Tales from Norway - Ben Norton

You can download Ben Norton's article on the 25th European Youth Team Championships Matches 1 to 5. Ben gives a great insight into how he thought through a number of hands that demanded good judgement, and to wet the appetite here are some of the topics covered.

Match 1 Italy (-10 IMPs)
Board 7 Dixon's 3 laws, Lebensohl over opening 2HX
Board 15 Bidding 1C - (X) - 1D = 4+Hs, choices for declarer
Board 19 Pinning the 9
Board 20 Bidding a minimal opening hand 6-4 in majors
Match 2 Sweden (-41 IMPs)
Board 1 Options over 1S - (4H)
Board 2 1C - (1D) - X = 4+Hs, then (XX)=Hx in Ds, trying to avoid end play
Board 5 Surround play, strip squeeze
Board 11 Elimination play
Board 15 3N or 4H (3-5)?
Board 16 Establishing side suit
Match 3 Poland (-56 IMPs)
Board 3 Keeping control of trumps      
Board 4 Sacrificing at the 6 level
Board 17 Establishing side suit
Match 4 Hungary (+56 IMPs)
Board 5 After 1N opener (15-17) pass with 8hcp 3-4-3-3
Board 6 Pre-empt with high offence to defence ratio
Board 9 Lead from Q10xx or QJxx
Board 13 Passive or attacking defence. Ask for lead up to Kxx when declarer can finesse K.
Match 5 France (-36 IMPs)
Board 3 2nd position pre-empt promises strong suit
Board 6 3NT or 4H (2-6)
Board 7 Multi-landy in use. Working with a 5-2 trump fit
Board 10 3N - Playing K8x / Q97xx combination
Board 14 Slam sequence. Rectifying the count.
Board 16 Slam sequence. Establishing side suit.
Board 17 Idle fifth. Tricky 3N contract.
Board 18 Slam bidding - Ask for Q trumps or suit control?