Spade Heart Las Vegas Bridge Unit 373 Diamond Club
Unit 373






Current Membership: 750

The unit board of directors consists of eight elected directors and a 299er representative, who is appointed at the first board meeting each year.  A director is elected for a two year term; half of the positions are elected each year.  Currently, we have seven board members, and one vacancy. 

We will hold a Membership Unit Game on Sunday, November 6th - at Las Vegas Bridge World. Each year, we have a certain number of Vacancies for our Unit Board of Directors.   At 12 pm, The floor will be open for nominations; additional nominations can be made by the membership. Due to time requirements, we will ask each nominee for a brief biography, and a photo.  As  required in our bylaws, within a few days, ballots will be mailed to all members.   Members may choose to mail these to the Unit Secretary, to be opened ONLY at the the December 4th Holiday Party.  The party will be held at the Elks Lodge.  Members may also bring their ballots to the Unit Secretary on that day as well.  The ballots are then opened by committee, counted and the winners are announced after the game.