Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Forte Granite Trophy Sess1
Killen Trophy
Charles Higgins Trophy Overall
Charlie Higgins Trophy Session 2
Lambay Trophy Sess1
Thu 17th Oct 2019
Fort Granite/Killen Session 1
Tue 22nd Oct 2019
Lambay Trophy Pairs Session 2
Thu 24th Oct 2019
Fort Granite/Killen Session 2
Thu 31st Oct 2019
Trick or Treat?
Mon 4th Nov 2019
I.B.U. Sim Pairs


If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitor's Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use in the bridgemate.

The WIFI PASSWORD is: Malahide1352

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Triangular Inter-Club match
Triangular Inter Club Team  competition - 10th March 2019

On Sunday 10th March 2019, the Regent Bridge Club hosted a Triangular Inter Club Team competition played between the Regent, Bankers & MRBC.
Each club was represented by four teams made up of an Open, Area Master. Intermediate & a team selected by their respective club President.

Pat Dunne represented our President Leslie Geraghty.

MRBC Team:
Open Team(M Kelly-Rogers N Lynch T Gilligan & B Wallace)
Area Master Team(P Dunne M Kavanagh P Doyle & A Doyle)
Intermediate Team(M Deane C Deegan R O’Brien & I Ellis)
Presidents Team(J & V Murray, C Doherty & M Reid)

On this occasion, the Bankers were victorious