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Log in to the members area of the website and use the Calendar option to see if anyone is looking for a partner or request one yourself..
Any problems with this please ring Jacquie on 07986 989764 or email


​Players are requested to comply with recommended etiquette.
A guide to Table Etiquette.pdf

Announcing and alerting rules are available on the EBU website or in your EBU diary.

Last updated : 11th Jan 2020 18:12 GMT
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Welcome to Maidstone Bridge Club
Club online competitions

Next competitions:
(more boards may be played according to movement)

Master points available


Friday 2nd October  - 7.15pm - 18 boards - Cost 3BB$

Wednesday 7th October - 7.15pm - 18 boards - Cost 3BB$

How to enter

Log onto BBO, click Competitive and then All Tournaments.   In pending search for MAI.   Click the competition and put your partner's BBO name in the box then invite.     For members of Maidstone Bridge Club - if you don't have a partner but hope to play, just log on to BBO and the Director will see you 'in the lobby'.and may invite you in to make up a pair.

You can register any time from 5.15pm onwards but the earlier you register the better.   Please try to register at least 20 minutes beforehand to allow the Director to sort out the movement. 

If you have not already done so, please send your BBO user name to


Last updated : 30th Sep 2020 22:22 BST

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No club meetings until further notice.
All competitions will be held online

The Club is EBU affiliated:  P2P, master points


Last updated : 7th Sep 2020 14:19 BST
Report from AGM 2020

Update on club competitions and events:

Thursday Ladder Pairs - best 8 scores out of possible 12.  One substitute may be used but any results with regular partner will be used in preference to any results with substitute.

Wednesday Ladder Pairs - as Thursday, but this event will now be run as a handicap event using NGS gradings.  Results posted on this website will reflect the handicaps, but scores used by EBU for NGS ratings will not be affected.

Chairman's Bowl - an individual event open to all club members.  Contestants need to play with at least 7 different players throughout the year and the best results will be counted. Scores from any pairs event at each of the three club nights will count;   handicap scores will be discounted.

Mentor evenings - the first Wednesday of the month has been designated as a 'mentor session' and it is hoped that more experienced players will make themselves available to partner learners or regular players who wish to improve.   This session will not be used for NGS ratings.   Please put your availablity/check for available players on competitions menu.

Website partner finding service - now available. 
To request a partner - log in via the Member Area to request a partner.  Scroll down for more dates and select options for email/phone number.   Click 'submit'

To make a request to someone looking for a partner - on the Calendar tab, click on dates with Partner?
and select person (ignore entry dates in brackets). Click on email and write your request, or phone person if number displayed.

Shadow tables - a new intiative recommended by the EBU.  Where marked on the calendar, shadow tables are available for beginners/improvers who wish to practise.  Boards played will be the same as the main room, but players will be at separate tables playing at their own speed, so hands and results can be reviewed at the table.  No identified number of boards need to be played.   Results can be compared to the main room when these are posted on the website.   Table money will be £2 per person. 
An ideal opportunity for players wishing to improve, or for beginners who want to practise safely and experience a club setting.   Players are requested to attend in pairs.  Please note there is NO teaching with this activity.
Places can be booked by sending an email, or phone Jacquie on 07986 989764.  This is to ensure enough people will be taking part (minimum of 4 needed)

Last updated : 13th Feb 2020 10:53 GMT
Membership Renewal

Please note that members who have not renewed their annual subscription for 2020 are considered to be guests and will be required to pay visitor table money

Last updated : 13th Mar 2020 16:54 GMT
Members' Area

Can't log in?   For help email here.

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