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18th Jan 2022 17:16 GMT



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Christmas 2021

Lusk Bridge wishes all its Members

a Happy and a Peaceful New Year.

Protect one self and others stay safe.

The club will continue on Tuesday's 

at 7.30

It will start back on Tuesday 4th January.

If members wish to play on BBO on Wednesday's

they will be welcome by the Swords Bridge Club.



DNR Events

    Calendar of events 2022 

Jan 15 Mc Loughlin Cup (Bs)

Feb 5th Norma Madden Throphy (A2s)

19 Fed Maureen Meade(Ma/A!s)

17 Mar Inividual 

To part in any of these events you have 

to be a member of a club in 

Dublin North

National Competions

A list of National Competions are on

 The CBAI web site

Virtual Bridge Online

         Virtual Bridge  Online 

will Continue Online on Tuesdays

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