Little Rock Duplicate Bridge Club
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Face to Face games (vaccination proof required):

Curtis Finch Bridge House
7415 Indiana Avenue
Little Rock, AR  72207


Also several virtual games per week on BBO

ACBL Live for Clubs

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Results of BBO Tournaments

CLICK HERE to get a list of complete tournaments our club has sponsored.  Then, click the one for which you wish to find the results.

To see your personal results, get complete travelers, etc., go to BBO MYHANDS, then log in with your BBO name and password.  Specify the period of boards you wish to review (in terms of days or weeks "backwards in date order") and you get all the info you need.

Thanks for playing in LRDBC Virtual Games!

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Most Games $5.00 ----- Most Games $5.00 ----- Most Games $5.00


Congratulations to Becky, Alex, Mary Jane, and Mary H. for winning the 13 table Eight-Is-Enough

Click here for complete results of this event


The next Eight-Is-Enough event is Sunday, August 8
(Team games in August are second and fourth Sundays)



Win Gold Points!

All games during the week of July 26 will be via LRDBC's virtual club on BBO

Watch this space for more information

Note: there will be no face to face play during Stardust Week

  Schedule July 19 - August 1


Date MP Limited Events Open Events
Mon  Jul 19 9:00 0-100    
9:00 0-750    
12:30 0-500* 12:30 Open*
Tue  Jul 20 9:00 0-1500    
12:30 0-300* 12:30 Open*
Wed  Jul 21 9:00 Mentee (0-200)//Mentor (0-2000)
12:30 0-750    
7:00 0-100    
Thu  Jul 22 12:30 0-300* 12:30 Open*
7:00 0-1000    
Fri  Jul 23 12:30 0-500* 7:00  No game 
Sun  Jul 25   1:30 Open 6min/bd


Date MP Limited Events Open Events
Mon  Jul 26 9:00 0-750    
1:00 0-500    
    1:15 Open
Tue  Jul 27 9:00 0-1500    
1:00 0-300    
    1:15 Open
Wed  Jul 28 9:00 Mentee (0-200)//Mentor (0-2000)
1:00 0-750    
7:00 0-100    
Thu  Jul 29 1:00 0-300    
    1:15 Open
7:00 0-1500    
Fri  Jul 30 1:00 0-500    
      7:00 Open
Sat  Jul 31 1:15 0-750    
Sun  Aug 01 1:15 0-750    
    1:30 Open
  Friday Evening Pairs

The Virtual Friday Evening Open Pairs event WILL BE HELD DURING STARDUST WEEK ONLY

The Game Development Committee and interested players are working on reinstatment of face-to-face play starting in mid-August.

The new event, to be announced soon, will be a shorter game, 18-22 boards.  Watch the club's web pages and your e-mail for details.

  Next Sizzlin' Summer Symposium

Don't miss the next Sizzlin' Summer Symposium

Saturday, August 7
10:00 a.m. -- 12:00 noon
Curtis Finch Bridge House
(vaccination proof required)

Subject: Finesses
Instructor: Karen Proetz

Tuition: $10



  Our Newest Diamond Life Master!

Congratulations to Gerald Koonce for his win in Monday's NAP Club Qualifying Event.  Gerald needed 5.34 masterpoints to reach the Diamond Life Master Level, and his big win today (with Becky Bien) got him 6.00 to push him over the line.

A Diamond Life Master is a Life Master with at least 5000 masterpoints, 1000 of which must be silver/red/gold/platinum and 500 of which must be gold/platinum.

What a nice way to return to Face to Face play!  Way to go, Gerald.

  Unit-Wide Championship

The next Unit-Wide Championship will be held

Wednesday, August 18 12:30 p.m.
Face-to-face play at
Curtis Finch Bridge House
(vaccination proof required)

Open and limited (to-be-announced) MP events

Clubs play separately but scores are combined throughout Unit 161.  Masterpoints awarded will be the greater of your "club win" or your "unit win."

  Find A Partner
  1. Click on Find a Partner
  2. Find the month on the LRDBC Calendar relevant to the desired partnering date.
  3. Scroll down on the selected month to the desired partnering date.
  4. Mouse hover over the desired partnering date for a Pop-Up response to request a partner.
  5. Click-On the "Partner Required" icon, located at the bottom of the Pop-Up for the desired date.
  6. Complete the Request form with your email address as contact information.
  7. Click-On "Check" to register the partner request. Click-On "Add Request" to record it on the Club Calendar.

Your request will now be entered on the LRDBC Calendar/Partnering Request. It can be confirmed in the Club Calendar on the desired date.
Interested players will click on the email icon on the desired date and an email will be sent to you regarding that person's availability.

Expired requests will be automatically removed from the Partnering Process.


To remove a request, locate your request on the Club Calendar, Click-On "Partner Required", enter your email, Click-On "Check", then "Remove Request".



Please note the new telephone number for
Little Rock Duplicate Bridge Club
The Bridge House


Click Here


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Virtual Mentor Game at LRDBC

Without exeception, every member of the club has been helped by more experienced players. Now it's time to pay it forward.

Call Carolyn Stowers and volunteer as a mentor for the Virtual Club game held on Wednesday mornings at 9:00.  Mentors may not have more than 2000 masterpoints.  Mentees may not have more than 200 masterpoints.

Mentors don't have to be experts!  This is not "bridge teaching" but rather a chance for gentle suggestions and encouragement.  It's relaxed and quite fun.  See you (virtually) Wednesday. By the way, the table fee for this event is only three bucks.

Eight Is Enough Teams

The next LRDBC Eight-Is-Enough Teams event will be Sunday, August 8 at 1:30 p.m. at the Curtis Finch Bridge House.  Face-fo-face bridge (vaccination proof required) and LOTS OF FUN.

Conditions of Contest

3 Points A=2000 MP or more
2 Points B=500-2000 MP
1 Point C Under 500 MP

Each team must include at least one C player
No team may have more than one A player


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