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"For the love of the game --- Play Nice."

From the Webmaster
From the Webmaster

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Welcome To Our Friendly Club

Welcome to the Leland Duplicate Bridge Club. We strive to make our games very friendly and newcomers to duplicate are always welcome. Our games start on time, use a clock, utilize Bridgemates, and provide a partner if requested by an email. Our club takes maximum advantage of the many special games permitted by the ACBL. We are a Zero Tolerance club. This website is generally updated with game results and hand records within an hour of each game. Our web address is  

Welcome To Our Friendly Club
Bridge Education

Winter Bridge Classes

The Leland Duplicate Bridge Club offers classes appropriate for both social and duplicate beginner or intermediate players. We are teaching single session half-day classes focusing on specific areas of interest. Focus areas are Basic NT Bidding Conventions,  Advanced NT Bidding Conventions, and Basic Doubles

The next Beginner's Class is scheduled for May. 

Classes are scheduled on Thursday or  Friday mornings.  Click on the Bridge Classes menu button (on the left) to view class details. Please contact the instructor listed in the class outline if you have questions or wish to register.  Please be sure to inform your social bridge friends about the upcoming classes.  

Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Leaders as of 4/6/23

♠ The annual Ace of Clubs race recognizes the top 10 masterpoint earners in the Unit for each rank. Players are listed according to the rank they held at the start of the calendar year. Included are masterpoints earned in ACBL club games since the beginning of the year. This list is updated on the 7th of each month. We usually have a great share of the top players! Click on the Ace of Clubs Race menu button at the left to see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank.   

♥ The Mini-McKenney race is similar, but includes masterpoints earned at all ACBL club games and tournaments. This list is updated on the 7th of every month. Click on the Mini-McKenney Race menu button to see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. 


Ace of Clubs & Mini-Mckenney Competition Leaders for their MP rank among all Unit 118 players

     John Stodghill
 Ace of Clubs &         Mini-McKenney
      5-20 MPs

    Mike Helton
   Ace of Clubs &         Mini-McKenney
    50-100 MPs

    Rick Bucker
Ace of Clubs
       100-200 MPs

New Rank Achievers as of 4/6/23

       Congratulations to these Leland Players who recently earned a higher ACBL Rank:

    Mike Helton
Sectional Master
   50+ MPs


Bob Coulter
   Sectional Master
   50+ MPs


     Steve Stolerow 
    Regional Master
    100+ MPs


    Ilene Wolf
   Regional Master
    100+ MPs


     Greg Eyerly
     Gold Life Master
500 MPs








Above MP categories are based on lifetime 
masterpoints earned as of April 6, 2023.

Who is that Masked Man?
Who is that Masked Man?
Important Notices

Important Notices ... Please Read

The Player Directory menu button has been made public and no longer requires a password. Please email the webmaster at to request being added, removed, or to update your information. Please use this Directory to assist you in finding a partner.   

There are two menu buttons at the left that are getting very little use. Please read the information below to get a better understanding of these menu items. 

  The 5th menu button at the left is Leland Player Profiles. Many of our regular players have provided some biographical information about their bridge journey, where they lived, what they did for a living, etc. It would be wonderful if all our regular players provided such information about themselves. If you will allow us to add your profile, please send your background information to our webmaster at

  The 6th menu button is Player Photos Only - No Bio. This button provides a means of getting to know your fellow players. If you have not yet submitted a player profile, then your picture probably appears here. 

Club Manager Messages
Club Manager Messages

   June will be an exciting month:  Multiple Club Championship and North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifying games all Month.  NAP games offer Double Points with half of them RED!!

   Current Race Leaders are shown for the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Races  

    We have partnered with Brunswick Virtual Club!!  Many of our games will now award masterpoints at least triple the normal rate with no extra fees.  Small downside is that the game results may not appear in our results page.  If this happens, go to  See Results and look for the Leland game and the hands and results will be visible there.  

  Continuing Education!! We are concluding our  Beginners Class.  The Club will offer  special Half-Day Classes on NT Bidding and Doubles Bidding when requested.  Class details can be found at the Bridge Education Box in the Center Section of this page.

   Where? When? We play in Brunswick Forest -- Tuesdays at 1120 East Cutlar Crossing, and Thursdays at 2162 Shelmore Way.  Plenty of free parking with handicap spots close to the venue.  Please arrive NLT 12:30. Games start at 12:45.  Click the About Us button on the left side for more details about our location, fees, etc.  Click the Leland Face to Face Calendar button to view this month's schedule.

  Not getting enough bridge?  Our online Partner, SE Carolina, offers limited and Open games at 9:30 AM & 2 PM daily.  Afternoon Games are $3.98 and Morning Games are $4.50 for limited and 5.50 for Open game. Or play 12 Board Speedball Games with a robot daily at 8 AM, 12:00, 5:00 or 8, 9 or 10 PM.  These fun games run for about 50 minutes and cost only $3.50.  Click the Virtual Games Schedule to view exact times for these games. And you can click on See Results to view BBO and Leland game results. 

  • To play in a SE Carolina Virtual Game, Logon to BBO, click on Virtual games, then click on ACBL - North America and our games will pop up. 
  • If you wish to play but have no partner,  add your name to the Partnership Desk (PD).  Sepop is an avatar that appears in the PD just before game time. If no one is available, then invite Sepop to be your partner.  Once the game starts, Sepop magically becomes a very good live person!
  • SE Carolina Virtual Bridge has an e-mailing list. Click Add My Email to be added. 
Game Fees & Membership

 All players are welcome to play in our club. Regular game fee is $9.  However, the Leland Bridge Club offers players an opportunity to join our club by buying an Annual Membership for $20. Members always get a game fee $1 discount for games all year long and also get a 1/2 price entry whenever they bring in a new player and partner with them.  New players get two 1/2 price entries.

 All of our games are stratified for A, B, and C players.  Masterpoints are issued at approximately 3X the points awarded at regular games.  Our club does not charge extra when we run these games.

 We also run Colored Point Games whenever ACBL permits us.  Colored point games offer Red, Silver, or Gold masterpoints.  There is a $1 surcharge for all players for these colored point games.

Game Fees & Membership
New and Returning Players

Welcome to our new players.


   Diane Carrigan

       Pete Speers 


    Brigitte Karloff  

  Sandra Chandler  

    Barry Nowling   

      Fritz Keifer

Welcome back returning players.

        Linda Patch

     Shara Graham

     Bunny Macon
      Bob Harper

  Mitra Thompson

      Cheryl Shavel

*** Ben Answers FAQs about ACBL/BBO Online Games ***
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Most of your questions can be answered by viewing the FAQ below.  If your question is not answered, please send it to and we will answer it. ..........

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Bridge Tales
Bridge Tales
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Bridge Tales is intended for players to present memorable bridge tales to be shared with other players. If you have a tale to tell, please share it by sending an email to our webmaster at ben.reischer@gmail. ..........

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