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Welcome to Malahide Regional Bridge Club
BBO Competitions Update

In response to complaints from a small number of members, with regard to the lack of playing opportunities on MRBC`s BBO platform over recent weeks for those unable to commit to 2-week competitions, we are pleased to announce that we have reviewed our BBO Schedule. As a result of this review, we have decided to schedule 2 additional competitions weekly, which we hope will address any concerns with regard to lack of playing opportunities for members. We would stress that it is important for the success of this initiative that members support the new competitions as far as possible. The new competitions, which commence on Friday November 26th and Monday November 29th respectively, are as follows :-

  1. Every Friday at 7.30 p.m. we will host an MRBC BBO Semi-Open Competition. This competition will be open to all grades, and will also be open to non-members of MRBC who are affiliated to CBAI, or an International Bridge Organisation, and playing as the invited partner of an MRBC Member. Any member who wishes to invite a guest for the Friday night semi-open should send details of their guests name and BBO alias, by text, to Peter Wilson, Technology Officer, 087 937 7493, so that their guest can be unblocked, thus enabling them to play on BBO.
  2. Every Monday night, also at 7.30 p.m., we have replaced the current open competition with two competitions. One will be confined to Masters and A`s , and the other will be confined to B`s and Novices.

 All competitions will have a $3 entry fee.


Last updated : 25th Nov 2021 12:45 GMT
We Remember Them

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Last updated : 20th Nov 2021 15:24 GMT
Communication from CBAI CEO, Dermot O'Brien

Click here > CBAI CEO , to access a communication from the new CBAI Chief Executive, Dermot O'Brien.

Last updated : 12th Nov 2021 16:49 GMT
"Live" Bridge Update

Dear Members,

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel all “live” Bridge in the clubhouse, with immediate effect.

Having persevered for two weeks, with our latest round of live bridge offerings, the number of members registering an interest to play “live” has simply not been enough to justify the operating cost and time commitment involved, or to fulfil a meaningful competition. As Covid infection numbers remain high, we fully appreciate the reluctance of members to return, despite the safety protocols put in place.

The Council will continue to monitor the national situation, and member feedback, over the coming months, and will revisit the reintroduction of “live” Bridge in the new year.

In the meantime, our full offering of online events will continue on BBO, so we’d encourage everyone, especially those members who haven’t as yet taken the online plunge, to get involved and keep the spirit of our club alive.

MRBC Council

Last updated : 12th Nov 2021 13:58 GMT
BBO TD's & Clubhouse Captain's Contact Details

Should you be experiencing any issues when registering, or playing, in any MRBC BBO event, you should contact the relevant TD. Contact details for all are available by clicking General Club Information, on the left hand sidebar of this homepage, and then selecting the relevant section.

Last updated : 20th Sep 2021 18:50 BST
Monday Competitions

There are 4 BBO events on Mondays.

1) A.M. - Masters & A's

2) A.M. - B's & Novices

3) P.M. - Masters & A's

4) P.M. - B's & N's


Last updated : 24th Nov 2021 17:44 GMT
Tuesday Competitions

There are 3 BBO events on Tuesdays.

1) Masters & A1's

2) A2's

3) B's & Novices


Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:17 BST
Wednesday Competitions

There are 2 BBO events on Wednesdays.

1) Masters & A1's

2) A2'sB's & Novices

Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:19 BST
Thursday Competitions

There are 2 BBO events on Thursdays.

1) Masters & A's

2) B's & Novices


Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:20 BST
Friday Competitions

There is 1 BBO event on Fridays.

All Grades - "Semi-Open"

Last updated : 21st Nov 2021 12:34 GMT