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Welcome to Loughborough Bridge Club
The Azam Khan Championship on BBO

The Azam Khan Championship has been running since 2018 and normally occupies Thursdays in the summer. Last year our plans were somewhat disrupted and play did not begin until October. We now return to the more usual schedule and the trophy will be awarded to the pair with the highest score based on their best four scores from the seven Thursdays beginning on 22 July. This competition is open to all full and associate members. All are most welcome to play, even if they are not in their usual partnership.  To be clear - there is nothing to prevent two of us being a pair competing for the Championship on some of the designated Thursdays but playing with other partners on other Thursdays.

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:43 BST
BBO Robots Policy

From now on we will use a pair of robots when necessary to avoid a half table on Thursday evenings.  Accordingly we have stopped asking for human stand-by pairs.  Note carefully that after the bridge is over we will exclude the robots from the ranking list so the results published here and sent to the EBU will differ from the immediate result given by BBO.  Your results against the robots do count though and affect your final score.

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:43 BST
The 70% Club

Tuesday 15 June - Ron and Chris scored 70.14 %

Thursday 17 June - Linda and Steve scored 70.94%

Well done to all of you!

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:43 BST
A RealBridge Competition for the Gill Jones Trophy

The Gill Jones Trophy will be awarded to the pair with the highest score based on their best three scores from the five weeks beginning on 3 August. (Known as a Ladder Competition).  This competition is open to all full and associate members. All are most welcome to play, even if they are not in their usual partnership so just turn up as usual. To be clear - two players can be a pair competing for the Trophy on three or four of the designated Tuesdays but might play with other partners on the remaining one or two Tuesdays. Gill Jones was a member of both the Loughborough and Loughborough University clubs and after her death the two clubs competed for the trophy named in her memory. Eventually the competition ended when the University club was unable to raise a team. Our club has retained the trophy in storage ever since.

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 16:18 BST
Committee Meeting Minutes

The club committee met on 4 June and the minutes are visible from the appropriate menu item on the left.

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:42 BST
Rainbows Appeal

The online night in support of Rainbows was very well attended and the additional table money has allowed us to send the charity £100.  Thanks for all of your support!

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:42 BST
Online Bridge

We are now running two online sessions a week, one each on RealBridge and BBO.  Forthcoming sessions are in the Calendar to the right of this item.  We have written a comprehensive guide to online bridge - see the Online FAQs menu item to the left.  Participation is limited to club members who have registered as required, see the FAQs for more information.

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2021 14:41 BST
Master Point Promotions

These are our members who have gained an EBU master point promotion in the past year. Congratulations to all of you!


Promotion Date

Latest Ranking

Anne Morris

November 2020


Barbara Holt

October 2020

Club Master

Ben Norton

November 2020

Life Master

David Mitchell

March 2020

Premier Tournament Master

Freda Moore

December 2020

Advanced Master

Gail Tillen

February 2020

1 Star Master

Helen Cattermole

November 2020

Area Master

Julie Jones

October 2020

County Master

June Green

October 2020

District Master

Kishor Trivedi

November 2020

District Master

Linda MacFarlane

January 2020

Life Master

Paul Anderson

December 2020

1 Star Premier Master

Ray Newman

June 2020

District Master

Robin Nutkins

April 2020

Club Master

Ruth Johnson

June 2020


Sarah Gilbert

June 2020

District Master

Susan Perrett

December 2020

1 Star Master


Last updated : 14th Jan 2021 16:29 GMT
Play These Hands With Brian

Brian Stockdale writes

No doubt many of you will have been getting your bridge fix by playing on-line. As on-line bridge is the only game in town, I have dipped in and out over these lock-down weeks and whilst the social element is undoubtedly missing, on-line bridge does present some interesting facets of playing bridge. Perhaps the most obvious one is that although you are deprived of that intangible factor ‘table presence’, it is more than compensated for by not being ‘influenced’ by partner’s, how shall I put it, table mannerisms! What this allows you to do is to concentrate solely on bidding and playing your cards. Pauses between bids and plays are more likely to be the vagaries of the internet than pontifications by partner. It is in fact more like international bridge played with screens. I have tended to treat the sessions more as ‘practice’ rather than meaningful competition as I find it difficult to take it too seriously playing against ‘Moon Pig’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet’.

Sad though it may be, I have looked back at a few bidding sequences to see ‘where it all went wrong’ and hands where ‘one might have done better’ in the card play. I have collected together a few hands from the latter category that demonstrate an interesting aspect of card play and I have presented them as a bridge play quiz. See how you get on and then have a look at the commentary.

Stay safe, Brian

The problems and the answers will open in new windows when you click them.  You could save them for future reference if you chose.

Play problems 1               Answers to Play Problems 1

Last updated : 6th Jul 2020 11:03 BST
No Coppers Please

The club committee has agreed that it is a bit much to expect our Treasurer to handle table money tendered in copper.  We would much rather you drop those coins in a collecting box for your farourite charity.  So, please be aware that Paul is now authorised to turn down your shrapnel!

Last updated : 13th Aug 2019 19:19 BST
Let's Take Less Time!

To help the directors keep our evenings to time you do not necessarily have to think any quicker;  there are several tips that will speed up the evening.  Try to bear these in mind:

  • Lead first and write it down later.
  • When the move is called get to the next table swiftly.
  • The Bridgemate user must score swiftly: enter most details before the end of the hand, then enter the result and offer the Bridgemate to your opponent. Saying something like ‘We got 45%’ is usually enough; going through how many bid which particular game can use a lot of time.
  • Opponents - you must be ready to check and then press the accept button.
  • Catch up: if you are late starting then you have an obligation to try to catch up.
  • Time yourself: you should be aware if you only have 4 minutes to deal with the last board of the set.
  • Limit your post-mortem until you have finished all the boards for the round.
  • Don’t ask for the meaning every time there is an alert.
  • Claim: consider claiming if you have a reasonably easy end position.
  • Use your opponent’s thinking time: you may be able to plan your own play better.
  • If your opponent is going to cash a long suit in dummy, decide on your discards. I bet you’ve watched someone agonise over their first discard and then when another winner is played do exactly the same again. It can hardly be a surprise.
  • Put your played boards somewhere easy for the TD or the next table to pick up. Please don’t hide them on the most obscure bit of the floor and then keep us waiting for them.
Last updated : 29th Nov 2019 07:50 GMT
Club Statement: Privacy of Your Data

The Club Committee has written a privacy policy governing our use of your personal data.  You will find it listed in the menu (left hand side of this page) under the general heading of "All About Our Club".  Just click on that and you will find our policy document.

Last updated : 13th Jul 2018 11:02 BST
Bridgemates - Taking Care

Both sides are urged to be very careful in entering and agreeing the contract and the tricks.  On occasion we see impossible scores.  The Director who is trying to play bridge cannot do much to check on what you enter.  After the bridge is over the Director has no power to change these impossible scores unless the pairs concerned can help.  Otherwise, the scores entered must stand.

Last updated : 11th Aug 2016 23:04 BST
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