Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Data Protection



On 25th May 2018 the new Data Protection Laws came into force. This has the following effects on Club Members :-

When joining the club, or renewing membership, individuals will be asked to agree to their email address and phone number being included on the secure password protected area of the Lingwood website and for their data to be passed to the EBU and ECBA solely so that they can contact Members directly with items that may be of interest.

Members' data will always be held securely on password controlled websites or personal devices.  All communication with members will be by mailshot or blind copy so no personal details are available to other addressees.  Data will not be shared with other organisations.

Any member who does not want their contact details shown in a "partner finder" email must make that known when requesting a partner.  Partner requests are now sent to Alpha and Chelmsford members - if you do not want this to happen, please make this known when requesting a partner.