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Lerwick Bridge Club is on Mondays

Senior Bridge is on Wednesdays

Christmas Bridge is on Monday 17 December.  Informal buffet.

Intercounty is on the weekend of 18 / 19  May.



Approx £100 was raised for Children In Need.


AGM September 2018

Current Committee Members are:

Chair: Stuart Hubbard, Secretary: Penelope Smith, Treasurer: Angus Stevenson,
Other members are: Chris Smith & Irene Lawrence

News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Orkney winners of the 'Pairs' match
Orkney winners of the 'Pairs' match

Intercounty Pairs winners were Davy and Dave 2014

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2015 23:27 BST
Wednesday News
Wednesday News

“Lerwick Bridge Club plays bridge at the Islesburgh Community Centre twice a week. On a recent Wednesday session in April, the evening was devoted to a fund-raiser with proceeds going towards the Shetland Branch of CLAN. On Monday 12th May 2014, the Lerwick Bridge Club was able to  present a cheque for two hundred and fifty pounds. Shetland co-ordinator, Thelma Hughson, said “CLAN is a tremendous asset to the Shetland community, and we are delighted that the Bridge Club has chosen us as its charity for this event.” Handing over the cheque were president, Ken Rae, and club members Bert and Stella Robertson.”

Last updated : 21st May 2016 20:51 BST
Shetland_Orkney Inter-county 2015
  • Shetland players 2015
  • Shetland Team Winners 2015
  • The Orkney players

Lerwick Bridge Club is riding high after its annual bridge festival which was held on 9th and 10th May 2015. Shetland and Orkney have an annual competition which is held alternately in Kirkwall and Lerwick. This year it was Shetland's turn to visit Orkney, with the stakes as high as could be. The Inter county Shield's life began in Spring 2007 and bears Shetland's name four times and Orkney's name four times, so 2015 would be a closely fought battle. And so it was, sixteen Shetland players sat down with sixteen Orkney players starting bright and early on Saturday morning until tea time. At the end of the session Shetland had won, but by the slimmest of margins possible of just five tricks over the entire match of thirty two hands of bridge played a total of 256 times altogether. The evening was a pairs contest, but Shetland had shot their bolt and the best placed Shetland pair, Stella and Bert Robertson, came fifth behind the four best Orkney pairs. Finally on Sunday there was a teams-of-four contest won with a clear margin by a Shetland team consisting of Angus Stevenson, Stuart Hubbard, Irene Lawrence and Martin Bown. Lerwick Bridge Club chair Ken Rae said "The Inter-County Bridge contest in May every year is the high-light of our bridge calendar. We are pleased that some of the events were won by Shetland and some by Orkney as this reflects how closely matched we are with our Southern cousins. We now hold the Inter County Shield, but we know that Orkney will be fighting hard next year. We'll be ready for them" (Not pictured in the photo were Chris and Sheilagh Smith)

Last updated : 21st May 2016 20:52 BST
Intercounty 2017
Intercounty 2017

Won by Orkney 2017

Last updated : 16th May 2018 17:16 BST