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Realbridge on Tue 19.00

NEW - Realbridge sessions on Tue evenings as well as Thu evenings. Club sessions suspended - Govt edict. Something's Coming Something Good - see "New" Old School Community Centre pictures below:
  • New Old School Entrance
  • New Old School Exterior
  • New Old School Interior

Club Bridge sessions are now suspended because of changes in Welsh Govt rules.  However the popular online Tuesday and Thursday Realbridge sessions will continue for the foreseeable future together with monthly Realbridge Teams events.

We play Duplicate Bridge (every Monday evening, starting at 7.00pm and) every Tuesday afternoon starting at 1.30pm. Play is in the Bethel Community Centre, Llangranog Road, Llanishen (opposite the school). The site has its own limited car parking with more parking in Llangranog Road. Please be there for (6.45pm or) 1.15pm (respectively) so that the movement can be set up promptly on the computer. We can accommodate 12 tables. At the moment our membership is open so that any new members or visitors would be very welcome. The cost is £2.00 and £3.00 per session for members and visitors respectively. Please pay by Bank Transfer - see Table Money. There are two counters (see Menu) that record your attendance at F2F and Realbridge sessions respectively; these allow you to keep track of your credit position. Results both without and with Handicap are posted on this site. For Monday evenings you need to have a partner but for Tuesday afternoons there is a "host" system so no partner is required.

Web site queries to John Basford,, please. 

Session Information
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Monday and Tuesday

At the Monday evening session we normally play 24 boards with no interval but there is the opportunity to pick up a tea/coffee and biscuit during the session. On Tuesday afternoons the session has a break half way through for tea/coffee, biscuits and a chat. We usually play 21 boards and this is more a relaxed No Fear bridge session. There is also a "host" system on Tuesdays so you do not have to bring along a partner.

A Genuine Bridge Experience

We use genuinely random hands produced using our "Duplimate" dealing machine.  The additional benefit is that all deals and their results can be reviewed on the web site. A quick look at the red boards indicates where pairs have gone wrong and the green boards indicate where pairs have succeeded  - a genuine aid to improved play.

One Winner Movements

All our movements generate one winner so that competition is with all members of the club present. This is achieved by the appropriate use of arrow switches. While not perfect, this does achieve a high degree of genuine competition (around 90% for an 8 table, 24 board movement), and any imperfections decrease as results accumulate with time.


Scoring is with 7 inch tablets which give a high degree of visibility and send all the results entered, by WiFi, to a central computer. We use Bridgescore/Bridgepal as the scoring progam, acknowledged as perhaps the easiest and most innovative program available. The results are then available for viewing on this web site on the evening of the event. All results are published both without and with handicap values.


Reports and Information

Results and Competitions

Results for all events are listed under the "Results" section (left hand menu).

     Personal Analysis from January 2015 is also available here.

Accumulated results are shown under the "Competitions" section as follows:

     Pairs for 2020 and 2019

     Master Points for 2020 and 2019

     Individual for 2020 and 2019

  Other Information

Other links that you may find useful are those to the WBU, East Wales Bridge Association, EBU, Mr Bridge, and Bridgewebs. 


1st February 2022
Tue Evening Duplicate
Realbridge 19.00
Scorer: John/Maxine
Thu Evening Duplicate
Scorer: John/Maxine
Tue Evening Duplicate
Scorer: John/Maxine
Thu Evening Duplicate
Scorer: John/Maxine