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Team Championships

The Thursday Teams qualifying for the Championship on 7 November are:

Richard Gwyer, Beth Hardcastle, Jane Rowell, Kath Darby

Daphne & Myles Marchington, Jill Clay, Pat Wilkinson

Paul Gregory, Syd Gwyer, Lesley Bennett, Gwen Askew

Mike Porter, Sonya Nesbitt, David Head, Tom Hanwell 

The Monday Teams qualifying for the Championship on 18 November are:

Richard Gwyer, Syd Gwyer, Carol Paton, Duncan Montgomery

David Head, Phil Russell, Ian Roach, Richard Freeman

Daphne Marchington, Myles Marchington, Jill Clay, Jean Kyle

Mike Porter, Sonya Nesbitt, Margaret Monk, Sandy Hames

Please note that there can only be ONE substitute per team



Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club

♠ We meet every Monday and Thursday evening at 6.45 in Athelstan House, Malmesbury. We are a friendly club and welcome visitors and new members.  

 The session fee is £3 and that includes tea coffee and biscuits.  Some people bring in birthday cakes.

 Boards are computer dealt and we use scoring tablets, so results, including contracts and hand records, are available at the end of the session on this website.

♣ We play teams on the first Thursday and the third Monday of each month- otherwise we play duplicate pairs. 

If you need a partner or want help making up a team please email Richard.


 Athelstan House is a Care Home in Priory Way, Burton Hill just outside Malmesbury.  There is ample free parking.   Map.

Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club
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Bridge Lessons

Bridge Lessons for Beginners

Malmesbury Bridge Club

Start date 1 October 2019

Building on a series of successful lessons at Corsham, Sue Phillips, Phil Russell and Paul Gregory will be starting a new course for beginners at Athelstan House Malmesbury.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for those who have never tried to play bridge before, those who have dabbled with bridge before but want to learn to play Acol bridge and those who may have played a long time ago and want lessons before playing again.

How long will the course last?

The course is scheduled for 21 weeks with a following 6 weeks of practice play to hone the skills students have learned.


The course costs £8 per lesson. This is lower than many other providers simply because the teachers do it without payment. There is also a cost of approximately £24 for the English Bridge Union teaching book.

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is for students to understand the Standard Acol bridge system by the end of the course so that they are able to play sufficiently well to play at a club (Hopefully Malmesbury Bridge Club). Bridge is a complicated game which is why it takes some time to learn but once you have learned to play it really is the most enjoyable card game.

Registration / Information

To register for the course or to obtain further information please contact:

Sue on 07464244044   or, or Paul on

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EBU Promotions

Congratulations to Sue Phillips on her promotion to Advanced Master and Ian Roach on his promotion to District Master.

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24th October 2019
Thursday Pairs
28th October 2019
Monday Pairs
Athelstan House 6.45pm
31st October 2019
Thursday Pairs
Monday Teams Championship Second Round
Director: Mike Porter
Thursday Pairs
Monday Pairs
Director: Mike Porter