Spade Heart  Diamond Club

EBU Annual Masterpoint Competition 2018

Lincolnshire CBA Prize Winners

Category 1 (Life Masters & Above)
Maurice Lynn

Category 2 (National & Premier National Masters)
Nick Hunter

Category 3 (Regional & Premier Regional Masters)
Adrian Wilson

Category 4 (Star, Tournament, Premier & Premier Tournament Masters)
Margaret Shelley

Category 5 (County Masters, Masters & Advanced Masters)
Roy Brixton

Category 6 (District Masters & Below)
Jane Brown

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New regulations on data retention (GDPR) came into force in May 2018.  The Management Committee hold contact information (if provided by members) for the purposes of running the Association effectively.  It is never shared with 3rd parties. The position of the Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association is the same as that which you may have received already from the EBU as follows:-  If you are content with the information that we hold, how we process it, how we currently contact you, etc, then you do not need to do anything. Unlike other organisations who may have contacted you recently, due to our position as a membership organisation we do not need you to grant consent for your information to be used, and you do not need to reply or complete any forms.  If you do not want Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association to hold your personal data in this way then please contact the Secretary and it will be removed from our records accordingly.