Spade Heart  Diamond Club
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If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitors Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use of the bridgemate.

The WIFI PASSWORD is: Malahide1352

Updated Bridge Rules 2017

Board Orientation: The board should be left in the centre of the table. This rule is not new. Miss-boarding is quite common and without any doubt the cause of these miss boardings can be traced back to the board having been moved from the centre of the table. The only thing new is that the board has to be oriented correctly. If there is no room for the board in the centre of the table, it can be moved with the agreement of all four players to the side of the table but it must contain it's correct orientation.

  • See MRBC Local Rules here
  • See full set of World Bridge Federation rules here (87 pages).
-Keeping PERSONAL Details PRIVATE-

If you want to Privatize some Personal Details then Follow these Steps:

Go to Home Page of the MRBC Website
Select 'Results Calendar & Membership'
Then Select 'Members & Find a Partner'
Then Login in using your Login details
Then Select the 'Account' TAB(You will now see your Personal Details)
Change your 'Opt In' & 'Show' details to your personal preferences[Bottom of screen]
Then Click on the SAVE button[Top of screen]