Celebration Bridge with Cake

We have always celebrated Malmesbury Carnival with a fun singles competition;  In a singles competition players change their partner and move on every couple of hands.   There will be cakes too.

It’s a fun way of meeting more people and finding out how different people play.    It’s also a good introduction to Malmesbury Bridge Club for people who have never been before or who don’t like to come without a partner.  There will be cakes.

So we would like to invite you- and anyone you know who may be interested- to join us next Thursday for an informal evening of bridge.    We are not listed in the Carnival Timetable so this year any profit we make will go to a charity of the winner’s choosing.     There will be cakes.

Details:  Thursday 29th August, 6.45 for 7, Athelstan House, Priory Way, Burton Hill, Malmesbury.  SN16 0FB.  Cost £5 






Bridge Lessons for Beginners

Malmesbury Bridge Club

Start date 1 October 2019

Building on a series of successful lessons at Corsham, Sue Phillips, Phil Russell and Paul Gregory will be starting a new course for beginners at Athelstan House Malmesbury.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for those who have never tried to play bridge before, those who have dabbled with bridge before but want to learn to play Acol bridge and those who may have played a long time ago and want lessons before playing again.

How long will the course last?

The course is scheduled for 21 weeks with a following 6 weeks of practice play to hone the skills students have learned.


The course costs £8 per lesson. This is lower than many other providers simply because the teachers do it without payment. There is also a cost of approximately £24 for the English Bridge Union teaching book.

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is for students to understand the Standard Acol bridge system by the end of the course so that they are able to play sufficiently well to play at a club (Hopefully Malmesbury Bridge Club). Bridge is a complicated game which is why it takes some time to learn but once you have learned to play it really is the most enjoyable card game.

Registration / Information

To register for the course or to obtain further information please contact:

Sue on 07464244044   or suephillips222@gmail.com, or Paul on marpalyn@yahoo.com

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