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Welcome to Lytham Bridge Club

Come and play bridge in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Regular pairs sessions on

Monday 7:30 pm

Tuesday 1:30 pm

Wednesday 7:30 pm

Friday 1:30 pm

Saturday 7:15 pm

See main entry for further details and for the teaching programme.

Contact Information

Lytham Bridge Club

4a Pembroke Road

Lytham St. Annes


Telephone 01253-795462

Click here for a local map


Table Money

£2.00 members

£3.50 non-members

Club Trustees

Barry Brelsford

Jacqueline Wright

Steve Ellis

Access to Bridgewebs

Any problems with access to Lytham Bridge Club's website, please email

Lancashire Online League
Lancashire Online Bridge League
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New - Lancashire Online Bridge League
The Lancashire Contract Bridge Association (LCBA) is starting an online teams-of-4 bridge league in early July. This is a great opportunity for club players to form teams (of 4, 5 or 6 players) to continue playing bridge throughout the lockdown and beyond. Matches will be played on BBO so you will need an account which is free and easy to set up. You should have some experience of playing online bridge before the start of the league. Each league cycle (i.e. season) will last two months, and the cost will be £12 per team per cycle.
Matches will be 16 boards and played on Thursdays at 7pm.
Teams captains and players will not have to do much organising - the league fixtures will be automatically scheduled so all that's left to do, apart from actually playing in the matches, is for the home team captain set up the match on BBO (click here to find out how) and to enter the match results on the EBU website. Away captains will just need to let the home team captain know the names of who'll be playing in the match.
Click here to enter your team on the LCBA website.

Lancashire Online Bridge League – summary of arrangements

  • The league will only go ahead if there are sufficient entries to make the venture worthwhile.
  • The league will be played on BBO;
  • There will be no need to arrange any fixtures - all matches will take place at 7pm on a Thursday each week and a fixture list will be published in advance.  The target start date is Thursday 2nd  July;
  • If a success, then the league will repeat every 2 months;
  • Teams of all levels of experience are very welcome – novice to expert.  There will be a number of divisions consisting of around 7 teams but this will depend on the total number of entries;
  • Squads will consist of 4, 5 or 6 players – any 4 of which can play in any match;
  • Matches will be 16 boards, 8 boards against each opposing pair.
  • Teams are entered by a captain on the LCBA website.  The closing date for entries is Wed 24th June;
  • Teams will be allocated to a division by the organisers, based on any NGS data or any other playing information available;
  • 2 teams will be promoted and 2 relegated every cycle of the league;
  • The league will affiliate to the EBU but MP’s and NGS will not be applicable;
  • The charge will be £12/team/cycle paid by BACS to LCBA 50p per player per match;
  • ‘Away’ captains are responsible for informing, by email or text, the ‘Home’ captain of their line-up by 5pm on the day of the match;
  • ‘Home’ captains are responsible for:
    • Ensuring all their players are registered;
    • Setting up the match on BBO;
    • Registering the result on the EBU’s League Management System;
  • None of the IT required for this league is difficult but details of “how to do stuff” will be sent to captains;