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No games until Further Notice

Have a wonderful Summer






St. Alban's Episcopal Church

1417 East Austin St.

Parking in back of church













Welcome to ACBL Unit 237 Magic Valley
Bridge Games only "at risk" due to Corona Virus

   Fellow bridge players, I have made the decision to discontinue the Harlingen Bridge Club Wednesday game and the Unit 237 Saturday game until the Fall of 2020. We all love  our bridge but our individual and collective health is the most important concern to me at this time. I had planned to teach bridge this summer and attempt to bring new players into our games.   At this time I have also put that plan on hold.  I want to wish each of you a healthy summer and look forward to starting our games again later in the year.  As of tonight, March 15th, the Harlingen Bridge games are on hold til this fall.

Respectfully yours

Johnny Johnson, President Unit 237

McAllen Bridge Club CANCELLATION

The McAllen Bridge club will start our regular games again on April 5th at 12 noon. Players must have had the Corona 19 Vaccinations and 2 week waiting period after the last shot. Come and enjoy the face to face game again at the Las Palmas Community Center.

Dave Ochs


  Las Palmas Community Center 1921 N. 25th St. McAllen  for all games in McAllen TX 

Dave Ochs director  Games:  Monday -Wednesday -Friday  12:00 Noon.  Open game all welcome.


Magic Valley Bridge
Magic Valley Bridge

Welcome to the Magic Valley Duplicate Bridge Web Site. Join us for fun and friendly ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games held throughout the Rio Grande Valley. If you are a visitor and need a partner please contact the game director to see if a partner can be arranged.

 All Duplicate Games are Open Events.  Everyone welcome

 Harlingen:   12:30 pm Monday and  Wednesday  Harlingen Ellk's Lodge, 1426 S. Commerce, Harlingen, TX 78550  call Jean Burgoine (956) 244--4442, Johnny Johnson(956)-357-3938   or  Jim Dick (703) 966-4901  ($5.00 per session) 

 McAllen:      12:00 NOON  Monday, Wednesday, and  Friday - Las Palmas Community Center,  1921N 25th St., McAllen, TX 78501  Office (956) 681-3350  ($5.00 per session)

South Padri Island: TUESDAY 12:00 Noon. Louie's Back Yard, South Padre Island, TX.  Call Jim or Jane Gormong (812) 230-5247

Unit 237-Magic Valley:  12:30 pm  Saturday ($5.00 per session) Check News announcement for dates and game times.   Harlingen, TX  Location St. Alban's Episcopal Church, 1417 E. Austin St. Harlingen, TX 78550 call Jim Dick (703) 966-4901 , Johnny Johnson (956) 357-3938, John Burgoin (613) 989-6072 


Suggestions, ideas, volunteers to help the unit please e-mail Johnny Johnson (

28th January 2023
Unit Bridge
St Albans Church 12:30
Director: Jim Dick
30th January 2023
McAllen Bridge Club
Las Palmas Noon
Director: David Ochs
30th January 2023
Harlingen Bridge
Elks Lodge 12:30
Director: Jim Dick
1st February 2023
Harlingen Bridge
Elks Lodge 12:30
Director: Jim Dick
McAllen Bridge Club
Director: David Ochs
McAllen Bridge Club
Director: Adriana Canalas