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--  play nice."


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Welcome To Our Friendly Club

Welcome to the Leland Duplicate Bridge Club. We strive to make our games very friendly and newcomers to duplicate are always welcome. Our games start on time, use a clock, utilize Bridgemates, provide a partner if requested by an email, and have a non-playing director. Our club takes maximum advantage of the many special games permitted by the ACBL. We are a Zero Tolerance club. This website is generally updated with game results and hand records within an hour of each game. Our web address is  

Welcome To Our Friendly Club
2 New Bridge Classes Start Next Month

After an 18 month hiatus, our Club is offering two Face to Face Bridge Classes:  Full details for each class can be found by clicking on the Bridge Classes Tab in the Left Column and further clicking on the class you are interest in joining.

♣     ♠  Introduction to Basic Bridge  ♣     ♠

This 10-week course is for novice players and for players who want to review the basic concepts of Standard American Bidding in the 21st century. Topics will include introduction to bidding concepts, play of the hand and opening lead on defensive play.

New Players are the lifeblood of bridge and we need to do everything we can to introduce them to our wonderful game.  I'm sure all of you know neighbors and friends who are just beginning to play in a social setting in informal groups in your area.  Please refer them to our website and have them click on the Bridge Classes button in the left column.

    ♣  Defensive Play of the Hand  ♠     ♣

This eight week session is for advanced beginners and intermediate players interested in improving their defensive playing skills. While everyone wants to be the declarer and play the hand, it is critical to understand that half the time you will be defending and you need to learn the skills required to defeat the contract. Topics include all aspects of defensive play of the hand.  This class may be just what you need to advance your development and improve your defensive skills. 

Congratulations to our September 2021 Rank Advancements

Taking another step up the masterpoint ladder ...


  Frances Lewis
  NABC Master
  200+ MPs

  Mary Jo Dunnebacke
  Ruby Life Master
  1500+ MPs


  See Rank Achievements menu button for Unit 118 year-to-date rank achievements.
  Click on this link for explanation of ACBL rank requirements. 

2021 Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Leaders as of September 7th

       Leland Bridge Club players leading the Ace of Clubs and/or Mini-McKenney competition for their MP rank among all Unit 118 players:

  Mike Helton
   Ace of Clubs &
   0-5 MPs  

   Linda Eyerly
   Ace of Clubs &
   200-300 MPs

   Ben Reischer
   Ace of Clubs &
1,500 MPs

   Greg Eyerly
,500-2,500 MPs


   Donna Parker
   Ace of Clubs &
3,500-5,000 MPs

   Ken Parker
   Ace of Clubs &
   5,000-7,500 MPs
Bridge Tales
Bridge Tales
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Bridge Tales is intended for players to present memorable bridge tales to be shared with other players. If you have a tale to tell, please share it by sending an email to our webmaster at

Click on the ... see more in the bottom right corner of this news box to see some Bridge Tales. ..........

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Club Manager Messages
Club Manager Messages

♣  9/14/21  Great News: --  The Leland Bridge Club is happy to announce that we are hosting two F2F classes starting in October.  One class is for Novices and beginning players.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join us in this class.  The second class is for those of you who have honed your Declarer Skills, but want to improve your Defensive Play to elevate your game to the next level.  Please check the Center Column for more details.

Changes of Rank:  Congratulations are in order for both Mary Jo Dunnebacke, who reached the rank of Ruby Life Master and to Frances Lewis, who became a NABC Master this month.  Also congratulations to the many members of our club who are leading the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races in our Unit. You can view their achievements in the Center Boxes.

Other Changes:

  • We are seeing more players returning from cooler climes as fall approaches.  Both returning players and new players will be required to show proof of vaccination.  
  • We are requesting people who want to play and/or need a partner to RSVP to before the game.  RSVPing early will guarantee you a seat at a table as we may be required to limit the number of tables in play.  
  • We are now able to offer special games each week.  Special games award about 3X the points awarded at a regular game at no extra charge. Our next game is a special Club Championship Game.    

Where? When? We play on Tuesdays in the Brunswick Forest Shopping Center at 1120 East Cutlar Drive.  Plenty of free parking with handicap spots very close to the venue.  Try to arrive by 12:30.  Please click the "About Us" button in the left menu column for more details about the location, fees, etc.  Click on the F2F Calendar button to view the September/October schedule.

WANT TO EARN MORE POINTS?  -- All Leland Club Members are eligible to play in our SE Carolina's Online Games!!

♠    SILVER Week is Coming!!  Here is your chance to earn those scarce SILVER Points you need to reach the next rank!! Starting Monday, Sep 20th thru Sunday, Sep 26th each and every game you play in will award 200% SILVER points.   

   If you want to play in a SE Game but have no partner please complete the GREEN "Request Partner" button below a day or two before the game.  You should get several responses from others needing a partner.  And if you decide at the 11th hour that you wish to play in a virtual game but have no partner,  just add your name to the Partnership Desk.

♦   Anyone that signs up at the partnership desk can play if they want.  Sepop is a surrogate player that is added to the partnership desk before game time. If no one is available to be your partner, then  invite Sepop to be your partner.  Once the game starts, Sepop magically turns into a robot.  It is then your choice -- play with the robot or request a live person!

   In the News Box below, click on the links to view our Virtual SE Carolina Games Schedule or the Game Results. If you need a partner, then a day or two before the game, just click on the GREEN Partner Request button, complete the form, and your request will be sent to everyone on the club list. 

Bridge Base Virtual Game Information

 Virtual Games Schedule

 Virtual Game Results

 Sign Up for Emails

*** Ben Answers FAQs about ACBL Online Games ***
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Most of your questions can be answered by viewing the FAQ below.  If your question is not answered, please send it to and we will answer it. ..........

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Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races for 2021

♠ The annual Ace of Clubs race recognizes the top 10 masterpoint earners in the Unit for each rank. Players are listed according to the rank they held at the start of the calendar year. Included are masterpoints earned in ACBL club games since the beginning of the year. This list is updated on the 7th of each month. We have a great share of the top players! Click on the Ace of Clubs Race menu button at the left to see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. If you still see last month's date, you should refresh your browser page.  

♥ The Mini-McKenney race is similar, but includes masterpoints earned at all ACBL club games and tournaments. This list is updated on the 7th of every month. Click on the Mini-McKenney Race menu button and see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. 

Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races for 2021
Game Fees & Membership

 Almost all of our games are Special Games with three strata for A, B, and C players.  Masterpoints are issued at approximately 3X the amount awarded at regular games.  Our club does not charge extra for these special games. 

 You need not be a member to play in our club. However, the Leland Bridge Club offers players an opportunity to join our club by paying an annual membership of $20. Members receive a $1 discount from the entry fee at every game they play.

 Member entry fee is $8 and non-member is $9.  NOTE: Entry fees will be $8 through 12/31/2021. Memberships will be offered again in early 2022. 

♣ We ask members and guests to have the correct change and to please pay for yourself and your partner. This speeds up the check-in process and helps the game start on time.

Game Fees & Membership