LVBA Bridge (Unit 133)
Release 2.19o
Unit Game Winners


2020 Souper-Bowl Charity Game, February 2

Winners (Open): Valerie Barber & David Kresge (N/S), and Marie Bond & Freda Witmer (E/W)

Winners (0-500): Michael Adellizi & MaryAnn Sharpless (N/S), and Craig Bailey & Beth Dimler (E/W)

2020 Junior Fund Charity Game, January 10 

Winners (Open): Valerie Barber & Mike Kohler (N/S), and Patricia Clarke & Peter Stoyanov (E/W)

Winners (0-300): Dianne McGilloway & Sandra Sorensen (N/S), and  E Krall & Silas Maynard (E/W)

Unit Game Winners from previous Years can be found here (click link)



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