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Tuesday evenings will henceforth begin at 7:00 pm.  To be sure of a place, one of you must arrive by 6.50 and competitors should essentially all be present by 6.55 although TDs will always try hard to accommodate late arrivals. (No change to Thursday arrangements.)

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Welcome to Loughborough Bridge Club
Minutes of the AGM

The minutes of the AGM held on 23 May are available via the appropriate menu item on the left.

Following the AGM discussion the committee has amended the club rules to reflect the new arrangements for Tuesday evenings.  The club rules are also available from the menu (via All About Our Club).

Last updated : 3rd Jun 2019 10:53 BST
Let's Take Less Time!

As discussed at the AGM, we are going to run Tuesday evenings within a three hour time slot.  To help the directors achieve this, you do not necessarily have to think any quicker;  there are several tips that will speed up the evening.  Try to bear these in mind:


  • Lead first and write it down later.
  • When the move is called get to the next table swiftly.
  • The Bridgemate user must score swiftly: enter most details before the end of the hand, then enter the result and offer the Bridgemate to your opponent. Saying something like ‘We got 45%’ is usually enough; going through how many bid which particular game can use a lot of time.
  • Opponents - you must be ready to check and then press the accept button.
  • Catch up: if you are late starting then you have an obligation to try to catch up.
  • Time yourself: you should be aware if you only have 4 minutes to deal with the last board of the set.
  • Limit your post-mortem until you have finished all the boards for the round.
  • Don’t ask for the meaning every time there is an alert.
  • Claim: consider claiming if you have a reasonably easy end position.
  • Use your opponent’s thinking time: you may be able to plan your own play better.
  • If your opponent is going to cash a long suit in dummy, decide on your discards. I bet you’ve watched someone agonise over their first discard and then when another winner is played do exactly the same again. It can hardly be a surprise.
  • Put your played boards somewhere easy for the TD or the next table to pick up. Please don’t hide them on the most obscure bit of the floor and then keep us waiting for them.
Last updated : 25th May 2019 21:15 BST
Annual Subscriptions

Please pay your subscription of £5 either to Dave or to Paul.  Your subscription covers the period 1 June to 31 May. The very latest date by which subscriptions must be paid is 31 July after which membership is suspended and table money at the higher visitor rate will be requested.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:52 BST
The Alice Cup

Chris Waddington & Bill Wrigley have won the club's Alice Cup by a convincing margin.  The top three places were Chris Waddington & Bill Wrigley 66.71%, Mike Ellerby & Harry Gordon 61.93%, Sheila & Brian Stockdale 59.82%

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:52 BST
Committee Meeting Minutes

The club committee met on 10 May and the minutes are visible from the appropriate menu item on the left.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:51 BST
Congratulations and Commiserations to the Teams

We have reached the end of this winter league season with very mixed results.  Our A team has won Division Two with a fairly comfortable 8 point margin and will therefore be playing back in Division One next season.  Unfortunately pretty much the opposite has happened to our B Team who finished last but one in Division Three by 2 points.  Relegation therefore threatens unless there is some change in the league structure before next season.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:51 BST
The Jackson Cup (Pairs Championship)

Robert Northage and John Wilcox have won the club's Jackson Cup for pairs in a tight competition.  The top three places were 

Robert Northage & John Wilcox 57.74%;  David Mitchell & Azam Khan 55.95%;  Dave Buckley & Chris Howe 53.57%

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:51 BST
Robin Wins the Schools Cup

Loughborough Grammar School A team (including Robin Nutkins) won the Schools Cup at the Young Bridge Challenge on the 16th March.  The team comprised Robin Nutkins with Robert Dowsett and Neil Ruikar with Shyam Modi.  They were overall leaders after the third round (after which the 4 leading school teams go through to the knockout stages and the remaining teams play on for the Scully Trophy and Schools Plate) and they then won their semi-final and the final by large margins.  Here's hoping for many more successes in years to come Robin!  Warmest congratulations to you.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:51 BST
Bridge Teachers Teach-In

The Leicestershire County Bridge Association will be holding a Teachers Weekend some time in May/June.  This will be open to anyone wishing to learn how to approach bridge teaching.  The aim will be to offer guidance through the basic dos and don'ts. Further details and how to enrol will be posted as soon as the date is confirmed.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:51 BST
The Loughborough Cup Winners

The Loughborough Cup competition was played on 28 February 2019

The winners of our competition for nominated teams was Richard Rees & Diana Bowden; Mike Ayers & Lucy Pathan, scoring 88

Second place went to Steve Wright & Anne Wright; Sheila Stockdale & Harry Gordon, scoring 67

and in third place were Paul Anderson & Susie Perrett; Barry Smith & Geoff Shaw, scoring 52

Nine teams took part

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:50 BST
The Sharanda Trophy - Mixed Pairs

Thursday 31 January

This is the club competition for mixed pairs.

Jan Stewart & Goff Tearle were the winners with a score of 57.97%

Runners up were Susie Perrett and David Mitchell with 57.14%

And in third place were Norma Dowding and John Clark with 53.74%

Congratulations to you all. 

As usual the full competition result is available from the relevant bit of the left hand menu.

Last updated : 25th May 2019 20:50 BST
Letter From Rainbows

Following our Christmas party, Paul received this letter from Rainbows:

Thank you for giving a family the gift of happy memories this Christmas

The parents of 12 year-old S believe that quality of life is the most important thing.  That's why, despite S having spent a lot of time in hospital, they are determined to live every moment to the fullest and make every day count.  And thanks to you, Rainbows is here to help them do just that.

They are just one of over 400 families receiving care from Rainbows.  Thanks to your support, they can take comfort, knowing that S is in the expert care of our specialist nurses and the whole family can spend time together, creating treasured memories.  "Where we go from here is unknown but we always keep going, ensuring that S and her sisters live their lives to the fullest".

That is why we want to say thank you so much for your generous donation of £200.  Because of you, we can continue to be there for families like this at Christmas and all through the year.  Your donation means many more families will be able to make memories that will last them forever.

Whatever you're celebrating this festive season, we wish you and your loved ones peace, laughter and joy.

Last updated : 14th Jan 2019 12:47 GMT
The Doris Fawcett Trophy

Thursday 22 November

This is the club competition for Teams, randomly drawn on the night.

Stephen Barney & Mike Ayers; Jan Stewart & Goff Tearle were the winners with an IMPs total of 75

Runners up were David Mitchell & Azam Khan; Anne Cullen & Norma Dowding with an IMPs total of 60.

Congratulations to you all.  We were very pleased to have 10 teams playing in the competition. 

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2018 23:06 GMT
The Anderson Cup

Tuesday 23 October

Congratulations to the top three pairs in the Anderson Cup competition:

Winners:  Steve Wright & Mike Ellerby, 60.42%

2nd:  John Summerhayes & Azam Khan, 60.19%

3rd:  Freda & Ken Moore, 57.81%

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2018 23:07 GMT
The Palfreyman Cup

Thursday 11 October

Congratulations to the top three pairs in the Palfreyman Cup competition:

Winners:  Steve Wright & Brian Stockdale, 62.43%

2nd:  Bob McCulloch & Barry Smith, 58.93%

3rd:  Chris Howe & Dave Buckley, 56.88%

The results have been re-entered after a board was amended but it has not affected the top 3 positions.

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2018 23:08 GMT
Another High Score for Azam and David

On Tuesday October 9th, Azam and David recorded a fine score of 72% in the duplicate.  Well done to them!

Last updated : 13th Oct 2018 17:05 BST
Top 3 in the John Dixon AMENDED

Thursday 27 September

With huge apologies,  I got the inital handicap entry wrong and the top three pairs in the John Dixon Handicap competition were:

1  David Mee and Sue Sanderson   59.14%

2  Bob McCulloch and Barry Smith   58.55%

3  Anne Cullen and Norma Dowding    54.60%

Warm congratulations!

The full results are available by clicking the Competitions item within the menu to the left.


Last updated : 22nd Nov 2018 23:09 GMT
A Nice Round Figure

On Tuesday 25 September Pat and Gary achieved a nice round 75% score.  Congratulations to you!

Last updated : 13th Oct 2018 16:48 BST
Look Who Is In The 70% Club

We have had two pairs score over 70% in quick succession.  On Tuesday 31 July David Mitchell and Azam Khan scored 74.60% and on Thursday 2 August at the Summer Party, Chris Howe and Dave Buckley scored 70.36%.  Very well done to all four of you!

Last updated : 5th Aug 2018 12:36 BST
Summer Party Report

Thursday 2 August was our Summer Party.  10½ tables played 18 hands of bridge and enjoyed a really good spread of food and drink.  The food was brought by those at the party and was a delight.  We raised  £104 for the benefit of John Storer House. Many people contributed to the success of the evening and we are vary grateful to them.

Last updated : 5th Aug 2018 12:25 BST
Congratulations to our B Team!
Congratulations to our B Team!

Our B team are to be congratulated!  They were crowned Division Four Champions after a three-way tie split.  Ruth and Stuart are seen receiving the trophy at the LCBA AGM.

Last updated : 13th Jul 2018 11:04 BST
Committee minutes are available

The minutes of the Committee meeting held on 29th June 2018 are available for reading.  Click the menu item on the left side of this page. 

Last updated : 15th Jul 2018 11:46 BST
Club Statement: Privacy of Your Data

The Club Committee has written a privacy policy governing our use of your personal data.  You will find it listed in the menu (left hand side of this page) under the general heading of "All About Our Club".  Just click on that and you will find our policy document.

Last updated : 13th Jul 2018 11:02 BST
The Alice Cup (Pairs Championship)

We congratulate Hughie Cairns and Barrie Parker on winning the Alice Cup with a score of 67.86%.

In second place were Harry Gordon and Mike Ellerby with a score of 62.80%.

Last updated : 5th May 2018 08:09 BST
The Loughborough Cup (Teams)

Congratulations to the winning team of Jackie Wilkes & Glen Clelland with Sheila & Brian Stockdale.  Their score of 47 IMPs was comfortably ahead of the 27 IMPs scored by Tracy Jarvis & Sue Hardie with Pat Simpson & Gary Jones in second place.

Last updated : 9th Mar 2018 21:57 GMT
The Sharanda Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to Iris Walker and Ron Forster on winning the Sharanda Mixed Pairs competition.  The top three scores were

1st Iris Walker & Ron Forster 62.96%

2nd Tracy Jarvis & Barry Smith 60.88%

3rd Susie Perrett & David Mitchell 58.56%

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2018 09:30 GMT
Bridgemates - Taking Care

Both sides are urged to be very careful in entering and agreeing the contract and the tricks.  On occasion we see impossible scores.  The Director who is trying to play bridge cannot do much to check on what you enter.  After the bridge is over the Director has no power to change these impossible scores unless the pairs concerned can help.  Otherwise, the scores entered must stand.

Last updated : 11th Aug 2016 23:04 BST
Not Receiving Club Emails

You will receive club emails if

1) You are a member of the club

2) You have given your consent for your details to be shared (Data Protection Act)

3) You have NOT opted out of receiving emails

If you have answered Yes Check your Spam/Junk folder

If you have answered No  any one of these please follow this link Receiving emails

Last updated : 6th Jul 2016 19:20 BST
Sim Pairs - Kidney Research

Thursday 11 July will be the annual Sim Pairs competition to raise funds for Kidney Research.

Thursday 18 July - Summer Party

Our ever-popular summer party (with some bridge) will be on Thursday 18 July.

Our League Teams

This year our teams played in the LCBA league, Division Two  and Division Three .  To see how our teams did, click on either button.

Need a Partner?

Phone Barrie Parker  07763103091



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Thu 11th July 2019
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