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Mon 12th Apr 2021
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Mon 12th Apr 2021
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Mon 12th Apr 2021
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Tue 13th Apr 2021
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Director: Eamon Galligan
Tue 13th Apr 2021
B's & Novices
Director: Eamon Galligan
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Welcome to Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Request for Volunteers

This Invitation is for YOU

This is an invitation, and also an appeal, to all our members who love our Bridge Club. This invitation is from the Nominating Committee, and goes out to all who may be able to serve our club in any way this coming year.

We have been very fortunate in the past to have members who have given their time, expertise and care in administrating our Club. 

Particularly over the past year our Council has served us so well. We are indebted to our present Council members, who have kept our club going and made life, in these difficult times, a little easier.

Would YOU please think about helping now?

Specifically we need members who will serve on Council or who would help Council members.

We need members who are willing to be Captains, or who may be able to help Captains when we return to face to face bridge.

We also need BBO Directors for online bridge.

We need someone who will serve on our Audit committee.

Please accept our invitation if you possibly can.


We look forward to your call.

Liz Maguire - 086 852 1784

Joe Caulfield - 087 650 4757

Anne Kavanagh - 087 667 2361

Last updated : 29th Mar 2021 13:00 BST
BBO Volunteer TD Nights

The month of April was traditionally reserved for our Captain’s Prize nights.

We don’t have Captains this year, and we don’t have prizes either, but we do have BBO TD’s. The Council would like to acknowledge the commitment of our volunteer TD’s, Catherine Carabine, Frank Hayes, Brian Kane, Leslie Geraghty & Catherine Byrne, by designating the evening competitions of the week commencing April 19th 2021, as “Volunteer TD” Nights.

On behalf of the membership, and by way of thanks, the club will give a “One 4 All” voucher to each volunteer TD, based on the club’s net revenue during the evening events of that week. So, log on to BBO, have a game of Bridge with your fellow members, and show your support.

The actual competition winners can claim the same bragging rights as they would have done had it been the Captain’s prize up in the club !

Last updated : 28th Mar 2021 17:13 BST
Alerting on BBO

Please, Please, Please......., will folk alert their "Conventional Bids", and/or give an "Immediate" explanation if asked. Any explanation should be via the BBO explain function not the chat-box, and should be cystal clear. It's not good enough to just rattle off the name of the Convention's inventor, e.g. Jacoby or Hackett.

We've requested this so many times before, (see article lower down on this homepage), yet instances still occur. It frustrates your oppoments, runs down the clock and is simply unfair. Good scores can be cancelled if the TD feels the lack of alert caused "damage", or caused time to run out for this, or subsequent boards. If players feel they are being disadvantaged, call the TD asap, who will come to the table and adjudicate.

Last updated : 25th Mar 2021 09:59 GMT
Malahide Regional Bridge Club AGM - 2021

Owing to the initial effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 saw the absence of an AGM of our Bridge club. In 2021 however, it is our intention to hold a Virtual AGM, and this is scheduled for Thursday 27th May at 7.30 p.m.

We are engaging the services of an outside I.T. Consultancy firm to ensure a smooth and professional delivery. Entry to the AGM will be controlled and participants will be limited to MRBC members only. The point of entry/contact, will be via your e-mail address. Only one device, (laptop, iPad, etc.), and only one vote, will be available per e-mail address.

If, for whatever reason, you feel we may not have your correct e-mail address, please contact, and we can check. We are particularly appealing to folk who may have recently moved their addresses from Eircom, following their decision to start charging. (This message has been sent to the e-mail addresses we have on our “Masterlist file”, which may differ to the address you utilise to access the website, so if you did not receive it, please make contact.) Also, if you do not wish to participate in the AGM, you can just ignore any e-mail and/or link we might send you.

Details of reports, motions, nominations, voting, etc., will follow in due course.

MRBC Council

Last updated : 14th Mar 2021 10:31 GMT
Tuesday Competitions

There will now be 3 BBO Competitions to choose from on regular Tuesday evenings.

1) Masters & A1's

2) A2's

3) B's & Novices

Please ensure you register for the event of your choice. You can play "up", if you so decide.

Last updated : 7th Apr 2021 15:03 BST
Wednesday Competitions

We will have two new graded events running on regular Wednesday evenings.

1. Masters & A1's

2. A2's, B's & Novices

Please remember to enter the correct competition, otherwise you will be blocked. As usual, you can play "up", if you so desire.

Last updated : 7th Apr 2021 15:04 BST