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Good Bridge Etiquette means to greet opponents

Praise both partner & opponents (well played)

Do not criticize  (good try)

Do not make gratuitous comments.

(if I had bid this or led that)

Dont gloat (we got 100%)

Finally speak politely to your partner,opponents & the Director

Enjoy your Game


New Bridge Magazine

A New Bridge Magazine

This free, online magazine has just published its first issue.
Ron Tacchi (in charge of layout) along with contributors, David Bird, Alan Mould, Larry Cohen, Alex Adamson & Harry Smith, Sally Brock, Julian Pottage, Liz McGowan and Kit Woolsey will deliver a feast of bridge every month.

To receive it  - go to and register.

Happy reading

Match Point Strategy
Match Point Strategy

         These hints are about the play of the hand at matchpoint scoring, the method that is used regularly at virtually every duplicate bridge club.

At matchpoint scoring it makes no difference by how much your score differs from other scores. You get one matchpoint for each score you beat, whether the difference is 10 points or 1,000 points, and one-half matchpoint for each score you tie.

Your  concern is to beat the other pairs more often than they beat you.

In a normal contract, your goal is to do as well as or better than the other players.

 It is all right to risk your contract for an overtrick if the chance of success is at least   50-50

Avoid using a holdup play if you have a reasonable chance to win the rest of the tricks.

If there is a risky finesse for an overtrick, try to postpone it until the very end.

Do not play for a long shot to make your contract if doing so means being set an extra trick.

In an abnormal contract try to equal or beat the normal result, even if this involves an unusual play or extra risk

If you cannot beat the normal result, try to go plus and hope the normal contract fails.

If an abnormal contract is great, play safe to make it; do not risk it for an overtrick.