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Welcome to Lincoln Duplicate Bridge Club
LDBC Virtual Club Games

LDBC Virtual Club Games

There now are two ways to play online while also supporting LDBC: 

  • The Support Your Club (SYC) games, held three times a day/seven days a week, return $4.00 to the Club for everyone who has played exclusively at LDBC since January, 2019. (For those who have played at other clubs as well, the amount we receive is proportional). Access is via
  • In addition, the BAND (Bridge Academy of North Dallas) Virtual Club games, also on BBO and held three times a day/seven days a week, return $1.00 to the Club for everyone who has played at LDBC since January, 2019.

The BAND games are at different times of the day from the SYC ones. They also have the advantage of offering limited as well as open games. The calendar for the times of the games is on their web site -

NOTE: When the BAND calendar says "Open/299er/xxer, this means there is an Open game, a 299 MP limited game, and maybe one or two other limited games offered in the same time slot.  

Online bridge certainly is different from playing at the Club but it can be a lot of fun, so give it a try! Contact Mary Bartels if you have questions or need any assistance.

LDBC is Closed

The Lincoln Duplicate Bridge Club is closed until further notice

[The LDBC Board of Directors will meet each month to disucss when to open Face-to-Face games]

Nebraska Regional Tournament Cancelled

The August 10-16 Nebraska Regional is Cancelled



Hand records contain the analysis of the hands - the bids that can be made.

When looking at the results, under the Scorecards, there is a tab called Play it again. This allows you to replay the hand on-line so see if you can figure out how to play the hand most effectively.

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