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If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitors Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use of the bridgemate.

The WIFI PASSWORD is: Malahide1352

Updated Bridge Rules 2017

Board Orientation: The board should be left in the centre of the table. This rule is not new. Miss-boarding is quite common and without any doubt the cause of these miss boardings can be traced back to the board having been moved from the centre of the table. The only thing new is that the board has to be oriented correctly. If there is no room for the board in the centre of the table, it can be moved with the agreement of all four players to the side of the table but it must contain it's correct orientation.

  • See MRBC Local Rules here
  • See full set of World Bridge Federation rules here (87 pages).
Training Classes/Courses
Better Bridge with Bernard Magee

Bernard Magee is the UK’s best known Bridge Teacher.  He is the author of many books and best setting DVDs on Acol Bridge.  The Council has purchased a series of Bernard’s DVDs for the benefit of members.  

These DVDs will be shown in the Club on Saturday mornings from 10.30 am. The next DVD on:-

Responding to 1NT   -   Saturday 22nd June

A nominal fee of €3.00 will apply, which will include tea/coffee

No need to register, just turn up on the day. ALL MRBC Members Welcome!

CLICK on LINK to Bernard Magee DVDs