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Did you know that Malmesbury Bridge Cub has a Facebook Page?   If you are on Facebook search for the group Malmesbury Bridge Club and ask to join.   We can gossip there, share photographs, and talk about the weather or whatever. 

And are you on Twitter?   Follow Andrew Robson, .   He gives regular tips and advice.    The EBU twitters too. 

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Team Rules
Team Rules



It is proposed to relax the Teams Championship rules so that each of the qualifying rounds (in September and October) will be considered as a separate entity, so that any group of 4 players can form a team and go on to play in the final in November if qualifying. They may use one substitute player in the final if necessary. No player who has qualified in a team in September may play in the October round in a team wishing to be considered for the final.


The top two teams from each of the qualifying rounds will play in the November final (judged by matches won or drawn); if the top two teams in October have already qualified or are otherwise ineligible, then the 3rd and 4th teams will be offered a place in the final; failing this then the third team in the September round will qualify.


Teams competitions are played on the First Thursday of the month, and the Third Monday; when there is a clash of dates of the Teams Championships with a County Competition or other significant event, then the club competition will be played on the next available Monday or Thursday.