London Metropolitan Bridge Association
Play online and stay safe!

These are hard times and we hope our members will come through ithe next weeks/months safely, their own health and wellbeing intact as well as those of their loved ones.

While face to face bridge has temporarily disappeared, opportunities for online are not lacking. 

London clubs (currently YC, Woodberry BC and London Duplicate Bridge Club) and the EBU offer 'online duplicate' with reduced table money (and membership fee where relevant) and NGS, master points etc.

Individual club proprieters like Ned Paul are also setting up games on BBO.

Check out:

Hope to see you back at the bridge table soon!


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This page has information about events in neighbouring counties.


Green Point Swiss Pairs and Teams

26-27 Sep ‑ 12 noon

Blue Point Event:

·Qualifying Event

·Final and Consolation Event


14 Nov  ‑ 12 noon

15 Nov ‑ 12 noon

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