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Welcome to Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Cork Bridge Congress - 2022

Congratulations to MRBC members Peter Wilson & Dorothy Arthurs, winners of the Intermediate A Pairs, at this year's online Cork Congress. Also, MRBC members Noel Hughes & Anthony McMakin took 2nd place. A tremendous result for Malahide Regional.

Last updated : 22nd Jan 2022 22:59 GMT
D.N.R. - McLoughlin Cup - Inter B's & N's

Congratulations to MRBC members John Joyce & Patricia Kinsella, winners of the B's & Novices DNR McLoughlin Cup, played for on Saturday January 15th. Also, MRBC members Jane Brennan & Doris Bruederlin took 2nd place.

Last updated : 16th Jan 2022 12:16 GMT
CBAI National Men's Pairs - Revington Cup

Congratulations to MRBC members Dave Terry & Tom Gilligan, winners of the CBAI National Men's Pairs Revington Cup, played on Saturday 15th January.

Last updated : 15th Jan 2022 22:53 GMT
Rules & Ethics Committee

Dear Members,

In light of a small number of issues arising in MRBC Tournaments in the past few months, the Council has decided to reconstitute the MRBC Rules and Ethics Committee. We wish to thank the below members who have agreed to accept our invitation to form the Rules and Ethics Committee.

  1. Marguerite English.
  2. Mary Kelly Rogers.
  3. John Murray.
  4. David Terry.

In the event that any member has an issue arising from a MRBC Tournament, and that said member is unhappy with the ruling on such issue given by the Tournament Director on the night, this decision will be referred to our Professional Tournament Director, Eamon Galligan for decision. Henceforth, it will be possible to appeal the decision of Eamon Galligan in such matters to the MRBC Council. The council will refer any such appeal to a selected three of the above committee for final arbitration. The decision of the Rules and Ethics Committee shall then be final in such circumstances.

MRBC Council

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2021 15:38 GMT
BBO TD's & Clubhouse Captain's Contact Details

Should you be experiencing any issues when registering, or playing, in any MRBC BBO event, you should contact the relevant TD. Contact details for all are available by clicking General Club Information, on the left hand sidebar of this homepage, and then selecting the relevant section.

Last updated : 20th Sep 2021 18:50 BST
Monday Competitions

There are 4 BBO events on Mondays.

1) A.M. - Masters & A's

2) A.M. - B's & Novices

3) P.M. - Masters & A's

4) P.M. - B's & N's


Last updated : 24th Nov 2021 17:44 GMT
Tuesday Competitions

There are 3 BBO events on Tuesdays.

1) Masters & A1's

2) A2's

3) B's & Novices


Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:17 BST
Wednesday Competitions

There are 2 BBO events on Wednesdays.

1) Masters & A1's

2) A2'sB's & Novices

Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:19 BST
Thursday Competitions

There are 2 BBO events on Thursdays.

1) Masters & A's

2) B's & Novices


Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:20 BST
Friday Competitions

There is 1 BBO event on Fridays.

All Grades - "Semi-Open"

Last updated : 21st Nov 2021 12:34 GMT