LVBA Bridge (Unit 133)
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Unit Game Winners


2020 Souper-Bowl Charity Game, February 2

Winners (Open): Valerie Barber & David Kresge (N/S), and Marie Bond & Freda Witmer (E/W)

Winners (0-500): Michael Adellizi & MaryAnn Sharpless (N/S), and Craig Bailey & Beth Dimler (E/W)

2020 Junior Fund Charity Game, January 10 

Winners (Open): Valerie Barber & Mike Kohler (N/S), and Patricia Clarke & Peter Stoyanov (E/W)

Winners (0-300): Dianne McGilloway & Sandra Sorensen (N/S), and  E Krall & Silas Maynard (E/W)

Unit Game Winners from previous Years can be found here (click link)



Special Colored Games

Calendar Colors Meaning

RED - Game Cancelled


YELLOW - Upgraded Club Game


GREEN - Charity Game

Welcome to LVBA Bridge (Unit 133)
Upcoming Unit Games / Current Notices

 Welcome Back to In Person Lehigh Valley Bridge CLUB Games 



Lehigh Valley Active Life - Monday, Thursday and Friday games will now start at 12:30PM

In Person at Clubs SCHEDULE

Lehigh Country Club 10am Open/Inv - 2nd and 4th Wed - Game and Lunch - $22

 Saucon Valley Country Club 10am Open/Inv - 2nd and 4th Thurs - Game and Lunch - $22

Brookside Country Club 10am Open/Inv - 1st, 3rd and 5th Tues - Game and Lunch - $22

Brookside Country Club 10am 0-99'er - Every Wednesday - Game and Lunch - $22

Lehigh Valley Active Life 12:30pm 0-100/0-750 - Every Monday - $7 

Lehigh Valley Active Life 12:30pm 0-750 - 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday - $7

 Lehigh Valley Active Life 12:30pm 0-500/Open - Every Friday - $7

 Bethlehem Bridge Club 10am Open - every Wednesday, - $7

 Bethlehem Bridge Club 10am Open - every Monday - $7 


Thursdays 7:15PM 0-100 and Open Games  


Saturday, October 2, at 1:00 PM - OVER/UNDER 300 Swiss Team Game

(Each pair within the 4-person Swiss Team must have at least one player with less than 300 master points)


Check back periodically for dates and times of future games


If you are new to the Unit or BBO, contact Betsy Cutler (610-737-2545), at least 24 hours before you wish to play to add your name to the valid players list or with any questions

Log on to BBO up to 2 hours in advance and be ready to play  

You can register with your partner, each person will be charged 5BB$ from their BBO account with prepurchased BB$

or if you don't have a partner, enter your screenname under the Partnership Tab. 

Your Convention Card will default to Standard American Yellow Card (Not 2/1) unless you and partner create and use your own CC

Click on the Link Below for a BBO Guide for New Players 

In order to play in these games, you will need to sign on to BBO ( and register with a Username and select a password and enter your ACBL number (registration is FREE). 

The Next Unit 133 Board of Directors Zoom Meeting is planned for 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 2.

Find the Current Board Members listed on this website Under the Information and then Committee Tabs to the Left


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Lehigh & Northampton Counties, PA

The Lehigh Valley is located in eastern Pennsylvania; We are approximately 60 miles north of Philadelphia, and 80 miles west of New York City.

Our older webpage (for results going back to 2010) is at

Mike Kohler is the Unit 133 President for 2019--2021


Last updated : Nov 14, 2019 12:02 EST
Useful Links & Member Achievements
  • Betty, LM, 4/18
  • Gary, Gold LM, 6/18
  • Gwen, Silver LM, 6/18
  • Kay, LM, 6/18
  • Judy & Kay
  • Judy, LM, 9/18
  • Runners Up, National 0-10000 Swiss, Tom Kriz, Miriam Harris-Botzum, John Botzum, & Deepak Khanna
  • Betsy, LM 11/18
  • Bill Forrester, Silver LM, 11/18
  • 2nd Place, 10K Swiss, NABC, Honolulu, 11/18
  • Freda, LM 1/19
  • Dot Forrester: Silver LM, 6/18
  • LM, 6/19
  • Julie & Ken
  • Sara, LM, 1/20


ACBL Rank Achievements 2021

Sara Gainey: Bronze Life Master

Betsy Cutler: Silver Life Master

Kate Shumaker: Ruby Life Master


ACBL Rank Achievements 2020

Lois Fuini, Sara Gainey: Life Master         Betsy Cutler, Irish Murphy, Mike Kohler: Bronze Life Master   

              Sylvia Hand, Jim Kenny, Barbara Laudone, Bagisa Mukherjee: Silver Life Master    

Florence Futcher, Frank Morgan: Ruby Life Master            David Wachsman: Emerald Life Master


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Links to the District 4 Website, ACBL, Karen Walker's Website, Richard Pavlicek's Website, Steve Robinson's articles on bridge, & BBO are included.

Last updated : Aug 2, 2021 15:43 EDT
President's Corner

In light of the recent spike in COVID cases, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the LVBA Sectional originally planned for October 15-17.  We can only hope that next spring’s tournament will be viable.

In the meantime, please find a partner and a team for the upcoming OVER/UNDER 300 Swiss Team game planned for Saturday, October 2, at 1:00 PM.  This will be an online game with similar restrictions to that of the 2019 Swiss event.  Each pair within the 4-person team must have at least one player with fewer than 300 points.  Eligible mentor/mentee pairs are especially encouraged to participate.

Bethlehem Bridge Club, Open Game, Partners Guaranteed
10:00 am to 1:30 pm
LVAL Bridge Club, 0-500 and Open
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Club Championship Saucon Valley Country Club, Invitational/Open Game
10:00 am to 2:30 pm
Unit 133, 0-100 and Open Games
7:15 pm to 9:00 pm
club championship Lehigh Country Club, Invitational (April to November)
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Mon Sep 27, 2021
LVAL Bridge Club, 0-100, 0-750 Games
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Wed Sep 29, 2021
Bethlehem Bridge Club, Closed for Jewish Holiday
10:00 am to 1:30 pm
Wed Sep 29, 2021
Club Championship Bridge at Brookside Country Club, Novice/Newcomer 0-100 MPs
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Thu Sep 30, 2021
Unit 133, 0-100 and Open Games
7:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Thu Sep 30, 2021
LVAL Bridge Club 0-750 Game
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm