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Sunday 2
Tue 22nd Oct 2019
Lambay Trophy Pairs Session 2
Thu 24th Oct 2019
Fort Granite/Killen Session 2
Thu 31st Oct 2019
Trick or Treat?
Mon 4th Nov 2019
I.B.U. Sim Pairs
Tue 5th Nov 2019
I.B.U. Sim Pairs


If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitor's Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use in the bridgemate.

The WIFI PASSWORD is: Malahide1352

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Training Classes/Courses
Saturday Morning Events

Member Development (MD) Committee

List of Saturday Morning events to December 2019

From 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

   No MD Event on Saturday 26th October - Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 2nd November  - Anne Doyle Workshop : Topic - "Back to Basics : Bidding, Play & Defence"

Saturday 9th November  - Paddy English Workshop : Topic - "Bid & Play - Opener's / Responder's rebids"

Saturday 16th November - Seamus Costello Workshop : Topic - "Declarer Play in No Trump"

Saturday 23rd November - Seamus Costello Workshop : Topic - "Declarer Play in Suit Contracts"

   No MD Event on 30th November - DNR Event on in Club

Saturday 7th December - DVD on "Hand Evaluation", followed by Play & Analysis of 6 Prepared Hands on Topic

Saturday 14th December - Thomas McCormac Workshop : Topic - "Defence Against Weak Twos"

   No MD Event on Saturdays 21st or 28th December - Christmas Break

Enquiries to: Audrey Hamilton – 087 6860683 or Maureen Costello – 087 6501785


Wednesday Morning Events

        Improver Classes with Seamus Costello

Seamus Costello will deliver a series of classes on Wednesday mornings, commencing Wednesday 9th October - 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.   These classes are dedicated to Play and Analysis of the Topics covered by Seamus on Friday nights during the last bridge year. Seamus will cover 2 topics each morning and will provide analysis of all hands played. These classes will be of particular interest to members who attended his classes last year, however, everyone is welcome with tutorial sheets for relevant classes available each morning.   

Play & Analysis Classes on Topics covered by Seamus Costello during last bridge year:


Wednesday 23rd October - (a) Handling Card Combinations, Covering Honours & Safety Plays;

      (b) Communication Plays, Blocking/Unblocking

Wednesday 30th October (No Class)                                      

Wednesday 6th November - (a) Counting, Entries – Preserving & Creating Entries (b) Suit Establishment, Trump Management

Wednesday 13th November - (a) Slam Bidding – Cue Bidding & The Use of Splinter Bids; (b) Roman Key Card Blackwood;  Jacoby 2NT

Wednesday 20th November - (a) The Cappelletti Convention – Best Way of Competing over Opponents 1NT Bid (b) The Helvic Convention – How Best for a Partnership to cope when their Opening 1NT Bid is doubled for Penalties   


The Cost is €10.00 per class.   The entry sheet for the first class is on the MD Notice Board.

Enquiries to : Audrey Hamilton - 087 6860683 or Maureen Costello - 087 6501785

Monday Evening Events