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Malmesbury Bridge Ops

Daytime Bridge (Face to Face)

On Tuesdays  there is an open and informal bridge session in Charlton Village Hall at 10am.    Contact Keith and Elaine for more details

Zoom Chat

On Thursdays at 9.30am Keith's weekly Zoom chat answers your questions and discusses recent hands. To join in click on this link.

Real Bridge

On Friday afternoons you are invited to join in a RealBridge Session online.   If you want to play tell us here.


January 2022
Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club. 
Malmesbury Bridge Club has now restarted its regular sessions on Monday and Thursday evening in Malmesbury Town Hall. Please arrive by 6.45.
We continue to run an online BBO tournament on Wednesdays.  Please register by 6.45 online.


Last updated : 19th Jan 2022 15:34 GMT
Assisted Play

Assisted Play.  (F2F)

There will be an *assisted play* session on the last Monday of each month.  During the session one or more of the committee will be designated as the person who can provide advice.  Anybody not sure of what bid to make or has a difficult decision as to which card to play can call for assistance. The person assisting will then take them away from the table and give advice as appropriate. The person assisting will be playing in the session and may gain knowledge about hands they have yet to play but they will not take advantage of this.

The EBU do not allow for Masterpoints to be awarded or NGS to be adjusted for assisted play sessions. However, we do hope that you will support this initiative and it will not deter you from coming to these sessions. We all, I am sure, wish to build up the numbers attending the club to ensure the club flourishes. It is in all of our interests to help less experienced players to improve their game and to help them feel comfortable coming to the club. Experienced members will benefit from a better standard of competition and a number of less experienced members have already said they would very much welcome this initiative.

Last updated : 19th Jan 2022 15:34 GMT
26th January 2022
Malmesbury Pairs
ONLINE 6.45pm
27th January 2022
Thursday Pairs
Town Hall (Old School Room) 6.45pm
31st January 2022
Monday Pairs
Town Hall (Malting Hall) 6.45pm
Thursday Pairs
Director: Richard Gwyer
Malmesbury Pairs
Monday Pairs
Director: Richard Gwyer