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--  play nice."


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Welcome To Our Friendly Club

For the forseeable future, the club will not be scheduling any face-to-face games. However, the Leland Bridge Club is part of a 35 club consortium providing multiple games every day of the week. See details in the news boxes to the right. 

Welcome to the Leland Duplicate Bridge Club. We strive to make our games very friendly and newcomers to duplicate are always welcome. Our games start on time, use a clock, utilize Bridgemates, provide a partner if requested by an email, and have a non-playing director. Our club takes maximum advantage of the many special games permitted by the ACBL. We are a Zero Tolerance club. This website is generally updated with game results and hand records within an hour of each game. Our web address is  

Welcome To Our Friendly Club
*** NEW *** Bridge Tales *** NEW ***
*** NEW ***        Bridge Tales        *** NEW ***
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Bridge Tales is intended for players to present memorable bridge tales to be shared with other players. If you have a tale to tell, please share it by sending an email to our webmaster at

Click on the ... see more in the bottom right corner of this news box to see some Bridge Tales. ..........

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November 2020 Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Leaders

      Congratulations to the Leland players pictured below who are leading
   their masterpoint rank category among all Unit 118 players:


    Linda Eyerly
    Ace of Clubs &
    20-50 MPs

     Barbara Dougherty
     Ace of Clubs &

     50-100 MPs

    Elaine Van Brunt 
    Ace of Clubs &

    100-200 MPs

   Ben Reischer
   1,000-1,500 MPs


     Greg Eyerly
     Ace of Clubs &
     1,500-2,500 MPs

   Ken Parker
    Ace of Clubs &
    3,500-5,000 MPs



Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races for 2020

♠ The annual Ace of Clubs race recognizes the top 10 masterpoint earners in the Unit for each rank. Players are listed according to the rank they held at the start of the calendar year. Included are masterpoints earned in ACBL club games since the beginning of the year. This list is updated on the 7th of each month. We have a great share of the top players! Click on the Ace of Clubs Race menu button at the left to see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. If you still see last month's date, you should refresh your browser page.  

♥ The Mini-McKenney race is similar, but includes masterpoints earned at all ACBL club games and tournaments. This list is updated on the 7th of every month. Click on the Mini-McKenney Race menu button and see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. 

Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races for 2020
Club Manager Messages
Club Manager Messages

    11/22/20   At our 2nd online game we had 8 full tables. Congrats to our winners Linda and Greg Eyerly who earned 2.55 Masterpoints each.  Players in each strat are guaranteed to earn points.

Announcing another GOLD Week starting Monday Nov 22 thru Sunday Nov 30.  We are offering a full schedule of GOLD Point games (including 3 nite games) each day during GOLD Week to give Leland players maximum opportunity to earn these scarce points. Points awarded at all games will be at 2X the usual level, and 1/4th of the points will be Gold Points.  I hope to see you at our Local GOLD Game this Tuesday at 1:15 as well as at some of the SE games that will be running all week.  

   11/11/20  We held our first online game on Tuesday Nov 9th and it was very successful!!  We had 8 full tables and everyone enjoyed playing and chatting with our friends.  The online games will always be stacked with additional tables from concurrent limited games.  ACBL reevaluated our table count to 19 and lots of points were earned by players in each strat.  The games are only $5 and give bigger awards than we every had at our F2F games.  To see the game results, click on the SE Carolina Game Results tab below.  First place went to Jim Schwertz and Rick Loehr but everyone was a winner.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE:  ACBL and BBO are working together to enhance the game where players at a table will be able to see and talk to each other.  This is a work in progress but it is something I look forward to better establish a more social game as we had F2F.

   11/7/20  Congratulations to all of our November Rank Advancers and to our members who are in first place in the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Races.  Special Congratulations are in order to Ken Parker who just reached the rank of DIAMOND Life Master!!!

UPDATE --  Added 99er Games!! The Leland Club has many members with less than 100MP and some have been playing in the 149 and 199 games.  We have revised the SE Game schedule and added 99er games in order to help our newer players earn points in a less competitive environment.  Click on the SE schedule button to see when these games are held. 

Info about our Leland Online Double Stacked Games on Tuesdays at 1:15 PM!!  Please pair up with with your favorite partner.  If you need a partner, please click on the GREEN "Request Partner" Button below, fill in the blanks, and then you can pick and choose from people who reply.  Do this early so you can be assured of a Partner.  Games appear at the BBO Website for registration 2 hours before game time.  Contact Ben if you have any questions concerning this game.

♠  Older News

All of our Open Games are DOUBLE STACKED (and on Monday,  Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons they are TRIPLE STACKED).  What this means is we count the # of tables in the Limited Games held in the same session and add that table count to the open game.  Example:  If we get 10 tables each in two limited games and 10 in the Open game, ACBL will consider our Open game to have 30 tables.  The two winners in the Open Game will earn 4.5 Master points. 

  • We have scheduled multiple limited games for beginners and intermediates, with free Zoom lessons immediately following many of the games.  Players will be able to ask about the hands they just played.  Our Charleston club is offering free Zoom lessons.   
  • Click on the links below to view the Virtual Games Schedule or the various Game Results links. If you need a partner, just click on the Partner Request button and fill out the day(s) you want to play and your request will be sent to everyone on the club list.  
  • The last link below discusses frequently encountered problems in BBO and how to handle them. It also has a tutorial for playing Online Bridge at BBO which is very helpful for new online players.

FOR 99ers Only:  District 7 and 9 Evening 99er Educational Games: 

Several of our players are participating in a game specially designed to support the 99 & Under players.  The entry fee is $ 6.00.  Each event begins at 6:30 pm with a ½ hour mini lesson, then a 12 board match, followed by a ½ hour zoom post-mortem.  I have signed up the Leland Bridge Club for these Educational Games which allows our <99 players to participate.   Leland players with less than 99 MPs will receive a daily email/invitation about the game that evening.  I suggest you link up with your favorite partner(s) and sign up to play.  A game will be offered to you everyday except on Tuesday.  Since Macon offers a 199 game Tuesday evening, we would like you to play in the Macon game to test your skills against slightly more experienced players on Tuesdays.

*** Ben Answers FAQs about ACBL Online Games ***
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Most of your questions can be answered by viewing the FAQ below.  If your question is not answered, please send it to and we will answer it. ..........

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Congratulations to our November Rank Advancements

Taking another step up the masterpoint ladder ...

   Jim Nelson
   Regional Master
   100 MPs + Colors

   Richard Loew
   Ruby Life Master
   1,500 MPs

   Ken Parker
   Diamond Life Master
   5,000 MPs

See Rank Achievements menu button for Unit 118 year-to-date rank achievements.

Click on this link for explanation of ACBL rank requirements.   

Game Fees & Membership

 Most of our games are Special Games and they award masterpoints at about 3 times what regular club games award. Our club does not charge extra for these special games. More masterpoints are awarded and there is no extra fee added to the cost of a regular game. All of our games have three strata. 

 Member entry fee is $8 and non-member is $9. 

 You do not need be a member to play in our club. However, the Leland Bridge Club offers players an opportunity to join our club by paying an annual membership of $20. Members receive a $1 discount from the entry fee at every game they play.

 We ask members and guests to have the correct change and to please pay for yourself and your partner. This helps the check-in process go faster and helps the game start on time.

 We have a great relationship with the Magnolia Greens Golf  Course and we believe our venue is the best place to play that we have seen. We would like to thank Blossoms Restaurant and Magnolia Greens Golf Course for allowing us to use their facilities. If you are thinking of holding an event, please consider the Banquet Room at the Magnolia Greens Golf Course.  

Game Fees & Membership