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Many members are now playing together on BBO.     You will find a list of our BBO names bbonamesbw.pdf

 You should know that BBO has changed the way it works because of the huge influx of players.   It is now split internally into two different servers.  One is the Main Bridge Club and one is the Casual Bridge Club.   If you switch from one to the other different friends will appear- it depends where they are playing which ones you see.  If you set up a game in Casual you need to make sure the people you are inviting are also in Casual, not in the Main Bridge Club.   And vice-versa.

Malmesbury and Corsham Bridge Clubs are working togather to create an online virtual club on BBO.  You can now see the details of  upcoming tournaments here on our website.  If your name appears in the "BBO Names" list linked on the left of this page you will be eligible to play.  If your name is not there please email Lesley to have it added. You can use the BBO names for private games whenever you want to play.

Next Wednesday's game is #34997, Thursday 22nd October will be #92843





Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club
Last updated : 16th Oct 2020 20:19 BST

Very many congratulations to Ian Roach, Richard Freeman, Sue Phillips and Phil Russell who came 11th out of 64 teams in the Wiltshire Green Point Swiss Teams.

Last updated : 18th Oct 2020 21:40 BST
22nd October 2020
#92843 Malmesbury Corsham
Online 6.55pm
28th October 2020
#57752 Malmesbury Corsham
29th October 2020
#57757 Malmesbury Corsham
Online 6.55pm
#34997 Malmesbury Corsham
#94842 Malmesbury Corsham
#34993 Malmesbury Corsham