & opponents (well played)

Do not criticize  (good try)

Do not make gratuitous comments.

(if I had bid this or led that)

Dont gloat (we got 100%)

Finally speak politely to your partner,opponents & the Director

Enjoy your Game


Penthouse Group Details

The Malta Bridge Club (Penthouse  Group)  is incorporated with the Malta Bridge Club.

It is also affiliated to the Malta Bridge Association, after leading an independent existence since March, 2003.

Duplicate Bridge is  played on a Monday  afternoon


70/18  Tower Road Sliema.

Start time:-   2.15 pm  (Please register by 2.00 pm.)

 If you have a partner just come along. 

Visitors are always welcome.


Penthouse Committee