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Welcome To Our Friendly Club

Welcome to the Leland Duplicate Bridge Club. We strive to make our games very friendly and newcomers to duplicate are always welcome. Our games start on time, use a clock, have the moves called, utilize Bridgemates, provide a partner for walk-ins, and generally have a non-playing director. Our club takes maximum advantage of the many special games permitted by the ACBL. We are a Zero Tolerance club. This website is generally updated with Game Results & Hand Records within an hour of each game. Our web address is  

Welcome To Our Friendly Club
Club Manager Messages
Club Manager Messages

11/17/19  ♠ Our Annual Holiday Party will be a catered affair held on December 17th in the Owner's Clubhouse which is across the parking lot from the Banquet Room.  The game that day will be an Upgraded Club Championship game.  The room has a space limitation and reservations for the game will be taken until the room capacity is reached.  Players are asked to send an email to if they plan to attend.  Include your name, the name of your partner, and also indicate if you wish to play and dine or only to play.  More details will be provided at a later date. 

11/16/19   BAD NEWS  -- The Club started our 0-599er game in Mid-May due to many, many requests for a limited game.  We had high hopes that this would become a successful sustainable game.  I do want to thank those of you who tried to promote the game to your friends and we gave it a good try.  Unfortunately, in 6+ months this game averaged less than 5 tables.  This count includes many players who came one time for the free play and never returned.  The club has lost a fair amount of money running this limited event and regretfully the 0-599er game will be discontinued at the end of December. 

♦ GOOD NEWS -- Starting in January, the Club will convert the 599er game to an Open Game and will run two games per week open to ALL players.  We will continue to have 3 strats so that players at each level will have ample opportunity to earn points.  We will continue to strive to have as many Special Games (awarding triple points) as possible.

 About one-third of our members have added their bio. Please consider adding your bio to the Leland Player Profiles by sending your information to Ken at ken@ken-parker.comThis is strictly voluntary on your part.

Recent Website Additions

A great deal of functionality has been added to this website over the past few months. Check out all the new buttons, etc. listed below:

 Added How to Complete Your Convention Card in Other Useful Links
 Added Results & Hands at ACBL Live menu button.
  Added Club ChampionsRecent Rank Advancements news boxes.
♣  Added Common Bridge Improprieties menu item and box to home page.
♠  Added ACBL's Zero Tolerance Policy button. 
 Added 2 Convention Card Editors at Other Useful Links. 
  Two new bridge classes added at Bridge Classes menu button. 
♣ Added button for Leland Player Profiles to main menu. 
♠ Added button within Leland Player Profiles named Photo Only - No Bio Yet.
 Added Changes of Rank main menu button
  Added menu button to Check Your Masterpoints.    
♣ Added menu button to view players Unit 118 Lifetime Masterpoints. 
♠ Added more links to Other Useful Links button. 

Recent Website Additions
Game Fees & Membership

 Member entry fee is $8 and non-member is $9. 

 Most of our games are Special Games and award masterpoints at about 3 times what regular club games award. Our club does not charge extra for these special games. More masterpoints are awarded and there is no extra fee added to the cost of a regular game. All of our games have three strata. 

 You do not need be a member to play in our club. However, the Leland Bridge Club offers players an opportunity to join our club by paying an annual membership fee of $20. Members receive a $1 discount from the game fee at every game they play.

 We ask members and guests to have the correct change and to please pay for yourself and your partner. This helps the check-in process go faster and helps the game start on time.

 We have an excellent relationship with the Magnolia Greens Golf Course. We think our facility is the best place to play that we have seen and we would like to thank Blossoms Restaurant and Magnolia Greens Golf Course for allowing us to use their facilities. If you are thinking of holding an event, please consider the Banquet Room at the Magnolia Greens Golf Course.  

Common Bridge Improprieties / During the Auction

The ABCL has developed many rules, regulations, and guidelines to make sure the proprieties of the game are followed and fair to all participants. For the convention card and bid box rules, please see the new menu button Common Bridge Improprieties. Rules pertaining to the auction are listed below. 

During the Auction:

  1. Do not ask for an explanation of opponent’s bid when it is not your turn to bid or ask.
  2. Do not ask for explanations during the auction when the answer will not affect your next bid. If it will not affect your next bid, wait until after the auction ends to ask for explanations.
  3. Do not ask for explanations to make sure partner understands opponent’s bidding.
  4. Do not make a bid which is not in tempo, either fast or slow, for the purpose of deceiving opponents.
  5. Do not base your bid on whether partner’s bid was either fast or slow.
  6. Always hesitate several seconds before bidding after opponent has made a pre-emptive bid.
  7. Do not pick up your bid cards before bidding has ended with 3 passes.
  8. Do not slam the double card down on the table when you are making a penalty double.
  9. Do not make frivolous psychic bids and do not make a psych bid against newer players. Also, do not make allowances for circumstances in which partner has psyched before.
  10. Do not say anything during the auction or play which conveys information, e.g., “Oh well, I might as well bid game.” Or saying during the auction something like “I’m not sure what your bid means.”
  11. Do not look at your own convention card during the auction.  
  12. Do not use any type of partnership communication other than your bids and play of the cards.
Congratulations to our Club Champions

9/19/2019  599er Game

    Susan Jacknowitz

         Marilyn Gintert

9/24/2019  Open Game

            John Nelson

            Jim Nelson


Congratulations to our Recent Rank Advancements

  Nora Miller
  Silver Life Master

  Ben Reischer
  Silver Life Master


  Richard Loehr
  NABC Master

  Sandy Blaber
  Sectional Master

 Elaine Van Brunt
 Regional Master

  Bob Coulter
  Club Master

  Click on
this link for explanation of ACBL rank requirements. 

  See Changes of Rank menu button for Unit 118 year-to-date.  


Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races

♠ The annual Ace of Clubs race recognizes the top 10 masterpoint earners in the Unit for each rank. Players are listed according to the rank they held at the start of the calendar year. Included are masterpoints earned in ACBL club games since the beginning of the year. This list is updated on the 7th of each month. We have a great share of the top players! Click on the Ace of Clubs Race menu button at the left to see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. If you still see last month's date, you should refresh your browser page.  

♥ The Mini-McKenney race is similar, but includes masterpoints earned at all ACBL club games and tournaments. This list is updated on the 7th of every month. Click on the Mini-McKenney Race menu button at the left and see if your name is on the top 10 list for your rank. 

Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Races