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Regrettably it is necessary to cancel our Bridge sessions on Thursday evenings until further notice. Watch this space and keep safe and well!

Club Rules
  • The Club shall be known as Lechlade Bridge Club and will play duplicate bridge.
  • The Annual General Meeting will take place during February/March each year.
  • Annual Subscriptions are due at the A.G.M and at the latest within one calendar month of the A.G.M.  Members who have not paid by this date will be deemed to have resigned from the Club.
  • The A.G.M. will elect the Management Committee.  This will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and three more committee members, at least one of whom should be a director.
  • Members should send any nominations or agenda items in writing to the Secretary 14 days before the A.G.M.  There will be no A.O.B. on an A.G.M. agenda.
  • The Management Committee will be empowered to:-

i)    deal with any problems with the day-to-day running of the Club

ii)   call an Extraordinary General Meeting to resolve any emergency

iii)  co-opt additional members to the Management Committee.

  • The Secretary will be responsible for keeping the minutes of all appropriate meetings and also a list of members names, addresses and telephone numbers as supplied by the Treasurer.
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for all financial transactions, keep accurate accounts and present an audited balance sheet at the A.G.M. for the calendar year.
  • The A.G.M. will set the annual level of entry fee, annual subscription and table money for the year.  The Management Committee will have discretion to change the level of table money between A.G.M.'s if circumstances warrant it.  New members joining the Club after 1st September in any year will pay the full joining fee but only half of the annual subscription.
  • All matters put to a vote at the A.G.M. will be decided by a show of hands.  The Chairman will have a casting vote in the event of a tie.  If an election is necessary when appointing officers or committee members, a secret ballot will take place.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the Secretary at the signed request of at least one quarter of the members.
  • Visitors are welcome to attend at all times, but because of restricted space, in the event of a full house, members will take priority over visitors.  All visitors will pay additional table money.  The total number of tables will be at the discretion of the Director of the day.
  • Smoking is not allowed at the Club.

Last updated : 8th May 2008 22:19 GMT